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Life has a way of bringing you to your knees. Nothing can do this worse than chronic back pain. You can easily be crippled by this condition. You could also find yourself incapacitated or confined to your bed because of the pain.

The back is a sensitive area that makes up your central nervous system. You may face back pain due to years of bad posture, traumatic injury, spinal curvature, being overweight, and carrying or lifting objects in the wrong way.

Degenerative changes that occur as you age are almost inevitable as well. Diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia, some forms of cancer, and other terminal illnesses can also cause you this and other pain. You may have taken prescription drugs or over-the-counter solutions to try and ease the pain. You probably had to undergo expensive surgery or endure steroid injections to deal with the same.

All of these methods you may have found to be invasive or accompanied by horrible side effects. With the work you engage in requiring little or no mobility, you may experience other kinds of chronic pains and aches compounding your condition. You may be among one-third of Americans suffering from some type of chronic pain in your fifties.

From the time you are 25 years of age to 60 years, you will experience a rapid increase in chronic pain conditions. You can be the beneficiary of some unusual 2-minutes movements that will get rid of all your pain. Other stretching exercises like yoga and Pilates could escalate your situation. These simple movements done regularly will guarantee you a pain-free life and take effect immediately.

You will not need any workout equipment, expensive patches, girdles or braces, or drugs. You are assured that this is a professional, well-researched technique.

My Back Pain Coach

About My Back Pain Coach

The program, Back Pain Relief 4 Life has three main components.

  • You will get an online video that runs for 28 minutes. In this video, you will discover the unique 8 sequences of movements. You will find diagrams of the series that are easy to follow, which you can print and carry with you wherever you go.
  • The second component is a bonus video with 9 targeted coaching sessions for relief from back pain. You will find more insight into how the program works and how to get the best outcome in every session.
  • The third component you will get is the one-on-one coaching support. You will have unlimited access to private consultation through email or phone calls.

This unique method addresses the real cause of back pain.

These movements originate from Serbia, home to many world-famous athletes.

To understand how pain is created in the body, you require an understanding of high-level physiology, biomechanics, and anatomy.

This unique method triggers your body’s ability to heal and eliminate the pain. Unlike surgery, acupuncture, and massage therapy, this method is used to deal with the cause and not symptoms of the pain. You are assured of permanent relief. The cause is a muscle imbalance. The cure is the restoration of balance to the muscles.

Muscle imbalance interrupts the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the back and spine. Your spine may get contorted over time, with injuries leaving a significant negative imprint. Subsequently, a neuromuscular disconnect occurs due to immobility or repetitive work. You could also suffer from a herniated disc or chronic sciatica.

In less than 20 minutes, you will be free of pain, muscle balance will be restored, and oxygen and nutrients will be flowing to your back and spine.

These are a combination of 8 unique movements you will engage in for 2 minutes each. You will need a place to lie down, a towel or firm pillow to support your head, and a chair to do these movements. You can, therefore, do these movements almost anywhere.

My Back Pain Coach review

How My Back Pain Coach Works

This program works by following 8 simple movements for two minutes each to get instant relief.

  • The first movement works to activate your imbalanced muscles by preparing them for relief.
  • The second movement wakes up your dormant hip muscles and keeps activating imbalanced muscles.
  • During the third movement, you will feel a wave of relief as the movement starts releasing your pain.
  • As you engage in the fourth movement, you will suddenly feel energized as blood circulates and provides nutrients and oxygen to your lower back.
  • The fifth movement relieves the lower back of pressure due to years of built-up tension. You might find yourself exhaling from the relief.
  • The sixth movement restores muscle balance along your spine and lower back,t thus aligning your body as a whole.
  • The seventh movement completely stabilizes your hips, back, and spine. This works naturally to restore them to pain-free positions.
  • The final movement, compresses the spine gently, flushing out old blood from your discs while allowing new blood to flow in.

You will register complete recovery, pain relief, and healing as the entire process completes. Your facial features are likely to express the pleasure of being free of pain.

How Do You Use My Back Pain Coach

The program is simple to implement. With the coaching videos provided, you will get the promptings for the movements. They are available for you online. You can also get your own private consultation if needed. You will also need a chair, a place to lie down, and a firm pillow or towel to support your head.

Fix My Back Pain Now!

Is My Back Pain Coach Safe?

This program is safe for people from all walks of life, men, and women of all ages. However, you should not undertake this program if you are keen on keeping up with prescription pills. Similarly, if you are addicted to painkillers and staying in bed incapacitated, do not try the movements.

Benefits of My Back Pain Coach

After completing the program, you will feel relaxed, more flexible and stronger with the clear absence of pain. You will have stronger core muscles and stronger abs. This enables you to be more stable and balanced. Your posture will improve as all problems are erased. You will walk tall as the hunch back posture is reversed. This will give you a boost in confidence.

Also, nutrients and oxygen will flow freely throughout your entire body. You will then experience lesser pains and aches normally caused by a restricted flow of oxygen and nutrients. Such restriction impairs your body’s ability to recuperate. You will have increased mobility as muscle balance is restored.

This program reduces and eliminates chronic inflammation. Your sleep pattern will improve, resulting in sharp brain activities as brain fog clears. Your mind and body connection will be enhanced. Your body will be more alive with soaring energy levels. You will save time as the movements take 75% less time compared to regular or bodyweight exercises, yoga, and Pilates.

Purchase and Price

If you were to go to South Carolina, where the facility is located, you would pay $347 to attend the off-hours emergency session. For a private session on a regular schedule, you will pay$250. For a group session, the regular pricing will be $150. You will have to make an advance booking.

For easy access, you can get the program online for only $67. This one time offer is accompanied by extra bonuses. You will get a quick follow-along video with music and instant access to the videos online. You will have a special bonus, that is, the Begin Your Day Program. This program enables your back always to be prepared for any movements so that you never throw your back out.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

if you are unsatisfied by the program in any way, you are protected by the 60 days 100% money-back guarantee.


How safe is the program?

The program is safe. It is recommended to both men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. It is not strenuous.

How effective is My Back Pain Coach?

This program is very effective. From the first session, you will experience a significant difference. You will get relief from pain and increased energy levels. Depending on the extent of damage to your spine or joints, the healing process will be steady, and a few sessions will ensure total healing.

How long do I have to stay on the program?

There is no time limit to it. Each session takes approximately 16 minutes comprising of 8 movements going for 2 minutes each. You can safely turn this to your lifestyle and keep the program in your daily schedule.

Fix My Back Pain Now!


  • You will get instant relief from back pain.
  • Your back will experience the free flow of oxygen and vital nutrients.
  • You will experience higher energy levels.
  • You will walk straight and tall.
  • You will get a confidence boost.
  • You will have better quality sleep.
  • Your mind will be cleared of fogginess.
  • You will be more alert and active.
  • Your mobility will increase.
  • Your core muscles will become stronger and firm.
  • You will be able to shed excess weight.
  • You will look and feel younger.


  • You will have to follow the instructions.

Customer Testimonials

“My Back Pain Coach came to me at the right time. I had taken so much time off work for my back treatment and arthritis that had hit my knees. My job performance scorecard was not up to the requirements. I knew I had to improve my attendance and performance if I was to escape the next cut. I was off my prescription pain killers and was on corticosteroid injections. I was coming to the end of my wit when I came across an article prescribing simple movements that could permanently eradicate my pain. That was my turning point. My work performance has greatly improved and I was able to shed some weight as I can now workout at the gym. Walking is no longer a painful task. My back feels solid and I can walk tall with a smile on my face. These movements are a miracle.” Joel Jordan

“I have had four normal births. I am grateful for my children. However, for the last couple of years, I suffered chronic back pain that I felt would take me to an early grave. I tried everything short of surgery. I was always between the epidural injection, various prescriptive drugs, and painkillers and physical therapy. I could feel the toxic build-up in my body. Just as I was coming to the end of my wits, a friend suggested this online program that got rid of her hip and knee pain. I decided to try the program. From the first session, I experienced relief as I had never felt in years. I slept soundly for the first time in a long time. I have not had any conventional drugs or procedures since then. I look and feel much younger than I did not so long ago. Being with my family and not having to depend on them to be at my beck and call is fulfilling.” Sharon White

“Golf was always my favorite weekend sport with the boys. That is until I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. That was just the beginning of my woes. After several medical procedures and physical therapy sessions, the situation got worse. My doctor recommended surgery. I just could not bring myself to it. I am glad I waited a little while longer. I came across this wonderful program and embarked on it. A week later, I could smile again. The painful grimace was wiped off. The best thing is that I can join my friends on the golf course again.” Peterson Brown


My Back Pain Coach is a program designed to get rid of your back pain in minutes. The movements prescribed originated in Serbia. They are well-researched movements that are backed up by science. You can trust the program’s effectiveness as many world-famous athletes have these movements included in the training. The movements are not a form of exercise or Pilates or yoga practices. You do not have to spend much money.

You will get online videos at just $67. This is a one-time purchase plan with a 60 days 100% money-back guarantee. You will get two extra bonus videos and a bonus video in this program. The movements are not risky, painful or complicated. They are a natural remedy for the relief of your back pain.

You will be able to live a vibrant, full life again. You will be flexible, athletic and healthier. The program has been featured in CBS, Men’s Health, Fox News, to mention just a few. This program has also been documented in numerous success stories. This is your chance to experience the unique movements for yourself. Do not hesitate to click the button and make your purchase.

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