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Neuropathy is a condition that affects between 25 to 30 percent of all Americans. It is a condition that is prevalent in older people, with up to eight percent of those above the age of 65 reporting neuropathy to a certain degree. This condition can be agitated or brought on by other diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as heavy alcohol intake.

The condition is characterized by tingling, numbness, burning sensation, pain, as well as muscle weakness in the affected region. It is most prevalent in the hands and feet, but can also affect other areas of the body. Neuropathy is seen to be the condition that affects and damages nerves in the peripheral nervous system. These are nerves that are away from the central nervous system. These nerves are located outside the brain and spinal cord.

The discomfort and pain associated with neuropathy can make life unbearable. You know what it feels like if you or someone you know is suffering from this condition. It affects your life negatively and causes you to lose pleasure in life. It can be a depressing condition to live with. It is time you tried something different if medication and supplements have not worked for you. Introducing NerveAlign, a supplement geared to give you relief from your painful existence.

NerveAlign Review

About NerveAlign

NerveAlign is a product brought together by the research of Dr. Harold Draper, a well-known researcher, featured in acclaimed scientific journals and mainstream media. He stumbled upon, what James Browning calls, The Inuit Nerve Pain Miracle, linked to the Inuit people of Siberia and Alaska. James Browning is a health researcher who has had a close link with neuropathy as his father had been suffering from the same condition.

This pain miracle works through the ingesting of one single fat that is taken daily in the diet of every Inuit. This fat is believed to be responsible for the reduced risk of the Inuit to face cardiac death and related illnesses as well as have higher resistance against various diseases like Sepsis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, depressive conditions, among other diseases. The high-fat diet that these people take was seen by Dr. Draper to be responsible for the protection they were getting from these diseases.

Dr. Draper found that the secret to non-existent nerve pain among the Inuit is the concentration of fat density around the nerves. They get these from their high fatty oil daily intake that they get from the fish they take on a regular basis. This fatty oil is known as Emulsified Phospholipid Omega 3s (EFO’s) and has the ability to restore the health of damaged nerves. It is able to undertake this restorative work, thus enabling the nerves to absorb nutrients that get them functioning better.


NerveAlign contains a blend of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and the acclaimed Emulsified Phospholipid Omega 3s oil. These are the ingredients that you will find in this supplement:

  • Emulsified Phospholipids: These ingredients work to increase the amount of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the body. These are essential omega 3 oils that have a host of benefits to offer the body. EPA supports the body by strengthening the immune system, reducing the possibility of heart attacks, promoting the absorption of nutrients into cells, as well as reducing inflammation and encouraging proper blood flow. DHA encourages the development of new cells and nerves. It serves the purpose of enabling brain and eye development and boosting memory function. It also helps in the creation of new skin cells.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): This is a powerful antioxidant that is known by other names like Acetate Replacing Factor and Lipoicin. It is a fatty acid found naturally in foods like yeast, broccoli, spinach, and in meats like liver and kidney. It has been significantly used in the treatment of various forms of nerve pain, skin discoloration, blood sugar stabilization, obesity, wounds, among many others. It also serves the purpose of enabling the conversion of glucose with the aid of vitamin B.
  • Vitamin B: The supplement also contains an essential vitamin called Benfotiamine, which is a version of the B1 vitamin that is 360 times more absorbable than the easily found version of vitamin B1 known as thiamine. Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble vitamin, absorbed through digestion. This synthetic version of thiamine increases the amount of vitamin B1 in the blood up to five times. This vitamin has many health advantages, one of which includes reducing and reversing the effects of nerve damage like pain and numbness. The supplement also has other vitamin B varieties like B2, B6, B9, and B12. Vitamin B12 is capable of reducing nerve damage as well as creating new nerves.
  • Turmeric: This herb supplies an essential ingredient in the fight against neuropathy. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. It is a crucial compound proven world-over to fight inflammation with great success. It is a well-known fact that inflammation is responsible for a great deal of pain caused by neuropathy. Turmeric helps alleviate this inflammation, bringing relief to the neuropathy sufferer.

How Does NerveAlign work?

The Emulsified Phospholipids increase the levels of EPA and DHA omega 3 oils in the body. These oils, in turn, increase the absorption rate of nutrients into the body by up to 13 times its average absorption rate. The nutrients included in the supplement are then quickly absorbed into the body to aid in the repair and renewal of nerve cells.

The ingredients responsible for the repair of nerve cells are the vitamin B complex. They aid in various essential functions that include reversing the effects of nerve damage caused by years of eating ineffective food and living unhealthy lifestyles. The vitamins are also necessary for the regeneration of new nerve cells that replace badly damaged cells. The regeneration of new nerve cells is also promoted by the emulsified omega 3 oils that you take.

NerveAlign is also enriched with Curcumin, a compound essential for fighting inflammation in the body. It is known that one of the main culprits of neuropathy is inflammation. It is essential to tame inflammation to control this condition. This taming is achieved through the use of Curcumin, which is a powerful compound that delivers the anti-inflammatory effects required to manage inflammation in the body.

How to Use NerveAlign

This supplement is a fast-acting product that will get you experiencing its benefits in as little as two weeks. Most people will experience positive changes between two to three weeks. It is, however, recommended that you take this supplement two months onwards as the first month only starts to give you the benefits. The supplement is a medicinal product that will heal and restore the body to proper function by literally helping it to regenerate itself.

Using the product for months gives you the advantage of getting the restoration done faster. You are therefore advised by the manufacturer to take a supply that will last you up to six months.


The supplement is recommended to be taken by adults who are 18 years old and above. You are advised to take two pills of the supplement once a day. You need to take them down with pure water. It is recommended that you consult your doctor if you are pregnant, a nursing mother, or are under 18 years of age. You are also advised to seek medical guidance if you have any prevailing medical conditions if you intend to take this supplement.

Is NerveAlign Safe to Use?

NerveAlign is manufactured in Illinois within the confines of the USA. It is made following stringent regulations that follow the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in FDA approved facilities that meet regulations for producing products meant to be ingested. The supplement uses natural ingredients that are procured from the corners of the world and ensure they give the purest forms of nutrients. Following these regulations ensures you get a safe product fit for human consumption.

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Benefits of NerveAlign

NerveAlign is a supplement manufactured to improve the shortcomings of all supplements that try to treat neuropathy but fail in this attempt. Here are the benefits it offers.

  • Nerve Restoration and Renewal: The supplement uses its active ingredients, which include emulsified omega 3 oils and vitamin B1, to heal and renew damaged nerve cells. It also creates room for the creation of new nerve cells that transmit signals better to the central nervous system.
  • Better Sleep: The supplement gives you improved sleep as it alleviates pain and discomfort that was constant in you. You can then have an uninterrupted sleep ensuring you are fresh for the day’s activities. This benefit enables you to have greater mental clarity.
  • Pain Reduction: The product works to alleviate the pain you experience in your body by working to eliminate inflammation in it. It enables you to enjoy free movement when it takes away inflammation in your body. Inflammation is known to be one of the most significant causes of neuropathy.
  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress: You get to experience a new day free of the anxiety that comes with pain. The torment of everyday pain and discomfort is taken away with powerful ingredients. This, in turn, gives your mind rest from the constant stress of trying to find a solution to this malady that has been tormenting you.
  • Increases Energy: The supplement is packed with vitamins that give you the much-needed energy to your body. The product also contains alpha-lipoic acid that enables the conversion of glucose into usable energy. You get abundant energy to fuel you through the day. That means you are able to move quickly, as you regain your unhindered mobility.

Purchase & Price

NerveAlign is available from the manufacturer’s official website. It is best to purchase it from this website as you are assured of the authenticity of the product. You are also given super discounts on bulk purchases that you make. The smallest package available from the manufacturer is the single bottle package. This is at just $69 per bottle and includes free shipping. This price is only available for the first 200 people. You can also get 15 percent off this price when you use the given code. You use the code at the checkout page.

You can access higher savings when you buy the month supply of two bottles. These bottles go for $59 each. The highest savings, though, come in the four-month supply that sells at just $44 a bottle. That is a total steal.

The supplement comes with a free 21 Day Nerve Fix Diet Plan that is a 15-minute read. It includes information about the seven foods to avoid when having nerve pain and six steps to take to alleviate pain.

nerve align review

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer knows that it takes about three months to experience all the benefits of the supplement. He has then given a six months trial period where you can try the product to the fullest. If for whatever reason, you find that the product is not working for you, he has given you the leeway to return it and get your money back, no questions asked. All you are required to do is send an email to customer support


How long should I use the supplement before the pain goes away?
The supplement takes as little as two weeks to take effect. You should expect positive results to start to take place from two to three weeks. It takes at least three months for longer and permanent effects to be visible. By this time, your life should have gone back to normal.

How fast will I get NerveAlign in the mail?
NerveAlign takes two to five days to arrive in the mail within the USA. It will take 10 to 14 days to get to you outside the USA.

My 14-year-old has been having nerve pain since when they were 12. Can I give them this supplement?
NerveAlign is not recommended for children under the age of 18. Consult a doctor for further guidance if you feel that this supplement is the best fit for them.

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  • It is clinically proven to be an effective supplement.
  • It is tested and approved as being pure and of the highest quality.
  • It is free of toxins and chemicals.
  • It uses all-natural ingredients.
  • The supplement is easily absorbed into the body.
  • It is packed in an airtight container, ensuring it stays fresh and powerful.


  • The product and its accompanying offers are only available from the manufacturer’s website.
  • There is no guarantee of the product’s availability.

Customer Testimonials

“I have struggled with nerve pain for five years now. I never thought I would get relief from the pain until I tried Nerve Align. It actually works!” Cathy McArthur.

“I’ve always had a problem with burning and tingling hands and feet. It seemed pretty normal until it turned into pain. I then started managing that pain with pain medication. Sadly, that medication only worked for some time. I then decided to go the alternative medicine way. I’m so glad I came across NerveAlign. It has restored my life and made it even better than before.” Michael Agley.


Neuropathy can negatively impact your life and make it difficult to enjoy. Know that there is hope if you have come to your end. You can get your health restored by trying NerveAlign. You have a 60-day money-back guarantee to try out the supplement just so it can work for you. Change your life today.

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