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No matter what you hear in the media or what your doctor might tell you about your penis, size does matter. It makes or breaks a man. You might not have herculean muscles, but if this one muscle in your body has the right size, your lover does not care much about your other limitations. But what do you do when you have a little penis? Lots of information fills the web on the different techniques and devices you can use to grow your man-dagger. But do they work? But you have an option in the Male Elongator that promises to grow you to as much as 4.8 inches in just one month. Read on to discover this technique.

Male Elongator

What is Male Elongator?

Surgery, penis pumps, dangerous medication, and questionable supplements can mess with you for life. But many men take those extremes trying to find a solution to the age-old dilemma of small penises. If you find yourself struggling with a little joystick, know that you stand among 0.6 percent of men in the world who suffer from a micropenis syndrome.

And Scott Ruskin found himself in this exact position as his wife confessed to sleeping with his brother because he had a small joystick. And while it broke him apart, it also led him to a path of discovering the reason behind men suffering from small penises. He hurt himself so bad that he had to get admitted to the hospital. While in hospital, he met Dr. Stein, who introduced him to Male Elongator, a regrowth formula they came up with together. It contained natural ingredients from herbs, plants, and minerals that changed Scott’s life for good. And it went on to change the lives of 98,000 men and counting.


Male Elongator uses 29 specifically-sought ingredients from four continents that offer a safe and natural way to restore your body to its rightful position. They help the body rid itself of the toxins that have pervaded it and maximize on producing hormones as it should. You get all the right superfoods to fast-track your body to heal itself in four weeks. Within this time, you also get your penis to grow exponentially.

Of the key ingredients, you find Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Hawthorn Berry, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana Leaf, Muira Puama, Tribulus, Cayenne, Saw Palmetto, Inosine, Catuaba, and Oat Straw. They all come together to create a powerful supplement, unlike any other in the world.

Male Elongator review

How Does Male Elongator Work?

Now the human body falls nothing short of miraculous. It has hormones that help it to accomplish strange feats like growth. Testosterone and the Human Growth Hormone come together to enable different parts of the body to grow. The penis falls among these other parts. Apart from this growth place, the brain also works to signal the penis to rise on demand and stay up until all work gets finished. It does so with the help of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid.

Different ideologies have come up that sell off testosterone therapy as one of the best ways to increase the size of your penis. But doing so can have dangerous and far-reaching effects. It can enlarge your prostate, lead to prostate disease, urinary infections, and even heart conditions. You can only get your body to grow the way it should by restoring the balance where it produces these hormones naturally as it should.

But what prevents your body from naturally producing these necessary hormones? Research reveals that BPA exposure leads to growth complications like a distorted reproductive tract, low sperm production, prostate disease risk, poor testicular development, and testosterone underproduction. BPA can wreak such havoc as it falls under the endocrine disruptive chemical (EDC) category.

EDCs can disrupt normal hormone production by blocking the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that gets the body to produce the necessary hormones. Once blocking occurs, the body becomes stunted in many areas, unable to grow to its full potential. Your modest penis size has its source in this process.

The first step of repair takes place using 14 specific ingredients that first repair the damage EDC has done to your system, and second, to jumpstart the penis growth that got stunted at some point. Next, two vitamins create a seamless pathway for your brain to communicate with your penis and bring it to start growing as it should.

Thirdly, 12 ingredients then combine to create an unstoppable penis-growing formula that ignites your member’s growth. They work to detoxify the body from toxins, aggravate your libido by setting it on fire, improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure, and improve testosterone production. Your penis also gets a natural shield of defense to protect it against damage and premature aging.

Lastly, this formula has numerous other benefits it adds to you like helping you reduce weight and tone your body, eliminating bad cholesterol from your system, reducing anxiety and stress levels, regulating blood sugar, and by so doing treating type 2 diabetes,

Using Male Elongator

Male Elongator promises you significant changes in your system if you take it religiously. You ought to take it every day without fail to ensure you get the promised results. This formula works best in a healthy body so take proper care of yourself by having consistent meals three times a day. Have a balance of nutrients in these meals and stay hydrated at all times. Your physical strength works to better your body, too, so work hard to keep fit as much as you can.


The manufacturer has created a formula to take at least one pill a day after any of the day’s heavy meals. It is best to take the supplement for at least 60 days to guarantee you results in length and girth, as well as strength, defense, and toxin cleansing. You can also take it for 120 days to ensure the longest-lasting results.

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Safety Protocol

Male Elongator uses the US as its manufacturing country, ensuring it follows the FDA’s strict production standards. It uses GMO-free ingredients free of toxins and artificial elements. The final product has gotten tested in numerous third-party labs with thousands of happy campers as test subjects. All these tests and checks ensure the product you get passes the highest manufacturing standards to give you the very best in the industry.

Male Elongator Benefits

  • Your penis gets to grow to its original size without any hindrances. You get to your most immense glory.
  • You get to have granite-hard, prolonged erections that get you and your partner all the lovemaking you can take to the last drop.
  • Your energy levels skyrocket, and you experience heightened libido, as you’ve never experienced before. You can get it on with your lover at any time without worry about whether your soldier can rise to the occasion.
  • Your body begins to shed off fat belly naturally without you having slave endless hours at the gym. It firms up in all the right places, giving you a lean, attractive physique.
  • You can control your orgasms and keep them at bay until when you want to release the torrent.

Cost & Shipping

You get three price packages to choose from. You get one, two, and four bottles in each box. The one-bottle pack gives you 30 pills that take you through one month of use. This pack goes for $69 and attracts a small shipping fee. The two-bottle package takes you for two months and also allows you a $10 discount per bottle when you go for it. Additionally, you get free shipping when you do.

Finally, you get the best value pack that lets you get one bottle at $49 when you buy the four of them together. This pack keeps you supplied for four months and also comes with free shipping. It takes seven days for the product to get to you once you make your order.

Male Elongator price


The manufacturer of Male Elognatore believes in the efficacy of their product. But they attach a 60-day refund policy to the supplement just in case you do not get the results you expected. You email Scott or Dr. Stein, and you get your hassle-free full refund.


How long do I wait to get my package delivered?

It takes seven days to get your supplement delivered to your doorstep. Contact customer support if you don’t get your package within that time.

How fast do I get results when I use the supplement?

You start to experience changes within two weeks of using Male Elongator. Your penis grows by up to 4 inches within three weeks, and if you keep taking the supplement, you get better changes in two months and even more longer-lasting changes after four months of use.

Will I have to deal with any dire side effects?

You get to experience the full benefit of sexual restoration without the side effects associated with such products. The all-natural approach ensures all the ingredients you ingest offer only healing and no harmful side effects.


  • The product uses an all-natural approach.
  • Your penis grows in leaps and bounds.
  • You get to enjoy greater, longer-lasting sex.


  • The product’s stock is limited.

Customer Testimonials

“I had a non-existent love life for as long as I could remember. It started in high school when I tried to get it on with my then-girlfriend. The shame I went through when she discovered how poorly endowed my penis was closed the chapter for me in high school and college. I never dared get close to anyone else again. I did try a few devices and creams and even tried a herbal supplement to no avail. But I did get some jitters for my trouble.

Something struck home when I stumbled on Male Elongator. I had never read anything like that about a male supplement. I didn’t buy it for a few months since I’d gotten duped before. I didn’t care to feel like a fool again. So I bid my time. I finally got the courage to get it when I got a never-ending crush on a neighbor. I decided to try it or die trying. I’ve taken it three months on, and my relationship with my girlfriend is on fire. We can’t get enough of each other. I am so grateful.” Michael Harris.

“Having a small penis killed my syke to interact with the fairer sex. I always felt like a lesser man and never tried to initiate any relationships. My bulky body always gave the wrong impressions and I always got the attention from girls. But they never understood why I never pursued beyond the normal chit chat. After two months of using this wonder pill, I can take my relationships to the next level. I have so much to offer any woman who gets close to me.” Ricky Jones.

“I always thought I would live a life of loneliness without any love surrounding me. I tried a few relationships that left me raw and wounded and made me realize I wasn’t enough. I decided to stay all by myself. But a friend I made at the gym didn’t know well enough to leave me alone. He kept insisting I need a girl in my life. I tried to brush him off for so long till one day, he broke through to me.

After knowing the real reason for my distance, he suggested I try Male Elongator. He helped me go through the order process and encouraged me to start taking it. I haven’t been happier. I am now in a stable relationship with a satisfied lover.” Nick Kellaway.


Your small penis can hold you ransom and keep you from enjoying life at its best. And face it, sexual release ranks among the top areas where man finds fulfillment. Don’t let this part of life pass you by but embrace it with full vigor and strength. Enjoy it with all your power when you get to your biggest and best penis size. Male Elongator takes you through that journey of healing and self-discovery. Try it today and see the benefits roll in as your penis grows inch by inch.

Male Elongator price

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