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The world is filled with threats to your health. You have the greatest power to overcome them as a human. That does not mean that you will be able to overcome all of them. It takes the inventions of other people gifted in a particular area to help you overcome these threats. Matters to do with fires are sorted out by firefighters when they get to be massive fires. Doctors treat you when you are sick. Carpenters build for you wooden structures while tailors sew clothes for you.

While it is beneficial to coexist with animals, some of them become a nuisance. Bugs tend to irritate and even scare people at times. You get into a very uncomfortable space when you have your house overrun by bugs. That is where you would call an exterminator who helps you by killing off every bug in the house with some lethal pesticides. While that is a way to deal with bugs, mosquitoes pose a very different challenge.

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance when they irritate you with their buzzing, they are also a danger to your health. They can spread diseases by simply biting you. When your health and that of your loved ones are at risk, you will do anything to protect them. Bug sprays are an unhealthy way to kill mosquitoes. They harm the human body when you inhale them. Mosquito creams and lotions only work to an extent, assuming your skin will not react negatively to them. And that is why a new way to destroy this tiny monster has been created. This is the Moskinator Sonic mosquito killer.


About Moskinator Sonic Mosquito Killer

The Moskinator Sonic bug killer is a truly revolutionary piece of equipment. It is a safe and quiet killer of all bugs. It does not just take care of mosquitoes, but also catches flies, moths, and any other tiny bug that causes havoc. It uses a powerful technology, based on ultraviolet light to lure the bugs in and phototaxis wavelengths to kill them.

You have the option of plugging it into an outlet or using any USB charging port that can be from a computer or TV set. This allows you to carry it wherever you go. You will have the protection whether in the office or the backyard, campsite or living room.

How Does Moskinator Sonic Work?

This device utilizes the power of ultraviolet light technology. It uses this light to attract all sorts of bugs to itself. Bugs, such as mosquitoes and moths, are drawn in and find themselves coming too close to the light, unable back away. As they get close, the fan sucks them into the device. They are not left alive as the phototaxis wavelengths destroy them on impact. This kills every bug that tries to get close to the machine. And thankfully, they can’t help but be drawn in.

Moskinator works

How to Use Moskinator Sonic

Moskinator Sonic is an easy-to-use gadget. All you need to do is unpack it and plug it into a power outlet or USB power outlet. Next, place it on an even surface, preferably off the ground. When you press the on the button, it will start up and do all the work by itself. It draws in the insects and destroys them on impact. It then stores them in a storage compartment. All you will be required to do is to empty this compartment every few days and clean the part before replacing it and leaving the device to do its wonderful work.

Times of Use

You can use it anytime you deem it fit to use. You can use it when you are in a place infested with mosquitoes, or there is a general bug population like a campsite. Turn it on when you have plugged it into a USB device like a power bank if you are not near a power outlet. Then let it do its good work of keeping you safe. Nighttime is of course, always best as the bugs are more easily drawn into the light.

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Is Moskinator Sonic Safe to Use?

One of the great benefits of Moskinator Sonic is the fact that it is safe to use. It does not use any chemical or destructive light emissions. It only uses a light source that is safe to be around as well as a vacuum system that is non-lethal to humans. It also has a quiet operation ensuring it does not disturb your activities even if you wish to sleep.

Moskinator review

Benefits of Moskinator Sonic

Safe: The device is created to utilize safe means of disposing off the potentially harmful insects that are a nuisance to you. It is built to use light and air as its primary weapon of offense to the insects. These are weapons that are safe for you to be around as they do not harm you or meddle with you in any way.

Portable: The device is compact, making it portable whether you are out camping, or have gone on a business trip. You can rest assured that you have your bug killer with you at all times. It is only slightly taller than your smartphone, meaning it will easily fit in your luggage for easy transportation.

USB Powered: The device has several power sources you can get its power from. You can plug it into a wall outlet or plug it into any USB ported device like a computer, power bank, laptop, or even TV monitor. This ensures that it has greater portability.

Odorless: This device does not use any chemicals. This makes it a very safe alternative to bug sprays, creams, lotions, or even smoke sticks. These solutions always harm your respiratory health and are not safe to use around children or pregnant women. In fact, anyone who is suffering from respiratory weaknesses will have a struggle with these ways of killing or repelling mosquitoes.

And the worst thing is that these methods do not work so well. They only repel for a short duration of time and might not even kill these bugs. Moskinator Sonic actually kills all bugs that dare get close to it. And it does not have any odor, making it a healthy alternative.

UV Light: The device uses UV light to attract insects to itself before it destroys them. This is one of the safest ways that is available in the market to attract and kill bugs. It ensures that it has drawn them into itself quietly and then gets rid of them safely through the vacuum system installed.

Purchase & Price

The Moskinator Sonic is available on the official company website. It is best advised to make your purchase on the official site as they always have offered running. They currently have a limited time offer of 50% off their current price. This saves you a huge amount of money if you take this opportunity. You also have the opportunity of taking advantage of their bulk purchase discounts which even saves you more money.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company, Max Deals, gives a 30 money-back guarantee as long as you fulfill their agreement precisely. The first thing you will have to do when you want to make a return is to email them about your intention. After this, they will issue you with a return address which you will need to use to return the product safely to them. Ensure that you also have the receipt of purchase as evidence that you bought that item.

After you have done this and you have sent the product on its way, do email them to tell them the product is on its way. When they receive the product, they will check that it is still in good working condition before they refund you. This is left to their own discretion. Once they have determined they are issuing you a refund, they will send it to the credit card that made the first purchase. You should give it between 4-5 business days for the transaction to reflect on your account.

Note that you may nullify your full refund if you exceed the 30 days money-back guarantee period. You will also nullify the refund if the product got damaged while in your hands. Some of these cases get partial refunds. Also, note that you will receive your refund minus shipping and handling charges.



How Soon Can I Get My Product Delivered to Me?
There is a general shipping period of about 20 days after you have placed your order. Shipping is free when you make the purchase. Note that it is not a precise 20 days as there can be delays along the way. One of the reasons for a delay is when the company has a high number of orders it is processing at once. Any significant delay apart from this will be communicated by the company.

Can I Get My Money Back If at Any One Point I am not Satisfied with the Product?
There is a 30-day money-back guarantee the company offers if you are not satisfied with the product. You will have to email them, so you are given a return address. You will also be required to send proof of purchase that can be in the form of a receipt.

Can I Return a Damaged Product?
If you received a product and it was damaged in transit, then you should engage with the shipping company to reimburse you. If you can tell the product was dispatched by the company while in that state, then you can get a replacement for the product or have a refund made to you. This will depend on the discretion of the company.

How Fast Does the Moskinator Sonic Work?
The Moskinator Sonic works instantly through its UV light that attracts mosquitoes and other bugs and the fan that sucks them in. You will be sure to get relief from these bugs from the very first night you use the device.

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  • It is safe.
  • It uses cyclone technology.
  • Its fan is mute and does not make any noise.
  • It is portable.
  • It is a simple device.
  • It has free shipping.


  • Shipping takes from 20 days to deliver the product.

Customer Testimonials

“I’ve had so much relief from mosquitoes from the time I got this mosquito catcher. It has proven itself beyond other things I tried to use. And all it takes is a USB charger and you have it running and catching all these pesky bugs. I don’t have to worry about my child getting bitten by mosquitoes. And I’m so grateful! I even bought it for my parents down in Texas when I saw how good it is for me. My mum has to tell me how many mosquitoes it has caught every morning. It’s almost like we’re in a battle with the mosquitoes and we’re taking the enemy down.” Nelly Richie.

“I live in a rather humid part of the country and have had the brunt of bugs following me all the days I have been here. Bugs get into every nook and cranny. But mosquitoes have been more than a nuisance to me and my loved ones. They have been a threat to our lives. We tried bug sprays which my babies reacted negatively to. We tried creams but our skins started breaking out in rashes. When I found Moskinator Sonic I found relief. I have one for every room. All I do is empty them every two to three days.” Carmel Jones.

“I run an eatery downtown and have had to deal with bugs a lot in this business. This is especially so for the balcony area which is supposed to be the private booth area. But people tend to shy away from it because of mosquitoes in the evening. I found my solution to the pesky bugs using Moskinator Sonic. We now have a full house overflowing comfortably to the balcony all thanks to this mosquito trapper.” Andy Torrez.


Bugs can be a real nuisance in your day to day life. If you do not have a handle on them, they can end up not just irritating you but hurting you. There are different ways you can use to control these pesky bugs. But one sure way that is healthy and safe is using Moskinator Sonic, the bug catcher. It uses ultraviolet rays and vacuum power to suck in all these mosquitoes so that you can have peace of mind and health guaranteed. Try it today.

You will be free from the worry of contracting dangerous diseases that mosquitoes so readily spread. And you won’t be in danger of even using more resources treating diseases that you could have prevented in the first place. Be sure to take advantage of the 50% offer before it expires soon.

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