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Former WSU student claims to be labeled a “terrorist”

Andrew Smith, Contributing Writer

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A former WSU graduate student from Jordan, who claims he was labeled as a “terrorist”, and says he has been accused of using university computers to browse for assault weapons, has brought legal action against WSU, according to the Dayton Daily News.

In an article published on midnight, Feb. 2, DDN says that Mohammaed Jaber of Kettering, “said the staff at the school’s Raj Soin College of Business told campus police on Sept. 20, that an unnamed student reported Jaber was browsing a website for assault weapons.”

DDN continues: “Jaber claims WSU staff discriminated against him because of his Arabic descent when police removed him from campus, and when the school denied his appeal to be readmitted to its graduate program. Jaber said he did not use a computer to browse for weapons.”

“Jaber’s lawsuit, which also claims the school called the FBI about him, was filed in the Ohio Court of Claims on Jan. 22 and was assigned to a magistrate the week of Jan. 27, according to his attorney, Thomas P. Liptock of Centerville. The university has 28 days to respond to the lawsuit, Liptock added.”

The only publicly available information about Jaber’s Sep. 20 incident is a one sentence WSU Police Dept. report. The report says, “On Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 1525 hours, I (Reporting Officer Chad Oleyar) was dispatched to Rike Hall (room 119) to meet with an Assistant Dean in reference to some concerns his office had about a former graduate student.”

In addition to the lawsuit from Jaber, WSU is under investigation from the U.S. Department of Education. DDN says that “the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights is investigating both of Jaber’s claims, according to a letter he sent DDN.”

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Wright State University
Former WSU student claims to be labeled a “terrorist”