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Nowadays a majority of people worldwide, both young and old, men and women are suffering from neck and upper back pain. These pains are the effects of the bad postures we are in when we work on computers or look at our smartphones. These pains lead to headaches, tiredness, bad mood and affect performance at our workplaces. We often visit doctors, massage therapists. The sessions are very costly and regular visits are out reaching. Thankfully, now there is a neck massage machine, Neck Relax which gives a permanent solution to neck and upper back pain. It also relieves stress and you are always in a good mood. Neck Relax is affordable. We can use NeckMassager inside the comforts of our home.

NeckMassager reviews

About NeckRelax

Neck Relax is a revolutionary massage machine developed by a team of experts. It massages the neck and also works towards correction in posture. Neck Relax releases the tension in the neck and upper back. The technology used in Neck Relax is a perfect combination of infrared heat, electric pulse and ultrasound which not only massages your muscles but also lessens the stress on your back. With regular use, Neck Relax prevents further pains by correcting your neck posture. And the best thing about Neck Relax is that you get professional results at home and without spending a fortune.

Technology used in NeckRelax

Neck Relax uses a combination of three technologies to provide effective relief from tension, pain, and stress.

Neck Relax review

  • Infrared Heat

Infrared heat improves the circulation of blood in the vessels under your skin. It relieves inflammations thereby lessening the unbearable tension on the muscles. It eases the neck and upper back pains effectively and also provides protection from further oxidative stress.

  • Electric Pulse Massager

Electric pulse has been used by medical practitioners over the years to stimulate the nerves thereby releasing positive endorphins. Neck Relax uses Electric Pulse Massage Therapy to reduce muscle spasms and nerve damages. This therapy reduces the pains effectively and strengthens the nerves which make the user feel happy and stress-free.

  • Ultrasound

Neck Relax uses Ultrasound therapy to treat the injuries caused in the neck and upper back muscles due to constant bad postures. The High Frequency Ultrasound Vibrations stimulates the cells under the skin of the neck region. It provides natural healing from the pain.

What do you get when you order NeckRelax?

When you order for the Neck Relax you get the following in the package:

  • A neck massaging machine
  • Two gel massage pads
  • A connection cable

Modes and Intensity available in Neck Relax

  • Neck Relax offers six different Working Modes which gives you a therapy that is just right for you.
  • Neck Relax provides 16 Variable Care Intensities to choose from according to your needs.

How is Neck Relax different from other massage machines?

  • Neck Relax works on a modern and effective technology developed by a team of scientists.
  • It provides instant relief for people suffering from chronic neck and upper back pain
  • Neck Relax Massage Machine is simple to assemble and very easy to use.
  • Neck Relax is portable and can be carried on tours and vacations.

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How to Use NeckRelax

The Instruction Manual shipped with Neck Relax simply describes the procedure to use the portable massage machine.

  • Firstly, if you have long hair around your neck, tie it back.
  • Gently wipe and clean your neck with a clean wet cloth. Let it remain a little damp.
  • Insert the two AAA batteries. Put the switch to ‘ON’ position.
  • Choose the mode button. Select the type of massage you need.
  • Use the intensity button to choose the degree of massage.
  • To address pain below the neck, in the upper back region, moisten the area with a wet cloth. Then stick the gel pads on the skin and there you go.
  • Use Neck Relax with correct body posture so that your posture improves.
  • Just in seven days, you will notice the difference in your mood, pain and also in body posture.

Is it Safe to Use Neck Relax?

Neck Relax is extremely safe to use. The product has been used for years all over the world by thousands of satisfied users. Neck Relax is only a portable massaging machine which does not use any harmful chemical. Users of Neck Relax may read the Instruction Manual very carefully. The company developing Neck Relax and thousands of users stand behind the effectiveness and safety of the product.

Benefits of Neck Relax

  • Instant Relaxation – Neck Relax Massaging Machine provides instant relaxation from daily stress. It improves the mood of the user and gives freshness even after a long day’s work
  • Instant Pain Relief – Neck Relax relieves neck and upper back pains instantly. Used incorrect posture, it improves the body alignment permanently.
  • Comfortable fit – Neck Relax is innovatively designed to give it a comfortable fit. The massage machine fits snuggly on your neck.
  • Portable and easy to use – NeckRelax is very easy to assemble and use. It is portable and can be used at home, in office, during tours and vacations also. It is battery operated and can be carried to any place.

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How can you save money by using Neck Relax?

  • Neck Relax is very affordably priced compared to visiting physiotherapists or massaging therapists.
  • Neck Relax saves you the money you spend in visiting doctors regularly and taking expensive medicines.

Purchase & Price of NeckRelax

You can order Neck Relax from the official website of the manufacturer the product will be delivered at your doorsteps.

Presently, the manufacturer is offering a whopping 50% launch period discount on Neck Relax. The manufacturer is offering many attractive schemes on Neck Relax Massaging Machine for the customers.

  • One Neck Relax can be bought at $55.
  • Two Neck Relax Massaging Machine costs $89 (44.50 USD/UNIT).
  • The best combo offers available on the manufacturer’s website are Buy 3 Neck Relax at $109 (36.33 USD/UNIT).

As if that was not enough, the company is also offering free doorstep delivery of Neck Relax.



Does Neck Relax really work?
Yes, NeckRelax Massaging Machine works instantly. This product was developed by a team of experts. The technology used has been tested by users over the world. 

How early can I expect results on using Neck Relax?
Results can be expected after your first session of use. But you are advised to continue using Neck Relax for a permanent solution from neck and upper back pain, stress, and improved body posture.

Do I consult a doctor before using it?
There is no need to consult a doctor as the Neck Relax is not a medicine that is used to treat any disease. It is a non-invasive massage machine for external use only.

Is it necessary to take painkillers alongside Neck Relax?
Neck Relax ensures instant relief from stress and neck and upper back pain using infrared, electric pulse and ultrasound. Therefore, there is no need whatsoever to take painkillers if you use the Neck Relax massage machine.

Are there any side effects?
No there are no reported side effects of using the Neck Relax.

Is it safe for children?
No, the product is not suitable for children. The product comes with a warning that it is not for use by children under 18 years of age.

Where can I buy Neck Relax?
Neck Relax can be bought by online order from the company’s website only.

What are the delivery charges?
The manufacturer of NeckMassager is offering free delivery on the product.

Is my transaction made on the company’s website safe?
The manufacturer guarantees safe and secure transactions. The website is secured by McAfee, Norton, and Truste.

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Pros of using Neck Relax

  • Safe, comfortable design and lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • No power point required, its battery operated.
  • Portable
  • Suits everyone
  • Affordable
  • Provides instant relief from stress and pain

Cons of using Neck Relax

  • Limited time discount is available, prices will increase shortly.
  • A few numbers of the massaging machine is left in stock.

Customer Testimonials


Due credit must be given to the manufacturers for developing a massage machine that actually works for providing instant relief from neck and upper back pains. I was having chronic neck pain for the past 2 years. I visited the physiotherapist regularly. The sessions were time-consuming and costly. Then my sister recommended Neck Relax. It has been a week I am using Neck Relax daily and I am having no pains whatsoever. Even my performance in the office has improved. Recommend it to all! Walter, 48, Albuquerque.

I want to thank the manufacturers of NeckMassager Machine from the bottom of my heart. The product actually works. I am a data entry operator and was suffering from chronic neck pain. I could not give my 100% to my work. After using Neck Relax, I got instant relief from the pain. Even my posture improved. Now after 2 months of using Neck Relax, I received the Performer of the Month award. Thank you Neck Relax. Rohan, 32, Chennai, India.

I do not write reviews regularly but I must let you know about a very beneficial neck massaging and relaxing product. I was having acute pain in the neck and was visiting doctors and physiotherapists regularly. The cost of treatment was huge. The medicines and painkillers were causing other complications. Then my best friend suggested Neck Relax. I got relief instantly. Brandon, 45, Auckland.

I am a homemaker. I work part-time from home on a laptop. And I developed chronic neck pain. I tried many exercises and over the counter painkillers. But all in vain. I was cribbing the whole day. Then my husband gifted me Neck Relax. I was sceptical as I had tried some other massaging machines previously. But after my husband insisted that I use the product, I tried it and was surprised to see this massaging machine work instantly. Now I am fully relieved from the pains. I must say, Neck Relax Massage Machine really works. Jennifer, 35, California.

I am a college student. I have to prepare projects and presentations on the laptop. I sometimes work the whole night. I started having neck pain and could not attend to my home assignments. The due date was the next day. Then my room mate asked me to use her neck massager, Neck Relax. I got instant relief and could complete my assignment on time. Now I proudly own a Neck Relax and I use it daily. Sarah, 20, London.  

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In this age of technology, humans are always working on smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. We tend to lean forward while using these devices and develop chronic neck and upper back pains. Medical experts agree that such pains are caused by bad posture. The solutions available are visits to doctors and taking expensive medicines and harmful painkillers. Or visiting physiotherapists regularly. You can also take the services of massage therapists. But all these ways cost you a lot and also are time-consuming. In the end you cannot continue such treatments. Now there are other solutions i.e. massaging machines available in the market. After research many such products, I finally found one truly effective product, which is the Neck Relax Massaging Machine.

This is a stand out product. Even the customers vouch for the product. It uses innovative technology that has no side effects and gives instant relief from chronic and acute neck and also upper back pains. If you are suffering from neck and upper back pains, I advise you to use the Neck Relax massage machine immediately. Massaging your neck with Neck Relax gives instant relief from pain and also improves your mood. Due to the high demand for the product, the manufacturer has limited supply, so rush and order your Neck Relax massage machine.

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