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Greek life gets spring fever: Philanthropy events occurring all through March

Hannah Hendrix, Contributing Writer

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This week (March 4 through 8) is “Ritual Awareness Week, “and next week is “Greek Week” on campus.

March is filled with philanthropy events like Phi Kappa Tau & Zeta Tau Alpha’s Wake, Delta Zeta’s Mr. WSU, Theta Phi Alpha’s Theta Phiesta, Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Kappa Tau’s Roller Disco and Kappa Delta’s Shamrock.

“Ritual Awareness Week” is focused on celebrating ritual ceremonies that serve as reminders of a Greek organization’s purpose and goals. During “Ritual Awareness Week,” members of Greek organizations are encouraged to “live their ritual”. When a person joins a Greek organization, they accept the shared values of the organization.

From then on, the individual must realize that his or her actions are a reflection not only of themselves, but of the entire organization and its members.

However, rituals are also a meaningful way of connecting the past, the present and the future—they are part of the unique common bond among all the members of an organization.

“Greek Week,” on the other hand, is a weeklong celebration for the social sororities and fraternities on campus. Members of fraternities and sororities are encouraged to show their commitment to scholarship, service, leadership and brotherhood/sisterhood through events and inter-organization competitions. Most of all, it is a chance for members of Greek organizations to come together, have fun, and meet members of other fraternities and sororities, while celebrating the pride and spirit of being Greek.


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Wright State University
Greek life gets spring fever: Philanthropy events occurring all through March