Make Cholesterol Control a Greater Priority in Diabetes

It is needless to mention the effects of diabetes on the human body. If it is not kept under check, it can affect the functions of various organs and the body as a whole. Cholesterol is considered important for a healthy heart, but when the balance of the same is disturbed, it may impact the function of the heart as well as the blood flow to different organs as only a healthy heart can pump blood properly to various organs. To have diabetes under control, it is also needed that one has balanced Cholesterol as per the experts.

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Why do you need to have better control of Cholesterol?

Though it is believed that cholesterol level has nothing to do with diabetes, but this is nothing but a myth only. As per experts, the increase in blood sugar may lead to a rise in bad Cholesterol over a period which leads to a reduction in the level of good cholesterol. This directly affects the function of the heart as bad Cholesterol can lead to more cardiac issues. Hence over a period, one faces cardiac issues, which may lead to heart failure also. Hence not directly but indirectly, higher blood sugar may lead to cardiac issues without any doubt. In the opinion of experts, people who have diabetes must keep their blood sugar level under check to avoid any fluctuation in the cholesterol levels and also follow the instructions of heart specialists.

Is it required to consult a cardiologist?

Initially, you must focus on the level of your blood sugar. Your diabetes expert can be the best judge to find out the answer to this question. In case of uncontrolled blood sugar level, he may recommend you to see a cardiologist have his opinion about the level of Cholesterol and suggest medicines and options that have higher-good Cholesterol and lower bad Cholesterol so that your heart stays healthy. On the other hand, the diabetes expert can recommend options for better blood sugar control so that the cholesterol levels also remain unaffected due to diabetes.

Control the blood sugar level:

Among the patients who suffer from diabetes type 2, there are high chances of getting cholesterol levels affected by diabetes fluctuations. To keep the cholesterol level under check, it is necessary that blood sugar level is under a specified standard. In different situations, the level of blood sugar may change, and that is why experts ask the patients to refrain from some food items, stress, and anxiety as they may contribute much to higher diabetes. Hence such patients must follow a diet and routine where they can have required nutrients and also relaxed life. This can help him have better cholesterol levels and blood sugar under check.

Follow these simple tips:

To have better blood sugar control, you must avoid a sedentary lifestyle. You need to go for physical exercise as per the guidance of an expert and also follow the diet as suggested by the dietician. Simultaneously you must stay away from any sort of tension, anxiety, and stress. Mediation and laughing therapy can also be useful to control the blood sugar and lead to better control on levels of Cholesterol. Other than that, you must meet your doctors regularly and keep your blood sugar level, and cholesterol level monitored. You must not miss on your medicines and follow the schedule accurately to have desired levels of Cholesterol as well as blood sugar. Physical activities play a vital role in handling both of these conditions. However, you must take advice from an expert before indulging in any such activities; otherwise, it may also lead to other health issues.  In brief, you must keep an eye on your blood sugar level as well as Cholesterol with the help of experts, medications, and changes in your routine lifestyle. Diabetes is termed as a lifestyle disease, and hence you must bring required changes even if they are difficult to follow.

In case of the worst scenario, such as insulin resistance, there is no better option than following the guidelines offered by your experts of diabetes as well as heart. To have the required control over this situation, you must take Glucofort and go for regular check-ups as suggested by experts at regular intervals.

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