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You know very well how difficult it could be to battle anxiety issues and panic attacks. If your or a close one have had to battle any stress or mental disorder, you will seek immediate treatment in order to combat the issue. After all, you are blessed with multiple abilities that allow you to be vocal about your symptoms and avail respective treatment. But, what if it is your darling pet pup or dog that is facing cognitive issues? While you may definitely be able to tell that there is something wrong with it, you won’t be able to pinpoint the issue. And it is sad that animals cannot speak, so you will never know what is actually going on with them.

An ingredient that is increasingly gaining popularity for its positive impact on mental issues, pain, digestion, and a lot more is CBD or cannabidiol. Many leading pharmaceutical companies have been launching CBD-based products owing to the excellent efficiency of the ingredient in managing varying health woes. Today, we are also reviewing a very popular CBD product called LolaHemp CBD. But unlike most cannabidiol products out there, this one is especially formulated for aiding your pet dogs or puppies. If you have noticed your dog behave strange in anyway recently, it could be either owing to anxiety issues or internal pain. LolaHemp CBD can help in managing all such health issues in your pet dog and more. Continue reading to know more about this amazing CBD tincture.

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About LolaHemp CBD

LolaHemp CBD is a cannabidiol oil that is introduced for dogs. The healing properties of this tincture comes from the presence of cannabidiol or CBD in it. LolaHemp CBD uses cannabidiol that is extracted from 100% organic hemp plants.

Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids present in Cannabis plants. It can be found in both marijuana as well as hemp strains of Cannabis. But, the ideal source of CBD is hemp as the level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in this strain of cannabis is a lot lower than that in the marijuana strain.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound present in Cannabis plants. Those who use Cannabis for recreational purposes are often seen smoking up the marijuana strain of Cannabis due to its higher THC content. However, pharmaceutical companies often use hemp plants to extract CBD as there is only trace amounts of THC in this Cannabis strain.

LolaHemp CBD also extracts its CBD from 100% organic hemp plants. The dosing of the cannabinoid used in the tincture is veterinarian-approved and thus completely safe to be used. This tincture uses full spectrum extraction process to extract cannabidiol from the hemp plants do as to ensure that all the other vital cannabinoids present in the plant are also preserved.

LolaHemp CBD claims that it is completely safe for use in dogs of all ages and there is no prescription required for it to be given to your pet. This oil is also tested in laboratories post its production so as to verify the quality of the product and also to verify the concentration of CBD in it.


The main ingredient used in LolaHemp CBD is cannabidiol extracted from organic hemp plants. The hemp plants used to extract CBD are 100% organic and non-GMO. No additives like chemicals or synthetics have been used in the production of the hemp plants and this reflects in the efficiency of the product as well.

Every gram of LolaHemp CBD contains 13.54 mg of cannabidiol. The concentration of CBD in the product has been listed by an ISO-certified third party laboratory. All the batches of hemp plants used in the production of this tincture are tested for their potency prior to being used. Since the hemp plants used in LolaHemp are organic, they are completely free of any kind of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, solvents, and microbial residues.

LolaHemp CBD has a light amber color due to its undiluted nature. The texture of the product is consistent throughout the liquid. Other than cannabidiol, another prominent ingredient in LolaHemp is fractionated coconut oil. This component has many health benefits and is a perfect addition to cannabidiol in the tincture.

CBD itself offers many therapeutic benefits and can do wonders for your pet. It is observed to positively regulate the endocannabinoid system and this, in turn, helps enhance your cognitive abilities while also helping in managing anxiety and other such issues. And since the cannabidiol used in LolaHemp CBD is derived from the hemp strain of Cannabis plants, you can enjoy all the amazing benefits that the cannabinoid has to offer without worrying about it causing any mind-altering effects.

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How Does Lola Hemp CBD Work?

LolaHemp CBD is a trusted cannabidiol oil that can help in managing several health conditions in your pet dogs. One of the main ways in which this product works is by activating your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is very important for the optimal functioning of your body. It helps in positively regulating your sleeping and eating patterns, controls inflammation within, and is also responsible for controlling your behavioral pattern.

Once CBD enters your body and is absorbed by your bloodstream, it spreads rapidly throughout and helps in activating your ECS. When your endocannabinoid system is activated, it begins enhancing your cognitive abilities while also helping in managing symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, and also helps in restoring your sleeping pattern. In addition to these, this CBD tincture will also provide many other benefits to your pets, more about which is disclosed right below.

Benefits of LolaHemp CBD

LolaHemp CBD can help your pet dog or pup overcome many health issues by providing the following therapeutic benefits.

  • Reduces inflammation – This benefit of LolaHemp CBD is owing to the anti-inflammatory nature of cannabidiol. CBD can thus help reduce inflammation within the body and can play a major role in relieving swelling as well.
  • Relieves pain – Cannabidiol is also an analgesic and thus offers remarkable relief against pain. If your pet has been battling any kind of chronic joint or back pain, LolaHemp CBD is ought to help in managing it.
  • Helps overcome phobias – Certain pets are known to develop varying phobias. While some may develop a phobic reaction to fireworks, others may be affected by thunder. However, once you start giving LolaHemp CBD to your dog, you will notice a significant reduction in their phobic reactions and your pet will also appear a lot more calmer to many such situations.
  • Calms aggressive behavior – You may have noticed that some rescue dogs are generally much more aggressive that their counterparts. To calm down such behavior in them, you can try giving them LolaHemp regularly.
  • Boosts immunity – Cannabidiol is also known for its immune-boosting properties. As a result, your pet will be able to ward of many infections and diseases.
  • Manages skin allergies – LolaHemp CBD can be taken internally or can also be applied topically. If you notice an inflammatory rash on your pet’s skin, it might be worth it to try applying LolaHemp CBD topically on the affected area.
  • Enhances appetite and digestion – If you notice that your dog has lost his/her appetite or is having trouble with digestion, you can try giving it LolaHemp CBD. This tincture is also observed to have a positive impact on digestion and can also help in increasing your pet’s lost appetite.

The therapeutic benefits that your dog can enjoy from regularly taking lolaHemp CBD are many. Hence, if you think your pet can benefit from this tincture in any way, it is best to place an order for the tincture right away.

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Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

The cost of LolaHemp CBD varies a little depending on the volume and concentration of the product you choose to buy. The following are the different strengths it is sold at.

If you search for other CBD products designed for pets, you may notice that most such products are slightly cheaper than LolaHemp CBD. However, not all CBD-based products out there in the market are authorised or trustworthy. Comparatively, LolaHemp is a brand that is completely trusted by many users and has created a benchmark for itself of providing nothing less than the best to all its pet-loving customers.

Lola Hemp Oil

LolaHemp CBD also contributes a part of its sale to rescue dogs. That is, for every four bottles of the tincture sold, one bottle is provided free of cost to a rescue dog.

Also, those who order for more than 70 dollars will be eligible for free shipping. So, if you have had a good experience with LolaHemp in the past and would like to order more of it, it is best to order a couple of bottles of tincture together to wave of the shipping fee for your purchase.

LolaHemp is also offering a 100% money back guarantee to all its new customers. Therefore, you will be able to raise a request for refund if you are unsatisfied with the performance of LolaHemp CBD. However such an event is highly unlikely.

Customers who want to avail a refund for their purchase must contact the customer service of LolaHemp CBD within 30 days of the purchase. The customer care executive attending will assist you from there on.

You can also choose to return or exchange the product if you happened to receive a defective bottle of LolaHemp. In such an event, you will again have to take assistance of the customer service, who will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number. All return products must have an RMA number if you wish to avail a refund for it or exchange it for a new bottle.

You can contact LolaHemp CBD customer service via both the following phone number as well as email.

Phone number – 1-800-827-9881

Email – [email protected]

Side Effects

LolaHemp CBD has had a long history with pets and has not been reported to cause any side effects in the dogs that it has been used on so far. Since the CBD used in this tincture is extracted from hemp plants, it only contains THC in trace amounts of less than 0.3% that is concluded to be safe for use in dogs.

This CBD product is thus completely safe for your pets and you don’t have to fret about it causing any kind of psychoactive effects in your dog. However, LolaHemp CBD is often used to manage many side effects like pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and restlessness in dogs undergoing treatment for cancer.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews of customers who have tackled different health woes in their dogs successfully with LolaHemp CBD.

Todd – My dog’s name is Roo and I had noticed that she had trouble moving around. She used to stop and take rest a lot more than she moved around and this was beginning to worry me. When I shared my worries with a friend of mine, he suggested me to try LolaHemp CBD and I am completely in awe of the tincture! Roo is moving around a lot more since I started giving her this tincture. LolaHemp CBD is just amazing!

Beverly – My dog is around 10 years and upon consulting a vet I found out that he had inflammation in his joints, which causes him great distress while moving around. I found about LolaHemp CBD online and ordered a bottle right away. The results were evident right from one week of using it and I saw that my dog was able to move around a lot more easily!

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

LolaHemp CBD looks like a perfect product for enhancing the overall well-being of your dog. As a pet-lover, you ought to want nothing but the best for your dog and this CBD tincture is just the magic potion that will help your pet battle a range of health issues. If you have a dog that suffers from anxiety issues, aggressive behavior, chronic pain, or any kind of phobia, LolaHemp CBD is undoubtedly your best bet for it all.

Lola Hemp Oil

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