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Further details released regarding Tshimanyika’s warrant.

Charles Grove, Staff Writer

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Details concerning the reason for Student Government Vice President Marc Tshimanyika’s arrest and jailing since Jan. 2 of this year have been released.

Tshimanyika had a warrant issued for his arrest on Sept. 5 of 2012 for violating his probation. Tshimanyika’s probation suspended a 177-day jail sentence. That sentence has now been requested to be reimposed for a number of reasons.

Tshimanyika was scheduled to meet with his probation officer on July 25 and August 6. Despite notices mailed to his address Tshimanyika failed to appear on either date. According to the official notice of revocation from Fairborn Municipal Court Tshimanyika “made no effort to contact the probation department to reschedule.”

Tshimanyika also was ordered to complete a three-day weekend intervention program and follow up if recommended. Tshimanyika was referred to complete the drug/alcohol assessment of the program. According to the notice of revocation,  “To date, no information has been received that the defendant has completed this condition of his probation.”

Tshimanyika also has a pending driving under suspension case in Fairborn Municipal Court that was scheduled for a disposition on August 30, 2012. Tshimanyika failed to appear in court on that date.

In addition Tshimanyika owes an outstanding balance of $980 in fines and court costs.

The Guardian will continue to update the details of this situation when they become available.

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Wright State University
Further details released regarding Tshimanyika’s warrant.