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WSU’s STEM education

Jessica Schirtzinger, Staff Writer

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Wright State University excels in its commitment to excellence as a STEM school and member of the Institute for Broadening Participation: Building Partnerships to Support Diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
WSU is a leading university in terms of offering a wide variety of programs, research opportunities, and financial aid to students interested in pursuing a STEM degree.
Projects in these fields are also offered and include the National Math Alliance, NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative, Pathways to Engineering and Pathways to Ocean Science.
WSU focuses on educating a diverse body of students by encouraging positive, active participation. STEM course curriculums are designed to challenge students, in addition to honing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
As manufacturing and other blue-collar jobs become less available, employment opportunities are becoming limited to fields that require applicants to have attained a higher level of education.
The US is strongly disadvantaged by the population’s low percentage of STEM-proficiency, crippling the US’ ability to compete in a globalized economy.
WSU is nationally recognized for its successful community outreach programs, such as the Dayton Regional Summer STEM Academy, which encourages high school students to pursue STEM degrees. WSU also has university-wide implementation of STEM-oriented curriculums.

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Wright State University
WSU’s STEM education