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There is an entire generation that grew up aspiring to gain a body shape like Arnold Schwarzenegger, be bulked up like Sylvester Stallone, or have taut muscles like Sharon Stone. You might want to look like The Rock. His height might not be that achievable, but his rippling muscles are. While body shape is a significant factor, many people require muscular strength too. Gymnasts, dancers, athletes, wrestlers, boxers, security personnel, and people who are part of law enforcement organizations — all of them, and many others – need to have very strong muscles, regardless of sex, age, and education. So, where do you fit into all this?

The trouble with bodybuilding is that many see it as a masculine pursuit. The other major misdirection is that too many people imagine that bulking up muscles requires you to gulp down humungous quantities of protein, and take steroids if you want to bulk up fast. Nothing could be farther from the truth, or more dangerous for your health, and the well-being of your body. Doing either, or both could land you in hospital, not to mention all the social awkwardness arising from gas, bloating, and damaged stomach walls.

The latter half of the twentieth century saw the rise of abuse of steroids to improve the endurance of varied sports persons. It was only in the last decade of the century that medical professionals connected the dots. They realized that it could be the reason behind rising cancer among athletes and other sports professionals. However, if you need to improve the strength and mass of your muscles, you don’t need to jeopardize your health. Just begin taking MassZymes.


About MassZymes

The vegetarians have had it tougher to get adequate proteins since beef, chicken, mutton, fish, eggs, pork, et al. are automatically out of the question. For the vegans, it got worse as all dairy products were off the list too. There’s only so much that you can have of lentils, beans, and soy. It took a very smart scientist to realize that what you really need is to absorb proteins broken down into specific amino acids by enzymes like proteases, rather than consume vast amounts of protein, which is simply eliminated from your body as waste when it is not absorbed. Worse, the unused protein often gets stored in your body as fat.

Certified nutritionist and three-time all-natural, national bodybuilding champion Wade T. Lightheart understood these challenges and worked with a brilliant scientist on how to transform your protein digestion, gut health, and ability. He understood that most people can convert and absorb only a small fraction of the proteins they consume daily. Together, they came up with a fantastic protein-digesting enzyme formula and paired it with a nutrient compound they named AstraZyme™ to bring you MassZymes.

Brought to you by BiOptimizers, MassZymes is a protein-digesting formula, which helps your guts to break down your protein intake. The net result is that you end up absorbing more than 50 percent of the proteins you ingest because the proprietary ingredients of MassZymes break down almost the proteins into 200 times more of amino acids. Think back to science classes when you learned that proper digestion requires appropriate absorption and assimilation.

MassZymes Ingredients

Whether you are trying to build basic strength, desire to create toned rippling muscles, or add to your endurance, MassZymes helps you to achieve your goals. Nutrients like arginine, citrulline, and tryptophan, which are amino acids; crucial vitamins like folate; and joint-protecting nutrients such as glucosamine, are released into your body in greater quantities when you take this supplement. This miracle is achieved with the help of AstraZyme™ — a proprietary nutrient compound extracted from Panax, ginseng, and astragalus derived through patented processing technology.

The specific enzymes in MassZymes include protease taken from Aspergillus Oryzae and Aspergillus niger; peptidase to break down larger protein molecules into peptides and amino acids; amylase which breaks carbohydrate into maltose. Bromelain contains a protein-digesting enzyme that is extracted from pineapple and acts as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant. When taken on an empty stomach, it benefits the immune system, while protecting the body from cancer.

Other ingredients include alpha-galactosidase, which helps to reduce gas and bloating; lactase to aid in the digestion of lactose; invertase to break down sucrose into simple sugars fructose and glucose; and lipase to break down the fats in your meals. Glucoamylase is produced in the body and breaks down starches into simple sugars. Other enzymes in it are malt diastase, phytase, papain, pectinase, hemicellulase to help digest food fibers, beta-glucanase, and proteolytic enzymes.

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How Does It Work?

MassZymes chemically breaks down your normal food into tiny, easily absorbable components, enabling you to draw maximum nutrition from your daily diet. Don’t get so startled. Even if the ingredients are natural, the process of breaking the food is chemical. This means that your muscle mass is lean, rather than loaded with fatty tissues.

How to Use the Product

Be cautious about the foods you eat with the supplement. For it to work properly, there has to be enough for it to crunch. Load your plate with veggies and fruits like broccoli, artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes, coconuts, zucchini, spinach, olives, brussels sprouts, avocado, and cucumber. You will also benefit from having it with nuts like walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, pro-biotics, and pre-biotics. You don’t need to be shy of using herbs and spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, basil, thyme, and oregano.

The foods you need to avoid when you take MassZymes include sugary, starchy foods like various kinds of confectionery, chocolates, honey, and carbohydrate-dense vegetables like beets, potatoes, peas, mushrooms, parsnips, carrots, and yams. The no-no list includes artificial sweeteners like aspartame; alcohol like liquors, wine, and beer; all kinds of vinegar except apple cider vinegar, fats, and oils like corn oil, soy oil, peanut oil, and canola oil.

Condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, relish, and horseradish; grains like anything with wheat, oats, barley, and rye; along with staples like rice, bread, and pasta can create undesirable side-effects. Dairy products like milk, cheese, and cream; processed and cured meats; fish; eggs; beverages like diet soda, tea, and coffee; citrus fruits — fresh, canned, juiced; and nuts like cashew and peanuts can potentially do more harm than good when paired with this product.

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Depending on your current health status, and your goals, the recommended dosage varies from one to three capsules of MassZymes with each meal. If your requirements dictate it, you may take one or two capsules in between meals. Unfortunately, there is no guidance on what is the maximum dosage a person can have in any given 24 hours. The label doesn’t tell you what kind of beverage to take with the capsules. Even if you drink water to swallow the capsule/s, there is no indication of whether it should be still water or sparkling, or even at what temperature the water should be.

How Safe Is It to Use the Product?

Since the ingredients are essentially digestive enzyme, it should be a safe product to use. It will be of particular utility for you if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, diarrhea, gastric issues, bloating of the stomach, constipation, gluten intolerance, or any other digestion related distresses.

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Is the Product Addictive?

No, it is not, though you might want to continue with it for a long time, even after your health goals have been met.

Benefits of MassZymes

There are numerous benefits of taking MassZymes, probably more than have been enumerated here. Watch how your muscles burgeon as your body breaks down proteins more, and are absorbed more efficiently through your gut into the body’s cells. Hectic exercise can lead to considerable harm to your muscles. MassZymes combines with AstraZyme™ to assure your body’s cells amino acids to repair muscle fiber repair, reduce inflammation, and buffer oxidative damage.

Your improved digestion makes you think you might be able even to digest iron. Jokes apart, one of the worst hazards of eating too much protein is that the undigested portion becomes toxic as it putrefies. When you begin to take MassZymes, not only are bowel motions normal, you don’t bloat from gas, or be smelly. This is because it repairs damaged intestinal walls. Don’t be surprised if you are more energetic, don’t suffer from energy crashes as glucose absorption increases, are more sunnily disposed of, and enjoy a stronger libido.

One benefit you are less likely to hear of is detoxification. This occurs when the ingredients of the supplement clean out all the slurry which has been coating your intestinal walls over the years. Your concentration will improve as your body no longer has to use all its resources to digest the food.

Purchase and Price

You are assured of free shipping for six bottles priced at $297. However, one bottle of 250 capsules costs $69 with $7.75 for shipping and handling. Three bottles of 250 capsules cost $177, and $7.75 for shipping and handling. The single bottles are recommended for those who only need a maintenance diet. There is also a trial pack of 120 capsules for $ 37.95.

You might prefer to be enrolled in the Loyalty Savings Club, which happens when you order on the official website directly, rather than from an online vendor like Amazon.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

You won’t be throwing good money after bad as there is a 365-day money-back guarantee on the product as long as you don’t open all the bottles you ordered. If you had ordered only one bottle, you won’t be eligible for a refund as you would have to open it to try it out. For those who like to order in bulk to gain economies of scale, this 100 percent refund of all unopened bottles should come as a relief.

Side-Effects of MassZymes

Typically, you are unlikely to suffer any adverse side-effects. However, do watch out for stomach cramps, nausea, and rashes. The former could be caused by the kind of food you have added the supplement to. If you experience any kind of adversity after you begin taking the capsules, just stop taking it. In any case, you should always take your medical provider’s opinion before even buying a bottle. However, no two bodies are structured alike. So, be watchful when you begin the supplements since different bodies react differently.



Is this supplement another health scam?
There seems little evidence to sustain that proposition.

How do I know that I am getting freshly manufactured products?
The makers guarantee freshness as only limited quantities are produced at one go.

Are there any contraindications for taking MassZymes?
Yes. This product is not for you if you already suffer from gastritis, or have an ulcer. If you suffer from cystic fibrosis, you might be better off not taking MassZymes.

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  • Optimizes your health.
  • Enjoy digestive health like never before.
  • If you need a high protein diet, then MassZymes enables you to digest it.
  • Aids you in making healthy choices.


  • Despite the website’s claim of 12 in vitro studies that demonstrated the product’s efficacy, no links are provided to verify individually.
  • It is a bit high priced.
  • You certainly don’t want to administer it to children.

Customer Testimonials

Geoffrey of San Andreas is grateful that he began using the supplement. “No more attention wandering at critical meetings, or sheer exhaustion preventing me from playing with my six-year-old,” he says.

Betsy Price of Utah gloats, “As a ballerina, I always need to be in peak condition. Of late I felt my energies flagging at the wrong moments, impacting my performances. I was rather skeptical when I was told about this product. Thank you MassZymes for making it possible for me to dance my heart out.”

Ronnie from New Jersey, “I was developing an inferiority complex as I was skinny, even though I was slogging it out in the gym, and eating a high protein diet. Little did I realize that the protein wasn’t reaching my muscles. After three months, I am garnering a great deal of attention from my classmates, even seniors, thanks to the transformation my body has undergone with regular intake of MassZymes.”


You should try out this supplement once, regardless of what your health goals are. Begin small to test the waters. You can always order more when you begin to experience positive results.

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