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The search for a new College of Liberal Arts dean continues

Brandon Semler, Staff Writer

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The search for the new dean of the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) has been whittled down to four candidates, and interviews with these candidates are still taking place, according to the College of Liberal Arts.

Since the retirement of previous COLA Dean Charles Taylor in July, both the dean and associate dean positions have been filled on a temporary basis by Interim Dean Linda Caron and Interim Associate Dean Carol Loranger.

The most recent search is not the first that COLA has initiated. The first search began last year, which also yielded four final candidates, but the search and the candidates were discarded after the College decided the candidates were not ideal to hold the position.

“The upper administration decided that none of the final candidates were a good fit,” said Caron. “But it’s not unusual for a search to fail.”

Caron previously served as the associate dean of COLA, and is now the interim dean. She is also one of the four finalists in the hunt for the permanent position.

Other candidates include William Kuskin, from the University of Colorado Boulder, Mary Watt from the University of Florida, and Kristin Sobolik from the University of Maine.

“They bring [candidates] to campus, and they meet a broad cross section of the campus community,” said Caron.

In November, each candidate took part in an forum that was open to faculty and staff.

For more information on the candidates, go to http://www.wright.edu/liberal-arts-college-of/executive-search-dean-college-of-liberal-arts.

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Wright State University
The search for a new College of Liberal Arts dean continues