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The manifestation of the desires by visualization is no longer a secret. Everyone has read the book “The Secret”, and many have used the concept successfully. Another author, Napolean Hill, who has written “Think and Grow Rich”, touches the same topic but with a difference. He states “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds”.

When people started following the concept, they benefited from it and changed their lives for good. Using the idea given in “Secret”, “Think and Grow Rich” talks about manifestation of the desires. For most people, it is money and financial success.

Essentially, the book is about achieving all that the heart desires, only if you set it free in your mind. This means that you free yourself from the roadblocks that you have set up in your subconscious. Achieve the success and abundance that you deserve.

To learn more about how you can go about achieving this, you need to read about Alexander Wilson’s Manifestation Magic program.

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What is Manifestation Magic?

The concept behind this program is simple. It is “Energy Orbiting” that teaches you how you can manifest your innermost desires and achieve your goals by raising your vibrations. You need to unlearn everything that you have learned before and relearn the concept of manifestation.

The author, Alexander Wilson, gives a tantalizing example. Imagine that you go to bed after your routine day only to wake up the next day and find that everything is different. Well, everything is the same, but YOU are different. While you slept, you subconscious listened to the sound frequencies, and this is what Alexander Wilson teaches you with Manifestation Magic.

He promises change in just 24 hours! Is it even remotely possible? According to Wilson, yes!

How Does Manifestation Magic Work?

Manifestation Magic is an online program that uses the Law of Attraction using brainwave entrainment to program your mind that will help in the manifestation of your deepest desires. The program has been authored by Alexander Wilson, who has a Masters in Psychology. He has been teaching this concept for more than 7 years.

According to Wilson, you can raise your vibrations permanently by using this program. When you are successful in raising your vibrations, you are able to break free from the shackles of the belief that hold your mind a prisoner. You welcome abundance, wealth and good health into your life.

The concept of this program is to let the soundwaves clear the limiting thoughts of your mind with subliminal programming.

It consists of audio tracks. Each track makes use of the soundwaves technology developed with the help of an expert. These tracks are like guided hypnosis combined with sound therapy, that works to enhance the process of visualization.

In addition to the audio tracks, you also get reading material.

You learn how you can adapt your thinking to achieve your goals.

Manifestation Magic uses Brain Entrainment and combines it with NLP to ensure that you get quick and fast results. The best part about this is that you don’t have to read big books or journals. You just need to use your headphones and listen to the audio tracks. You can do this whenever you have the time.

The audio tracks change your subconscious thinking and modify your thoughts. People start responding to you at home and at workplace. Wilson guides you as to how you can maximize the benefits of Manifestation Magic.

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The Two Main Reasons Why You Are Unable to Manifest Your Desires

Manifestation Magic works on the principles of the Law of Attraction with the bonus of soundwave technology. This online plan uses Brainwave Entrainment or soundwave technology to help your mind adapt to manifest your desire. Given below are the two main reasons why it is not easy to manifest your desires: –

  1. The first point is that you try to stay charged for increased periods than what you need.
  2. The second is that your mind is so steeped in negative beliefs that your expectations are limited.

This, Wilson believes, is the block that prevents your dreams from becoming a reality.

About Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson shares his life’s story. He, like many others, has had his shares of ups and downs in life. He lived a double life, meaning projecting a rich look on the social media but being almost broke in reality. The picture-perfect life that he projected on his Facebook page was actually chipped and broken. He was using an old, dying car, and living in a house that actually fell apart. He lost his job and was involved in a mishap.

After a series of unfortunate events, or “disasters”, Wilson coolly observes that it was the Universe testing him so that he could explore his path.

While these disasters happened, there was a constant in his life. He kept meeting an Uber driver by the name of Phoenix, who in reality was “an intuitive healer”. She worked as a driver part-time so that she could help out people in need.

During one of the rides, she mentions that people have Guardian Angels. After this talk, there is a change in Wilson’s life. He sees the light ahead and finds a way to resolve the problems in his life. He also knows what his quest in life is.

When this light goes on in his mind, his life changes for the better and things start getting better. Instead of getting bills, he actually starts getting checks in his mail. It was like his guardian angel had waved a magic wand and made his problems disappear. This leads Wilson to write about this Energy Orbiting Manifestation Magic so that others, less fortunate than him, can benefit from this.

How To Apply the Techniques of Manifestation Magic

If you have never meditated before, then it is not very easy to get your mind into a Theta state. You need help, and Manifestation Magic assists you by providing you with a shortcut.

The shortcut is the audio package that changes brainwave frequencies to help you get into a meditative state so that you can access the subconscious part of your brain.

The sound waves remove vibration blocks so that you can concentrate and visualize things that you want.

Benefits of Manifestation Magic

Given below are the benefits of the program Manifestation Magic: –

  • You understand how to change your thought processes and rewire your brain so that you visualize only abundance and prosperity.
  • The first step to this is to reprogram your mind. The change must begin from within before you can experience the difference externally. Darren, who is the product developer, explains this in simple terms.
  • You learn about the benefits of the new truth and can eliminate all mental blocks.
  • You are provided with a Revelation Guide that holds the key for the greater good.
  • You start perceiving your reality which is your deepest desire, whether it is to be a multimillionaire or a financial guru. You get used to the richness and become comfortable buying real estate.

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What Does Manifestation Magic Contain?

When you place your order for Manifestation Magic, you get the following: –

  1. Immediate Start Manifestation Ebook Guide.
  2. 10 Minute Mediator Theta Audio Part 1
  3. 10 Minute Mediator Theta Audio Part 2
  4. Twilight Transformation Delta Audio
  5. Daytime Wealth Activator Beta Audio

Additionally, you also get the following Manifestation Magic 360 Transformation System as a bonus: –

  1. Wealth Awakening
  2. The Heartbeat
  3. Mystical Chi Gung
  4. Stargaze
  5. Slow String Relaxation
  6. Whispering waves
  7. Divine Tranquillity

A third bonus includes the Chakra Power Audio Bundle as detailed below:

  1. Sacral Chakra Clearing Session
  2. Heart Gratitude Abundance Session
  3. Throat Chakra True Self Session
  4. Solar Plexus Full Potential Session
  5. Pineal gland (Third Eye) Intuition Session

The final package contains a sleep track to help you get into a deep sleep: –

  1. Quick Sleep Magic

More About Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic has two modules as given below: –

Module 1

Manifestation Magic Energy Orbiting Audio Program – The program combines hypnotic direction, NLP and Brain Entrainment to help target awareness points. The past experiences are so entrenched in the brain that those paths have become all-powerful. As a result, the brain manifests all that you don’t want anymore but cannot help manifesting. This audio rewires the brain by making you are various brainwave frequencies as given below: –

  1. Delta Waves – For dreamless sleep and meditation
  2. Theta Waves – For clear visualization, intuition and learning
  3. Beta Waves – For concentrated attention.

For the program to be beneficial, you have to listen to it for 30 days when you are relaxed and free.

Module 2

This module is in the form of an ebook of 66 pages. It gives the insight to help you achieve your desires. The step by step program includes the following: –

  1. Being clear about your desires
  2. Visualizing it
  3. Feeling good
  4. Allowing
  5. Identifying blocks and removing them


While bonuses are not essential, they are provided, anyway, to help you further in the manifestation of your desires.

What Does Manifestation Magic Teach?

Manifestation Magic is a program that teaches you how to raise your energy vibrations and enhance your frequencies. Negativity, uncertainties, low confidence and low self-esteem, all contribute towards lowering the mind’s frequencies. These low frequencies can be other people’s, too when they enter your life. By harnessing the energy of a higher frequency, you can achieve your goals.

Main Features of Manifestation Magic

Given below are the main features of Manifestation Magic: –

  1. How to maintain high vibrations and feel satisfaction and joy.
  2. How to use Brain Entrainment to overcome past worries, fears and restricting beliefs.
  3. Meditative Tracks to gain access to the subconscious and guide it towards excess.
  4. Manifestation Guide
  5. Practical activities to help you achieve freedom and wealth.
  6. Sound waves to help rewire the brain and preparing the way for manifestation.

Purchase and Price of Manifestation Magic

The program can be purchased from the official website. It is available at a discounted price of $47 for a limited time. The actual price of the program is $97, which will be applicable after the offer lapses.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Alexander Wilson promises results in 24 hours or you get your money back. All you have to do is play the Twilight Transformation track for one night and let the Energy Orbiting work. After this, you follow the Quick Start Manifestation Guide to get clarity on what you really want.

After this, the universe starts sending signs that the financial manifestation is on its way to way. While it appears instantly to some, with others, it takes at least 24 hours. If it doesn’t, then you can simply claim a refund by emailing the author.

Does Manifestation Magic Really Work?

You can ignore the testimonials from people, but there is no ignoring the research that has proven that hearing the frequencies can help transform the working of the brain. The audio tracks of Manifestation Magic can help to change the brainwave frequencies and open positive path waves to help achieve goals.

While it may take some time for the transformation of the subconscious, it is not impossible. Just how much time it takes, varies from person to person and the determination to succeed.

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Customer Testimonials

Sarah ~ It Works! I only listened to the audio track about twice a week when I was working. It was playing in the background. The next thing I know is that my business has taken off and my client base is growing fast! 

I appreciate this experience and feel abundant. The universe listened to what I wanted and sent it to me!

Laura ~ I sold a mansion within 3 mintues! I love the Manifestation Magic and would recommend that others use it!

Male ~ I was short of $222 and was going through bad times. The first day, there was nothing and the second day, I got $50. The third time when I tried it, I got the $222 that I was short of! It was unexpected and I am going to do it again! 


You get a lot more than what you pay for with this program. The features are good and the audio is a good discipline for your mind. The program is good for anyone who wants a change. You don’t need to be a master of meditation or know about sound waves and frequencies for the program to work for you.

Finally, you have the promise of a refund if it does not work for you. With all this, it does seem worthwhile to give it a try.

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