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Computers and laptops are very expensive. But, the information inside them is even more important compared to the hardware. For security purposes, there are lots of services that are available in the market. Password-locking software, expensive suitcases, and whatnot. These are all practical. But they are very expensive. The software needs to be paid for upgrades and the suitcases have a certain shelf life. Technology has advanced in a major way. The best-known way to secure an object is by locking it with personal identity.

This is a fantastic way to secure files and very effective in maintaining privacy. The finger-print is one of the most unique features in the human body. With absolutely no chances of duplication, many secure organizations use these credentials to lock down data. Protection and privacy are the two most important aspects of this technology ridden world. There can be absolutely no compromise on it. Hence all the corporate giants have immense amounts of security for accessing the servers. There are multiple levels of security and finger-print is one of them

A company out of Hong Kong has come up with a very simple idea. They use the fingerprint to lock the device. Now, the question might be on how it is done. The company has attached a finger-print scanner onto a USB to make this functional for every device with a USB port. Now, there is no need to remember tough passwords. There is no need to write the password down and keep it in the purse, making a mistake of passing it onto the wrong hands.

How it is used? And how the protection works is discussed further.


About NanoSecure

Nano Secure is an independent company hailing out of Hong Kong. It has changed the game of cyber-security for good. Software companies are minting money by creating software which has ten, fifteen or more levels of protection. Isn’t this a little too complicated? Isn’t it a little too expensive when it comes to normal PC security? The answer is yes. Is there another way to protect files and keep them away from the wrong hands?

Absolutely yes! The wait for something cheaper and much more personalized is over. There is a new entity in the market that allows to secure the PC with the help of an external device. This device uses the fingerprint to lock away files. The only reason this method was not followed earlier was because finger-print sensors were really expensive.

Through the years, the cost of the fingerprint scan has drastically come down along with a lot of other items. When this happened, the organization Nano Secure capitalized on this opportunity and came up with the idea of the portable fingerprint scanner. The way this scanner works and how it helps in protecting important files.

How Does NanoSecure Work?

NanoSecure is a very simple concept. The name itself suggests how small, simple yet crucial its role is. What it does is that it provides fingerprint security to lock PCs and laptops. Data is very precious. The moment it is let out to a source which can use it to harm or use it for personal benefit, all security is lost. This is a very grave mistake. To mitigate this issue, there is a direct dependency on protection with the use of software.

There are a lot of issues with software protection. Number one being the fact that it can get outdated fast. What happens is that as days progress, the level of threats increase. So, without constant updates, it is very tough to keep up with the level of threats posed. Often this leads to huge issues. There will multiple threats. It is quite easy to break through with the help of other harmful software.

This is where NanoSecure comes into the picture. The security that is offered by nano secure is of a completely different kind. It is strictly hardware-based. The organization uses the fingerprint to create a barrier of defense for the computer system. Data can only be leaked if there is access to the system. Nano Secure creates this barrier right at the starting. The system can only be accessed if the security wall created by Nano Secure is cleared.

The hardware consists of a USB device that has a fingerprint sensor. When this is inserted into the USB port, the fingerprint sensor kicks in. Only when the right finger is placed on the scanner, it will start working. This is the basic working of the product from Nano Secure. The detailed discussion of the features is provided down below.

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Feature of NanoSecure

NanoSecure is a unique company that produces a USB device that has fingerprint sensor on top of it. What it does is that it protects any un-authorized entry to the PC or laptop. This protection cannot be crossed until and unless it is through the right channels. Nano Secure possesses a lot of qualities. The following are the qualities:

  • Better than passwords – With the use of passwords, there is a lot of issues that come along with it. There are times when the password is forgotten because it is hard in nature. This can lead to huge issues where there is no other way other than completely erasing the data on the computer. This is a very problematic situation. The value of data is immense. Then arrives the situation where the password falls into the wrong hands. This is extremely dangerous. The data can be copied and misused in exchange for money.
  • One-Touch Access: The computer can be accessed with the help of one single touch. There is no hassle with passwords at all. Plug the USB device in. Switch the laptop or PC on. Now the computer is available for use. No searching for the password, no unwanted confusion or chaos.
  • Speed: The technology used by NanoSecure is very fast. As soon as the finger comes in contact with the fingerprint sensor, the laptop unlocks. The company claims that it has the quickest fingerprint recognition in the world. The time used to unlock the computer after the finger is placed on the sensor is a mere 0.15 seconds. This is insanely fast when compared to other sensors in the market.
  • Compatibility: when the question comes up about the compatibility factor, this is what the organization says. The company claims the compatibility of the device with Windows Hello, Windows 7/8/10 and platforms. These are the platforms that support the full functionality of the device.
  • Design: If the size of the device was huge, it would have been a pain in the rear. So, to mitigate this issue NanoSecure has come up with a solution. They have decreased the size of the device by a considerable amount. They have a very compact nature. It was created small that it did not take up a lot of space. It can be carried around easily. To the home, office or anywhere, the Nano Secure is very small and compatible. It can be carried in the pocket of the pants or shirt easily.
  • Advanced algorithm and Biometric technology: NanoSecure delivers quality. The company uses very advanced technology to make it easy to use. It has a 360-degree detection area. This means that at the slightest touch of the finger on the sensor, the fingerprint can be detected. The device also uses the best kind of biometric technology to catch the fingerprint and process it with the least effort and shortest time taken.

These are the qualities of the device as described. All of these functions work together to protect the computer the device is connected to.

nanosecure review

Benefits of The Product

NanoSecure is such a product that protects against outside intrusion. It creates a secure wall against such factors. The privacy of data is one of the biggest issues that is seen in this world. The computers or devices that are purchased have a very limited level of protection. The minimum level is a password. When more money is spent, there is the option of getting an advanced level of software. This is also insecure in a lot of ways.

The software protection has many downfalls. The main one being it constantly requires upgrading. This upgrading is only possible through the internet. It is a very tricky situation. The device produced by Nano Secure is small in size but is mighty when it comes to security. It uses fingerprint to allow access to the system.

The device is small in size. So carrying it around is not an issue at all. It fits even the smallest of pockets. It can be carried around in the laptop bag itself. The device was specially designed to take up less space. It is a very important aspect. It can hence be carried from home to workspace and workspace to back home.

The device by NanoSecure is very secure. Fingerprints are very unique. Duplication is not possible at all since the grooves on the fingers are entirely different. This proves that NanoSecure is the best possible way to secure a laptop of the PC at home. The privacy is well protected and the files are safe.

The device has one of the most advanced fingerprint identification systems. It uses a 360-degree detection system. This makes it easy for the sensor to process the fingerprint once the finger is placed on the detection surface. So as soon as the device picks up the fingerprint, it processes it at lightning speed. The time taken to read is 0.15 seconds.

It is compatible with all the common devices. Windows Hello/7/8/10.

Purchase And Price

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Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back guarantee is said to be 30 days. The return can be initiated by contacting the support team at [email protected] Then the support staff will be issuing with an RMA number. This number should be mentioned on the top of the package that is being returned. The product has to reach the warehouse within 30 days of purchase.


Is the Nano Secure safe to use?
Yes, it is. By using the fingerprint, there is a unique set of skin grooves which are read by the sensor. It would open only one particular finger that has been pre-recorded by the sensor.

Is the Nano Secure returnable?
Yes, the Nano Secure can be returned within 30 days of the purchase day.

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  • The device is small in size.
  • It is compatible with all common devices.
  • It is proven safe.
  • It has great finger reading speed.
  • It uses the latest technology to detect the fingerprint.
  • It is much better than the usual password security.
  • It has a 30 day return period.


  • It is only available from its official website.


Customer Testimonials

Jeff ~ Working as a stock market advisor has its perks and issues. The one problem that I faced was the issue of privacy. As you know it is a dog kill dog world. Whenever I leave my cabin unattended and head out for a coffee or a smoke in intervals. I always feel that my PC is being accessed in my absence. I feel like someone snoops around with it. After one certain incident, I decided to search for security options. That is how Nano Secure came into the spectrum. A small USB device was all it was. But now it holds safe the information that involves millions of dollars worth of shares.

Marilyn ~ I am a model. There is work that involves photoshoots. I have to keep safe pictures of me that are explicit in nature. Nano Secure helps me keep them safe. My laptop now only opens when it reads my fingerprint. It keeps my private data safe and secure.


To conclude, the NanoSecure is a well-built security device. It secures files and important data on the PC with the help of fingerprint. The device is incredibly crafted by the creator. Its small size makes it very much handy to carry it around almost anywhere.

It has great technology infused in it. It uses a special algorithm to detect the fingerprint. One slight touch will do the work. It is in demand among the professionals who deal with important data. The fingerprint security is one of the best level securities. The fingerprints are very unique. It is one of a kind. So, securing a device with the use of fingerprints is a very logical choice.

The use of NanoSecure is encouraged because data theft is very common. NanoSecure is the best barrier of defence. The creator also provides a 30-day return policy in case of any issue. The Nano Secure is undisputed when it comes to privacy protection.

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