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Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening

It is often emphasized that your first impression is the last impression. The first thing that goes beyond impression is your smile. People who smile nicely are the most likable people in the room.

Be it a professional meeting or a first date, your smile sets you apart from the crowd. How can you accentuate this factor and be the most influential person in the room? By focusing on your teeth.

Mobile White - Advanced Teeth Whitening

If you flash a smile with yellow teeth, it would never be appreciated. Teeth whitening can be the most important factor in your overall personality. It drastically improves how you smile.

Going to a dentist is the only solution but it is not always possible. There are many teeth whitening kits in the market to transform your smile. But the Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening is different. It is portable and works easily by powering through a smartphone.

The gel that whitens your teeth is safe and removes even the toughest stains from your teeth. So, if you’re a smoker or coffee addict, this tooth whitening system can save your smile.

What’s Included In The Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit?

The Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening is a kit that includes some parts. Its overall design is ergonomic. Thus, there won’t be any discomfort while holding the mouthpiece inside the mouth.

The LED part of this whitening kit has a cheek retractor. It helps to separate cheeks from the LED piece. You can use it continuously without any discomfort. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and parts one by one:

  • Four 3 ml Syringes of teeth whitening gel – This whitening kit comes with four syringes of teeth whitening gel. The gel is created with 25% carbamide peroxide. This quantity is quite safe to whiten the teeth without any harm. The gel also includes other effective ingredients to work against the sensitivity of the gums and teeth. This combination works perfectly to give you pearly white teeth without any adverse effect on the gums.
  • LED Mouthpiece – The LED mouthpiece is formed in the shape of teeth to snuggly fit into your mouth. It has LED lights that glow when the whitening gel is working on your teeth. The mouthpiece is made up of food-grade silicon. So, there won’t be any chances of allergy. The LED mouthpiece also has a timer. You don’t need to worry about the overuse of the product whatsoever. It has an adapter that lets you connect the whitening system to your phone or laptop. In short, you won’t have to carry a heavy battery console with your teeth whitening kit.
  • Storage Box – The package also includes a storage box to safely store the whitening kit after each use. This box will keep the whitening device free from any bacteria and contamination.
  • Mobile Adapters – The mobile adapter helps to easily connect the kit to any device. One end of this adapter should be connected to the LED device and other to your phone.

How To Use Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening?

There are multiple teeth whitening methods available throughout the globe. Some of them include going to the dentist and at-home teeth whitening kits.

You can let a dentist help you to achieve the cloudy white teeth but you have to agree, it’s really convenient to do this at home. Therefore, at-home whitening kits are the go-to choice for most people.

These kits offer convenience and efficiency that comes along with the comfort of your home. Using Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening is extremely easy.

You just have to hold the LED device through your jaws and plug the adapter in your phone. Don’t forget to fill the whitening gel into the LED piece.

Mobile White - Advanced Teeth Whitening Reviews

How Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening Works?

The Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening is FDA approved whitening kit invented by an American dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman. It is the most convenient teeth whitening system in the market.

Where other teeth whitening kits are bulky and cause irritation to your gums, this whitening kit is exactly the opposite of that.

There are no batteries attached. It works by getting power from your mobile phone or laptop. When you get your Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening kit, pick the syringes and fill the upper and lower tray of the LED device.

You should be careful while filling the LED mouthpiece. As both parts need to be filled with 1 ml of whitening gel. An overfilling may lead to overflow of the gel in your mouth. Which can be bad for your gums.

After carefully filling the mouthpiece, it’s time to plug in the adapter to your phone. The adapter provided with this whitening kit works with most of the mobile phones. If you have any questions, contact their customer care before ordering.

The LED lights will start blinking and now you’re ready to fix the arrangement in your mouth. Hold the device with your mouth and press it gently. Set the timer for 20 minutes and let it do the work.

The LED light activates the whitening gel in the device. The device has a timer to automatically shut off the whitening process.

After taking out the device, you’d feel the taste of whitening gel on your tongue. If you’re uncomfortable with the taste, brush your teeth immediately after the procedure. If you’re okay with the taste, just rinse with some water and you’re good to go.

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Precautions While Using Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening

This whitening kit is quite easy to use. But still, most people get confused while getting the most out of this system. There are four 3ml syringes provided with this whitening kit.

Each syringe is filled with whitening gel that is to be added to the upper and lower tray of the LED device. But most of the users often fill these trays more than the prescribed amount. It can harm your teeth and gums.

The entire kit is usable for up to 12 times. If you use it according to the instructions, it will easily last for some days. Usually, it is advised to use the kit regularly for 6 days.

After this period, you can use the kit once every week or once a month. It all depends on the amount of deterioration of your teeth.

Benefits of Using Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening System

The Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening is created to keep teeth stains at bay. It’s created with a blend of teeth whitening and sensitivity protection gel. The kit is extremely easy to operate and doesn’t costs much. Following are the main benefits of this teeth whitening kit:

  1. Teeth whitening and maintaining.
  2. Removal of coffee stains.
  3. Removal of smoking stains.
  4. Boosts self-confidence.
  5. Whiten the teeth without any damage.
  6. The teeth whitening process doesn’t cause any sensitivity.

Pricing Offers, Refunds, Moneyback Guarantee & More

The Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening comes at a bit costly price range. But that doesn’t mean it is not affordable. Considering the effects and usability, the kit is quite beneficial.

One kit of this whitening kit costs $79.99. However, there is 50% off of the kit right now (was $159.99). The website is offering a holiday discount for some more days.

If you are thinking to buy a pack of two or three then you can have a steal deal. The current offer on a pack of two is 50% off.

According to their official website, the pack of 3 is a complete package. You can buy 2 whitening kits and get 1 absolutely free. In addition to this, you won’t have to give shipping charges as well.

order mobile white

You can buy any pack and get the whitening kit(s) shipped to you as soon as possible. The shipping charges are $9.99 USD.

The website also provides returns on their whitening kits. If you want to return an unused and unopened product, then contact at the email address. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on this product. The refund, however, excludes the shipping and taxes.

The contact information is as follows:

Phone – 424-702-1844

Email – [email protected]

Are There Any Side Effects?

There is no side effect to whiten your teeth with this whitening kit. But the ingredient used in this whitening system is not considered safe for regular use.

Generally, there are two main teeth whitening or bleaching ingredients, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The second ingredient is used as a tooth whitening gel in the Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening.

The concentration is low as compared to the other whitening kits in the market. So, this kit is safe is used according to the directions. But if not, it can lead to some conflicting effects. Some of the side effects may include:

  • Irritation in the gums
  • For someone who has teeth or gum diseases, it may lead to swelling in the gums.
  • A rough or more than suggested usage can remove the natural enamel of teeth.

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Customer Testimonials

By Grace M.

This is the only teeth whitening method I swear by. I was having too many cups of coffee a day. It eliminated those unpleasant stains from my teeth. And now I don’t have to hide my teeth when I smile. A big thanks to Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening kit!

Mobile White - Advanced Teeth Whitening Review

By Julia H.

OMG! Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening did wonders on my teeth. I feel as if my whole face has changed. I never tried teeth whitening kits before, but this time I am pretty hooked! I am going to order more for my entire family.

By Harper M.

I was tired of getting appointments after appointments to dentists every month. Now I can simply use my at-home teeth whitening kit and transform my smile while sitting on my couch.

By Anthony W.

I was skeptical to try this tooth whitening kit at first. I ordered it out of curiosity. But when I received the package I was shocked…

It’s extremely portable. And has no fancy batteries. I used it while watching NetFlix. I forgot to switch it off but it stopped automatically after 20 minutes. I plugged it out of my phone and rushed to the bathroom to see the results. It works 100%!

Mobile White - Advanced Teeth Whitening Review

By Robert J.

Boy, I am in love with this! I am a chain smoker and trying to stop smoking for some days. But all of a sudden, I noticed that my teeth have turned really bad. I immediately surfed for some at-home teeth whitening solutions.

Thank god I came across Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening. The formula is gentle and not very harsh to the gums. It took some days to completely get rid of my smoking stains but it worked.

Teeth Whitening Kit In A Nutshell

If you’ve decided to use an at-home teeth whitening kit then you should know what ingredients are being used in the kit. As explained earlier, there are mainly two ingredients to whiten the teeth at home, and one of them is used in this kit that too in moderation.

Most of the teeth whitening pieces are not considered safe because of the irritation it causes on gums. This teeth whitening LED device has a cheek retractor that separates your gums from the device. Thus, you can rely on this teeth whitening system.

The only drawback this whitening kit has is the price. It seems overpriced but then it is created by a renowned dentist in America. This kit is certified and there are multiple users worldwide of this at-home method.

The results can never be the same. It differs from person to person as everyone uses this kit due to different reasons. And it takes multiple repetitions of the process to see a significant whitening in the teeth.

If you want to get the stains of wine, coffee, alcohol, or smoking off of your teeth, then go for something that isn’t damaging to the gums in the long run. Get your first kit for half the price on the official website of Mobile White – Advanced Teeth Whitening today!

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