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Student Government election this week: candidate profiles

Brandon Semler, Staff Writer

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Presidential Candidate: Kyle Powell      

Vice Presidential Candidate: Ryan Rushing


Candidates Powell and Rushing are focusing their platform on unifying the student body and improving the efficiency of Student Government.

“Usually students stay within their major, within their college or within the groups that have similar interests,” Rushing said.

Rushing said that breaking barriers and creating “one student body” was “the groundwork to creating more school spirit and more traditions within the university.”

Powell and Rushing are also hoping to improve conditions for veterans on campus.

“I’ve talked to many veterans during campaigning, and they have a lot of issues and concerns and they need a lot more support from Student Government,” Rushing said.

The ticket also wants to improve the internal efficiency of Student Government.

“I want the senate to work better with the cabinet,” Rushing said. “There’s not as much collaboration as I’d like to see.”

Powell is currently serving as the commuter senator of Student Government, as well as president of the Commuter Student Association and a representative on the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Student Advisory Board.

Rushing is currently a freshman at Wright State, and serves as the University College senator in Student Government. He is also the president of the University College Advisory Board, and a member of the University Tobacco Force.

Rushing urged students to vote for the candidate that they believe will best represent them, not necessarily the candidate with the most social popularity.

“Vote for the person who you want to represent you properly,” Rushing said. “This is a job. People on student government get paid. They are the official body that represents the students. You’ve got to make sure that the person you vote for is the right person for a job.”

Presidential Candidate: Spencer Brannon 

Vice Presidential Candidate: Prentiss Haney


Candidates Brannon and Haney want to improve the on campus parking situation, the functioning of the Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC) and the efficiency and reputation of Student Government.

Brannon said that the ticket has a comprehensive parking proposal that will include changing the way the spaces are laid out, parking garages, parking freedom for residential students and removing the pass fees for Lot 8 and 20 parking.

Brannon also said that the ticket has a comprehensive proposal to “reform the way SOBC works,” by implementing a set of guidelines into the distribution process, which are currently nonexistent.

“It has a bad rep among student leaders,” Brannon said. “It feels like every year the committee plays favorites.”

Brannon also said that he wanted to improve the reputation of Student Government.

“The organization doesn’t have the best reputation among students right now, because it’s viewed as unaccountable and unrepresentative,” Brannon said. “We need to make sure that all of our conversations are in the open, because when they are in the open, students hold us accountable.”

Brannon has served on Student Government for 3 years, and currently holds the Chief of Staff position.

Hayny has four years of experience as a community organizer and currently works for the Department of Planning and Community Development for the City of Dayton.

Brannon said that his ticket is the only one running with executive board experience.

“I have a feel for what kinds of things can and can’t be accomplished in a year,” Brannon said.

Presidential Candidate: Isaiah Hill

Vice Presidential Candidate: Kenneth Oliver


Candidates Hill and Oliver said they will strive to find ways to lower costs such as tuition and parking for Wright State students, and believe that their knowledge and background in business will help them to lead.

“What brought us together and what favors us is that we’re pretty well established here in the business community,” Hill said.

Rising costs in tuition and unfair parking expenses are issues that the ticket wants to address if elected.

“We’ve seen rising costs in tuition,” Hill said. “We want to lower costs.”

Hill said that because the ticket has little experience in Student Government, they would have to become acquainted with some of the processes of the organization.

“We’re going to be new to some of the processes,” Hill said.

Hill said that one of their goals was to directly respond and communicate with the students, and to avoid catering to other interests within the university.

“We want to be a soundboard. We want to keep it raw and simple.”

Hill also said that he wants to increase the accessibility of free tutoring on campus, and to make sure that more effort is put into hiring quality tutors.

Hill currently serves as the vice president on the Dean Student Advisory Board for the College of Business. He also serves as the president of the Economics Club and secretary of the Finance club.

Oliver is also a current member of the Dean Student Advisory Board for the College of Business. He is also a member of the NAACP Dayton Chapter, an intern program manager at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and a current member of the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Hill said that the ticket’s knowledge of business and leadership experience makes them the best choice for office.

Presidential Candidate: Sukhmanjit Singh 

Vice Presidential Candidate: Rachel Fagan


Candidates Singh and Fagan are focusing their platform on student success, and increasing campus involvement for both residential and commuting students.

“Our whole platform is about students,” Singh said. “It’s about understanding what students want and advocating for that.”

Keeping all students on campus engaged in organizations and activities, and making sure that non-residential students feel involved on campus are two main goals of the ticket’s platform, according to Singh.

“The commuters need a reason to stay,” said Singh. “We need to look at what their needs are,”

The ticket also wants to incorporate more “peer mentoring programs,” because students often know student needs better than advisors.

“Students sometimes know a lot more about their college than advisors do,” said Singh. “Students can be the first line of defense for students.”

Singh currently serves as a representative to the College of Liberal Arts Dean Student Advisory Board, and has worked as a member of Model United Nations, a team leader for Wright State Orientation and a UVC peer mentor.

Fagan serves as a representative to the College of Business Dean Student Advisory Board, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa leadership Honor Society and vice president of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority.

Singh and Fagan are both currently in Student Government, with Singh serving as the College of Liberal Arts senator and Fagan as the Raj Soin College of Business senator.

“We have the most on campus experience of any candidate,” Singh said. “Students have faith in us to get the job done.”

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Student Government election this week: candidate profiles