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Alpha Xi Delta and Phi Kappa Tau raise double the profit at their annual Roller Disco

Andrew Smith, Staff Writer

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Alpha Xi Delta and Phi Kappa Tau raised almost $2,000 and attracted an all-time high attendance during its 2013 Roller Disco event on March 8.

The private event, held at Skyborn Skate Rink in Fairborn, benefited the Autism Speaks and Hole in the Wall Camps charities. Public Relations Vice President for Alpha Xi Delta Catie Belus said that both charities were chosen because of the connections the sorority and fraternity members had with the causes each charity stood for.

“I know that with all of my sisters, Autism Speaks is usually close to all of our hearts because we all know someone who is affected by autism,” Belus said.

Belus added that Hole in the Wall Gang Camps help terminally ill children go to summer camp and live like real kids, while receiving free medical treatment.

“We all feel like we are doing something good for people and we just try and help out as much as we can,” Belus said.


While Roller Disco held mostly true to its name, Belus said the event included a raffle and a best costume contest, in addition to the 70’s-themed roller skating.

“It’s a lot of fun because all the chapters, all the fraternities and sororities and organizations on campus come out to support it,” Belus said. “They dress up in their best 70s clothing, and it’s fun to see the afro wigs, flared pants or neon clothes, and come out to roller skate with all of your friends. I look forward to it every year and it’s a tradition now.”

“It was, in my opinion, a blast,” said Jeremy Keller, front office manager for the Office of Student Activities.  “I think that with any of our great chapters here, whenever we both went to the events and we see each other raise more than we did in the past or help benefit whatever philanthropy or donate to whatever charity, it’s always a good motivation tool, for our entire community here at Wright State, to strive to be better than we currently are.”

Belus said that 300 tickets were originally allotted for the event, but more than that number were actually sold.

“It was amazing,” Belus said. “We’ve never done this well before. We actually doubled what we made last year.”


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Wright State University
Alpha Xi Delta and Phi Kappa Tau raise double the profit at their annual Roller Disco