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Remodeling of the bookstore to be completed soon

Brandon Semler, Staff Writer

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The Wright State Bookstore is currently remodeling to allow for more space in the food and drink area and to move all electronics to one department.
The project is expected to take two weeks, and Store Manager Jennifer Gebhart said it should be completed around Feb. 16.
The bookstore has not been remodeled since 2007, and Gebhart said it was ready for a change.
“It just needed it,” Gebhart said. “It needed a refresh.”
Upon entry to the store, the left side that contains the food and drinks will be expanded and made more spacious.
“We want to expand it out and make it a marketplace,” Gebhart said. “It will be more customer friendly.”
The technology department will be located to the right and will centralize all of the technological items in the store such as laptops, hard drives and headphones.
“We’ll have some technology on the wall. There will be some locking cabinets and higher-end items,” Gebhart said.
The textbook section will also be extended to increase capacity for more textbooks during busy periods.
The project is being funded by Barnes and Noble exclusively. Gebhart said the decision to remodel was made after speaking with other Barnes and Noble representatives, as well as Business and Fiscal Affairs Executive Director Arthur Neff and Vice President Mark Polatajko.

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Wright State University
Remodeling of the bookstore to be completed soon