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Student housing options at Wright State University

Jessica Schirtzinger, Staff Writer

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Wright State University has a unique competitive advantage in its ability to serve the needs of both residential and commuter students. Unlike many other universities, WSU does not require first year students to live on-campus or prohibit their access to vehicles, which are common university practices to encourage first year students to become acquainted with and involved on campus.
This freedom provides many housing options for WSU students. Dormitories are one option, available for students who prefer to live on campus and are covered by student loans, scholarships, and financial aid.
Dorms are designed to help students connect with one other through common interests; for example, students who display outstanding academic performance have the opportunity to live in dorms exclusively reserved for other honors students. For commuter students, there is a large selection of housing options. These include living alone or with roommates, buying or renting a house, continuing to live with parents, or renting an apartment.
The majority of commuter students rent apartments, as evidenced by the number and variety of apartment complexes near WSU. Large populations of students live in apartments on Zink Road, located behind Meijer on Col. Glenn Hwy and attracting students with their proximity to campus.
The Province rents individual bedrooms exclusively to students which include a bathroom and access to a common area for about $500 each month. Meadow Run apartments feature two-bedroom floor plans and rent for about $600 each month. The Highlands, University Suites, Windsor Place, Charter Woods and Peppertree offer one- and multiple-bedroom floor plans. These apartments are relatively similar with regard to floor plan designs, but vary in quality and price. Rent varies from $500 to $1000 per month depending on number of bedrooms selected.
Dozens of other apartments are available in the surrounding area, including both cheap efficiency apartments and luxury apartments, whose prices are indicative of their quality. The variety of housing accommodations available in the Wright State area allows students to select the option that best suits their situation and preferences.


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Wright State University
Student housing options at Wright State University