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HPR classes changed to KNH classes for semesters

Kelsey Anne Smith, Contributing Writer

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This semester, the Health Physical Education and Recreation Department’s change to the Kinesiology and Health Department has caused difficulties in deciphering which physical education classes are offered when.  This change of name began in the fall with the change to semesters.
“We used to have great responses to classes,” said Barb Cwirka, Kinesiology and Health Program Coordinator.  “They’re so much fun.”
This fall, due to the concentration on the change to semesters, student enrollment in such classes dropped.
Students looking to register for recreational classes in the spring will find such classes when registering under ‘KNH 1000.’  All classes are given a number in the 1000s, and are followed by either ‘A’ or ‘B’, signifying the session in which the class will meet.
Classes are listed in alphabetical order (starting with Aerobics and ending with Zumba) and can be taken either throughout the semester for two credits or during either session for one credit.  Through this system, students can take either a full semester of a class (such as Judo), or a half semester of two (such as Fencing and Swimming).
There will be some classes, listed as KNH 4890 classes, which are trial runs.  If students are interested in these classes, such as Marathon Training, they will become 1000 level classes in coming semesters.
These physical education classes offer opportunities for students who need to drop a class and maintain full-time status.
For students on scholarships, dropping a class and assuming part-time status may result in a loss of scholarships.  With physical education classes, students can sign up for classes in the middle of the semester before ‘B’ session classes begin.
However, students should be proactive when signing up for ‘B’ session classes.  ‘A’ session begins at the start of the semester, but Cwirka is working with the Registrar to include the B session start date (March 4, 2013) on their calendar of reminder dates.  Students who are having difficulty registering for KNH classes are encouraged to contact Barb Cwirka at [email protected]
Students may wonder how grading will occur for physical education classes.  A main portion of grading is based on attendance, and students MUST attend 80% of classes to pass.
For those who are interested in taking a class, but may not have the time, there are some classes that are offered for one full weekend for one credit hour, including hiking, kayaking and canoeing.
With 108 classes in the Kinesiology and Health Department, most of which are physical education classes, there is no reason for students not to get involved.  Look up KNH 1000 while registering for the coming semester, and take two days a week to relax, de-stress and learn a new activity.

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HPR classes changed to KNH classes for semesters