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Nowadays, technology is changing very fast. Modern equipment is replacing the old ones. The same is the case with thermometers. Remember mercury thermometers? They were replaced with digital ones. After digital, it is now the age is of infrared thermometers. Bring the device close to your body, and it displays your body temperature. With the spread of COVID-19, the use of infrared thermometers has become popular. Every household, workplace, malls, hospitals, needs infrared thermometers. Before buying one, you must consider the accuracy and sturdiness of the device along with the manufacturer’s commitment.

Different brands of infrared thermometers are now available in the market. The most popular one is LiveTemp Pro. How is it better than the rest? It leads the market with a reading time of 0.5 seconds. Also, this is a handheld infrared thermometer from a trusted company. The company is dedicated to the service of mankind. So in this time of the global pandemic, it is offering the product at a huge discount making it affordable. The company is very sure of the high standards of LiveTemp Pro. So it stands by its product with a 3-years warranty.

LiveTemp Pro

About LiveTemp Pro

LiveTemp Pro is a handheld infrared thermometer. You can measure body temperature without touching. Point it at the person or object and the LCD screen displays the accurate temperature. Using this, you can avoid any type of contamination or infection. In these difficult days, this is a very useful device to keep you safe. You can check yourself at your home or your staff in the office and know whether they have a fever. That, too, without any passing of germs.

It has a powerful infrared sensor. Within half a second, it displays the accurate temperature on the LCD. When the temperature is high, it beeps and flashes.

LiveTemp Pro can measure the temperature of liquids, electronic devices, or even delicate machines. So it finds a place in factories too.

Features of LiveTemp Pro

  • Strong built – The body of LiveTemp Pro is made using strong ABS plastic, which makes LiveTemp lightweight and durable. You can hold it in your hands for hours without feeling the weight.
  • Easy to use – LiveTemp Pro has an ergonomic and easy to hold design. The controls are very simple and anyone can use it.
  • Lens – It has a high-quality lens that throws the infrared rays towards the body of the person/object.
  • Infrared Sensor – It has an advanced IR sensor to receive the heat waves from the body. This also has a detector called thermopile that reads the temperature.
  • Trigger – There is a trigger at the back of the handle of LiveTemp Pro. You have to press it to measure the temperature.
  • LCD Screen – It has a sharp LCD attached to the body of the thermometer. The LCD screen displays the digits in black so that you can see from a distance.
  • Color-Coded Display – The temperature you see is color-coded. If you don’t have a fever, then the color is green. If you have a fever, then the color changes to red.
  • Control Buttons – LiveTemp Pro has three control buttons. You can read the past data or the stored temperatures or switch the alarm on/off with these buttons.
  • Two Scales of Reading  – LiveTemp Pro measures temperature on two scales. You have the option to measure temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.
  • Sound On/Off – There is an option to turn the sound on or off. When you want sound, your LiveTemp Pro beeps after it displays the temperature. You can turn off the sound when measuring the temperatures of sleeping babies.

How Does LiveTemp Pro Work?

LiveTemp Pro is a no-contact thermometer. It works using complex technology. In simple language, LiveTemp Pro uses a lens to focus infrared (IR) light on the person. IR rays reflect like ordinary light. So the IR ray bounces back onto a detector, a thermopile. This thermopile absorbs the IR ray and converts it into heat. Then it measures the heat and displays it on the LCD screen. It takes less than a second to find out the temperature and show the reading.

livetemp pro review

How to Use LiveTemp Pro?

  • Insert the battery and switch on your infrared thermometer.
  • Point the LiveTemp Pro to the forehead of the person.
  • Press and hold the trigger at the back of the handle.
  • You can see two red circles on the forehead of the person.
  • Move the device until the two circles merge into one.
  • Release the trigger now. Wait for a few seconds.
  • Read the temperature from the LCD.
  • The screen lights up green for normal temperature or red if it’s high.

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Benefits of LiveTemp Pro

  • Contamination Prevention – It uses contactless technology to measure temperature. You have to point it at any person and measure the body temperature. It prevents the spreading of infection by touch. In the present situation, if you use LiveTemp Pro, you can check the spreading of infection by COVID-19.
  • Accuracy – This thermometer uses very advanced technology. There is no scope of inaccuracy.
  • Safety – You don’t need to touch any heated surface to measure its temperature. You can now measure the temperature of liquids, machines, or food without burning yourself.
  • Durability – Manufacturers use the best quality hard ABS plastic in LiveTemp Pro. It is tough enough to survive bounces and demands of tough conditions.
  • Affordable – This is very affordable. Also, huge discounts of up to 70% and combo offers are available if you buy from the official website.
  • Multi-function – It finds use in measuring the temperature of the human body, food, liquids, and equipment. You can check the temperature of your baby’s milk also.
  • Simple to use – You can use this infrared thermometer through the trigger and three simple buttons.

Purchase & Price

The company is offering huge discounts and free shipping if you buy LiveTemp Pro from the official website.

  • One device’s original price of $198 is available at $99 after 50% discounts.
  • Two LiveTemp Pro is available at $197. Plus, the company gives you one thermometer free. Effectively, the price of one is $66 after a discount of 67%
  • You can get the best discount of 70% if you buy 3 LiveTemp Pro. You get the combo at $297 plus two thermometers free. You pay only $59 for one.
  • The company also provides a warranty on all the infrared thermometers they sell. Only tick the box for a 3-years warranty. Pay $24 and avail the warranty.

The company offers many modes of payment. You can pay by any credit/debit card or PayPal.


Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer protects the buyers with 30-days money back and refunds guarantee.

  • If you are not satisfied, you can return the product.
  • Your LiveTemp Pro must reach the company within 30 calendar days from purchase.
  • You have to return unused devices to be eligible for return.
  • Preserve the original packaging and return in delivery condition.
  • Attach the receipt or proof of purchase.
  • The company inspects the device and informs you about the status of the return.
  • Your refund credits in your credit/debit card or your original method of payment within a few days.



Is the temperature read by LiveTemp Pro accurate?

Be assured, the temperature read by LiveTemp Pro is accurate. It uses advanced technology to give accurate readings. The company has strict quality control process in place and it checks every infrared thermometer before packing.

How can LiveTemp Pro be set up for use?

It is very easy to set up your LiveTemp Pro. Insert two batteries in the battery compartment and turn the power button on. You can press the trigger and measure the temperature. Read the instruction manual before use.

Are the transaction details secure on the company’s website?

All transaction details are under encryption on the company’s website. Your card details or password is not shared with any third party. The company uses McAfee Secure, Truste, and Norton by Symantec to secure its website.

Is a power plug necessary to use LiveTemp Pro?

No. LiveTemp Pro is a portable thermometer which runs on two batteries.

How to clean LiveTemp Pro?

Use a damp cotton swab or soft cloth to clean this thermometer. Please don’t use any chemicals. Wipe the lens with care and then the body of your LiveTemp Pro. Let it dry before using again.

How many readings are in history in LiveTemp Pro?

It stores 32 past readings that you can access using the up and down buttons. There is no need to note down the temperature of your baby; it is already stored.

How to store LiveTemp Pro after use?

After use, store your LiveTemp Pro in a box or a safe place at room temperature.

Order LiveTemp Pro now with 50% discount and free shipping worldwide


  • LiveTemp Pro uses advanced technology to measure temperature without touching. The readings are very accurate.
  • It reads your body temperature very fast. Reading displays on the LCD screen within 0.5 seconds.
  • This is a no-contact thermometer. So you have no risk of getting any infection.
  • It is lightweight, durable, and portable.
  • It is very easy to use. You can control LiveTemp Pro using a trigger and four buttons.
  • It can measure the temperature of the human body, other objects, fluids, food, and the environment.
  • It stores a history of past temperature readings.
  • It has colored lights to indicate normal and higher than normal temperatures.
  • It beeps when it records a high temperature.
  • It displays temperature readings in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.
  • LiveTemp Pro requires no charging. It runs on batteries so you can carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Three years warranty support is available directly from the company.
  • If you buy from the company’s website, you can avail of huge discounts on price now.


  • Buy only from the official website to avoid fake products.
  • It is not waterproof. So you can’t wash it under the tap.

Customer Testimonials

I am a mother of three kids. My husband is a doctor practicing in a government hospital. In these days of the pandemic, he has to attend to his duty every day. From the beginning, we are using LiveTemp Pro to measure his temperature when he comes home. We are also monitoring the body temperature of our kids. My husband says this non-contact thermometer will keep us safe. Thank you, LiveTemp Pro, for protecting my family. Elizabeth Miller, 38, Los Angeles.

I head an NGO that works for the welfare of families affected by Coronavirus. My staff visits the hotspots and containment zones with essentials. They also help to transfer patients to hospitals. For the safety of my staff, I equip them with LiveTemp Pro. It is a durable contact-free thermometer that gives accurate temperature readings. They measure the body temperature of persons before taking any action. I have even bought a set for my house. I recommend LiveTemp Pro to all who care. Robert Williams, 50, New York.

 As a shop owner of essential goods, I had to open my shop every day during this pandemic. Government advice provides that I use an infrared thermometer to check myself, my employees, and customers. After researching on the internet, I found that LiveTemp Pro is the best one in the market. I put an order for three from the official website and got two free. The effective price was only $59 per LiveTemp Pro. Now I am checking the temperature of my employees and customers before they enter my shop. This way, I can keep myself safe and also check the spreading of Coronavirus. I recommend LiveTemp Pro! Travis Jones, 45, New Jersey.    


Because of its advantages, non-contact thermometers are gaining popularity. You can measure body temperature from a distance without touching the patient. This way, the chances of infection decrease.

Digital infrared thermometers have become essential in fighting the global pandemic. These find use in factories, offices, police stations, malls, shops, hospitals, and homes. Time has come for you to buy one to safeguard your family. LiveTemp Pro will be the best option as it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Order LiveTemp Pro now to avail of the huge discounts. The offers won’t last long.

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