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Spring 2013 Spanish abroad program will be all about food

Kyle Ewald, Contributing Writer

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The latest Spanish abroad program, headed by Jennifer Buckwalter and Michelle Cipriano, will start on May 9th of 2013, and it will be all about food.

According to Mrs. Cipriano, the trip will involve interactive cooking activities in the Spanish capital of Madrid, as well as in the city of Salamanca, home to the oldest Spanish university.
The food does not end there, as the students will see a cooking demonstration at the restaurant DoceTorres, known in English as The Twelve Towers.  A friend of Mrs. Cipriano’s husband will be giving the demonstration himself.  “Having connections can go a long way,” She said.

Other highlights will include the Segovia and the Las Medulase, said Mrs. Cipriano.  These are an aqueduct and old gold mines that survived the fall of the Roman Empire.

The cost of the program at $2950 per person, not including airfare, tuition, and passport application costs.  The application deadline is January 25, 2013, and there is no requirement to be learning Spanish to go.

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Wright State University
Spring 2013 Spanish abroad program will be all about food