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New dining plans for students may be an option with new food providers

Brandon Semler, Staff Writer

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With the upcoming Sodexo contract expiration, Wright State could be looking into offering different types of meal plans in addition to the debit plan.

The decision between potential food providers Sodexo, ARAMARK, Chartwells, AVI Foodsystems, and Ovations will be made in March or April, and more variety in the choices for meal plans could come with it, according to Wright State Dining Services General Manager Danette Gioiello.

“Wright State is looking for contractors to come up with new meal plans,” said Gioiello.

Many Ohio Schools such as The Ohio State University and University of Dayton offer several different plans, while Wright State only currently offers the Resident Meal Plan (for residents) and the Value$ Plan (for commuters and faculty).

Wright State Freshman Zach Owens said that he is personally a fan of the debit system that is currently offered because it is time efficient and easy.

“It’s quick,” said Owens. “Just swipe and it’s done.”

Though Owens liked the debit system personally, he saw that it was a problem for many students that were not adjusted to budgeting.

“I had a couple people on my floor that ran out of money in the first couple months,” said Owens. “I don’t see them implementing a new system, but if they could that would be great.”

The University of Dayton offers a “Limited 15” and “Limited 21” plan, according to the University of Dayton Dining Services website. These plans are distributed on weekly bases, allowing the students either 15 or 21 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for a seven-day week, depending on which plan they purchase. The plan also provides students $100 debit for the term so that they can purchase food outside of the dining hall hours.

The Ohio State University offers a “BLOCK-O” plan, which divides meals into blocks, with $5 equaling one block. Meals cost around two blocks, and snacks are about one, according to The Ohio State University’s University Residents and Dinning Services website. Students can choose between 600, 450 or 350 blocks per term that can be used at on campus dining locations.

Though no new plans have been mentioned yet, Gioiello said that Wright State does look at other universities while deciding what plans would work best.

“They look at other places and get ideas,” said Gioiello. “Other universities are considered.”

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Wright State University
New dining plans for students may be an option with new food providers