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Capabilities, Inc. opens new Dayton location

Hannah Hendrix, Contributing Writer

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Capabilities, Inc. held an open house for the public on Thursday, Sept. 6 to celebrate their move to a new location in Dayton. The open house was held at their facility on Woodman Drive, located just off of US-35.
Capabilities, Inc. offers employment and services such as job coaching, job development, drivers’ education and vocational evaluation to people with disabilities. In order to offer these services, Capabilities connects with the Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Bureau of Workers Compensation and the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission.
The new location on Woodman Drive has enabled Capabilities to offer a new resource at its Dayton location: the Capabilities Social Club, a day habitation facility. The Social Club, created for people with developmental disabilities, will focus its attention on training people to use technology for everyday life. Areas of training include Microsoft Office, smartphone and tablet use, computer use, writing and upkeep of a blog, proper use of social media, community excursions and training in assistive technology. Club members will also travel within the community for social recreation as well as training.
The family-owned business was established in 1997 and believes that its “true asset is a satisfied customer.” As such, Capabilities, Inc. strives to provide “incomparable service” to the people it serves. At the time of its 2010 Outcomes Measurement Report (completed in January 2011), Capabilities, Inc. was serving 999 individuals with disabilities in 25 counties. Most of these individuals participated in Job Development, in which Capabilities helped to place the individuals in various jobs. Customers also participated in Career Exploration, Job Coaching and Vocational and Computer Assessment programs.
Capabilities, Inc. is thrilled to continue its work helping residents of Dayton with disabilities. If you have a disability and want to know if you may be eligible to receive services from Capabilities, they encourage you to contact their office by phone at (937)223-8004 or by email at [email protected]

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Capabilities, Inc. opens new Dayton location