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C-SPAN coming to WSU

Isaiah Morales, WSU SG Contributing Writer

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“Students might find an odd sight gracing the plaza by BART this Friday, October 5th,” said Spencer Brannon, Chief of Staff for Student Government. “Lindsey Hofmeyer, our Director of Student Affairs, has worked with C-SPAN to get students information about the upcoming election in a fair and balanced way. No one does fair and balanced like the C-SPAN bus.”


“The C-Span bus is an informational bus that will come onto campus and educate students on the upcoming elections.  It is a nonpartisan program, so they will not be showing support for any campaign party” explained Hofmeyer. Student Government will have representatives at the event to help explain how the results of the election this November will affect the region, r


Ohio is a perennial swing state, playing the focal point for campaigns in every election year.  With the focus of the nation centering on how the people of Ohio will vote this November, Wright State University been inundated with political figures and coverage. At a meeting in September, Student Government President Joseph Gibbons said “No matter what political party they associate themselves with, we want to make sure that the students are aware of issues as they are written and with as little bias as possible.” Moments later the organization unanimously adopted a commitment to nonpartisanship in political issues.


“Two weeks ago, Student Government helped organize Constitution Day as the first event to broadcast the importance of this election, helping dozens register to vote,” said Brannon. “Now, we’re going a step further by getting national experts on campus to explain what this election means to the students of Wright State and where they can find resources to make an educated vote on November 6th.”

The C-SPAN bus is known for touring the country at various educational conferences, festivals, and political gatherings. Wright State students will welcome the bus on campus and take advantage of what it has to offer. It is the bus’s only stop in the region. The C-SPAN Campaign 2012 National Tour will stop by BART outside University Hall at 1:00PM on Friday, October 5th.

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Wright State University
C-SPAN coming to WSU