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Admit it or not, you have clicked on a “lose weight quick” link at least once in your life. It is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, who doesn’t want to drop a few extra kilos and look their best? While it is important not to base your self-worth on your appearance, it is also true that if you look your best, your confidence shoots up. You ace job interviews, go on more dates, and have fun without feeling tired.

These days, the keto diet is the most popular diet to lose weight. It works by forcing your body to reach the state of ketosis by reducing carbs – which means that the body starts burning fat for energy, instead of carbs. The result is that the fat stored in your body starts to melt. And with it, go the extra inches.

Everyone from Instagram influencers to Fit-tubers is recommending the keto diet these days, and not just for weight loss. The diet has several health benefits:

  • Lose Fat– The keto diet melts down the excess fat on the body, resulting in a more toned look. It can especially help target problem areas like belly, arms, thighs, and abdomen which have stubborn reserves of fat that exercise has no effect on.
  • Control type 2 diabetes– By reducing carb intake, glucose levels in the blood can be controlled, which, in turn, helps manage diabetes.
  • Improve heart health– A low-carb diet like keto reduces bad cholesterol. It increases the good one, leading to a lowered risk of heart disease. It also reduces blood pressure.
  • Increase mental and physical energy– Energy derived from fats lasts longer, resulting in improved focus and higher endurance.

However, reaching the state of ketosis is no easy feat. It can take a long time if you depend only on the ‘no-carb, more protein, and fat’ rule of keto. Especially for vegetarians, whose sources of protein are limited. In times like this, instead of giving up and thinking that the diet isn’t for you, it is better to invest in a supplement like New You Keto that helps reach ketosis faster.

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About New You Keto

New You Keto is primarily a weight loss supplement aimed at those following the keto diet. Reaching the state of ketosis only through diet is difficult and can take ages. New You Keto supplies your body with external ketones, which help boost metabolism and reach ketosis faster. Once your body reaches ketosis, it starts using the fat stored in the body to create energy. The result is a slimmer waist, extra inches off, and increased mental and physical energy.

New You Keto is made of external ketones that boost the body’s natural metabolism. It works best coupled with proper exercise and diet – the combined effect is the best recipe if you want to lose weight quickly.


While the complete list of ingredients in the product is only available on the label, the manufacturer’s website claims that the supplement is natural, herbal and created using organic ingredients.

How Does New You Keto Work?

Normally, the body burns carbs to create the energy needed to keep it going through the day. The issue with this is that carbs are not the best source of energy for the human body – they often leave you feeling drained, and do nothing to help your weight too.

When you cut out carbs from your diet and start taking a ketone supplement, the chemicals in ketones force your body to use fat/fatty acids for energy. Ketones not only induce fat burning in your body but also prevent more fat reserves from being formed. This state is called ketosis. One you achieve ketosis, you start losing weight rapidly and also keep the weight off for a long time.

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How to Use New You Keto

New You Keto comes in the form of capsules. One bottle of New You Keto contains about 60 capsules of 400 mg each. This supplement gives the best results if you use it in addition to a keto-friendly diet. A keto-friendly diet is one that consists mostly of fat, with a moderate quantity of protein and little to no carbs.

If you don’t feel that you can commit to a keto diet immediately, don’t sweat. Even if you just consume as many keto-friendly meals as you can manage, this supplement will still work. It just might take longer to give you results, so keep that in mind.

You will also need to work out regularly to make the best of this supplement. Another fun thing that you can do is note down some things – like your weight, measurements, stamina, and mental energy – before starting this supplement. Then, as you use it, you can track the changes that you see in these areas. This will help you judge what is working and what isn’t.


Take 2 capsules of New You Keto with water every day.

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Is New You Keto Safe to Use?

The product boasts of all-natural ingredients, so the chance that you will suffer from side effects is almost zero. Women, who are pregnant or nursing, should avoid using this product. If you have a heart condition or are on regular medications, remember to consult with your doctor before starting these supplements. One thing you need to remember while using this product is to stick to the recommended usage. You should avoid overconsuming the product, which may lead to allergic reactions. Restrict your daily usage to what is recommended on the label. In case you experience stomach issues, discontinue use and visit your doctor to figure out what is causing the problem.

Benefits of New You Keto

  • Reduce Fat – By getting your body to break down fat reserves, this ketone supplement helps in dissolving fat. The result is that those specific parts of your body that hold these fat reserves, like the thighs and hips – can lose the extra inches that hold you back.
  • Improve Performance – Fat is the ideal source of energy for the human body. As the body starts working in ketosis, fat burning provides additional mental and physical strength to keep you going through the day. Energy derived from fat also lasts longer, which is good news if you often find yourself low on stamina.
  • Manage Diabetes – Your body can only stay in ketosis for a long time if you are consuming a low-carb diet and taking ketone supplements. Over time, this system reduces the levels of sugar and glucose in your blood. This can be a boon for those struggling with diabetes.

Purchase and Price

Everyone loves a good deal, and official websites tend to have the best ones. New You Keto is currently offering a trial to first-time customers. You can get one bottle of New You Keto supplement only for the price of shipping, which is $4.95. Once you sign up for the 14-day trial, you will be shipped one bottle, which is 30 days’ worth of supplements.

One downside to this trial is that you get enrolled in their monthly subscription plan as soon as you order the trial bottle. This means that as soon as the trial period (14 days) is over, you will be charged the full price of the product – $89.94. If you are satisfied with the product, there is nothing you need to do. In case you are dissatisfied and want to cancel the subscription, you will have to remember to do it before the trial period is over to avoid being charged.

New You Keto might be available with your local retailers, but it is best purchased from the manufacturer’s website. Purchasing from the official website ensures that you avoid inauthentic products. While the original product is 100% natural and minus any side effects, fake or poor quality supplements can cause severe allergic reactions and harm your body.

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What is New You Keto?
New You Keto is a weight loss supplement formulated to help those on a keto diet. It works by supplying your body with ketones and helping it reach the state of ketosis faster.

Who can use New You Keto?
Anyone over the age of 18, who wants to lose weight, can use New You Keto. Pregnant and nursing women should consult their physicians before using this product.

How can you use New You Keto?
Consume New You Keto tablets twice a day, before your meals.

How Soon Can You See Visible Results?
When used along with the keto diet, results can be seen in as soon as 2 weeks. If using while on a regular diet, results might take up to a month to be visible.

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Pros of New You Keto

  • It helps achieve the state of ketosis without the side effects that come with following a strict keto diet, like lack of energy and keto flu.
  • It helps keeps sugar cravings and hunger pangs in check.
  • It helps achieve the state of ketosis faster than only through diet, boosting your weight loss journey and helping achieve results more quickly.
  • It helps target problem areas for weight loss, like belly or abdomen.
  • It is excellent for brain health because it improves mental clarity.
  • 100% natural ingredients in the product mean that the user will not experience side effects.

Cons of New You Keto

  • While anyone can use New You Keto, it gives the best results only when you are following a ketogenic diet.
  • When using the product for the first time, minor stomach issues might follow.
  • Pregnant or nursing women must avoid the product.
  • Signing up for the trial also signs you up for their subscription program that you have to cancel manually.

Customer Testimonials

Amy – I’ve been overweight all my life. Nothing ever made a difference to my extra weight. At some point, I started believing that I would be overweight all my life. Trying dietary supplements became second nature to me. I found New You Keto just when I was about to give up trying out new things. It worked pretty well, but I wanted to experience its full effects so I went on a keto diet. What happened next was amazing. I lost about 9 kilos in under 2 months! A lifetime of dieting hadn’t been able to do this! I also began feeling more active physically. I feel so good right now that I never want to go back.

Chad – I used to think that weight loss was just about controlling my diet and exercising. And it did work, but only for a few months. I reached a point where I was just not losing any more weight, no matter how hard I tried. That is when I heard of the keto diet, and decided to experiment. Being a vegetarian, my trainer suggested I take a supplement and told me about New You Keto. And it worked wonders! I’ve never believed in miracle products but New You Keto changed my mind. I’ve also recommended it to my wife, and my son, who both work out with me. Our entire family swears by this supplement! It gives you that tiny bit of boost you need to keep your keto regimen going and not lose hope.


Now that you have decided to go on a diet and shed your extra pounds, it is time to invest in a diet supplement. New You Keto is one of the safest and most effective dietary supplements available in the market today. Because of how fast it makes your body reach ketosis, it has become a must for anyone following the keto diet.

New You Keto acts on all 3 things that help in losing weight – fat loss, decreasing hunger, and giving extra energy. It will make sure that your keto journey is not hampered by the loss of energy or carb cravings, which are usually the issues that make people want to give up.

This supplement has been created using organic and natural ingredients, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any side effects. If you are a vegetarian and have been searching for a plant-based supplement to aid your weight loss journey, your search ends now. Get started on your keto journey, drop that extra weight, and start living your best life.

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