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Life has drastically changed in the last few months, or rather, Coronavirus has changed the world completely. There is an insistence on staying safe and clean as a swiftly spreading disease ravages countries and regions around the globe. An alarm has gone out from organizations, companies, doctors, and health officials to all humans, telling them to stay clean and to wash their hands continually. Cleanliness is seen as a way of preventing the virus from infecting you.

Those tiny micro-organisms that are not visible to the naked eye are the ones that are the most dangerous. They can sometimes cause irreversible damage to the health, and by the time you get to know of the reason for the deterioration of your health, it is too late. The same thing happened with Coronavirus.

It began its onslaught in an animal market in China at the beginning of the year. The number of people currently infected in the world as of 26th March 2020 is higher than 467,000, with an alarming 21,000 who have died. It has swept the world to become a pandemic. In comparison to Sars and Mers, which are similar viruses that have ravaged the world in the 21st century, Coronavirus has infected and killed far more people than the two combined.

The reason why Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is so dangerous is that it is highly infectious and does not exhibit obvious symptoms until 14 days have elapsed. You can easily engage with an infected person without knowing that you have potentially touched the virus with your hands. The virus uses the nasal cavity, eyes, and mouth as entry points to your body through the help of infected saliva or mucus.

This way of infection is the reason you are advised to keep your hands clean and disinfected continuously. You should have a sanitizer with you at all times, especially if you are in a public space. Consistently wash and disinfect your hands. You should also keep your surfaces, gadgets, and items of regular use sanitized.

You can use regular disinfectant, like surgical spirit, to disinfect your items and surfaces. Or you can utilize the power of Light Sanitizer, which is a faster and easier way to clean your environment. Here is all you need to know about the product and why you should have it in your home.

Light Sanitizer

About Light Sanitizer

Light Sanitizer is a hand-held sanitizing device that disinfects all the areas and items that you need to sanitize. Our world is filled with potential spots of infection from the day-to-day items that we interact with. Germs, viruses, and bacteria are all waiting to infect us with opportunistic diseases. The fact that we now have gadgets like mobile phones and remote controls that we interact with regularly, without really thinking about it, means that we can quickly get infected. These devices can also carry the virus as we touch it and are continually holding or using them.

You should have an instant sanitizer that can clean your gadgets and surfaces whenever you feel the need to. Unlike industrial sanitizers, which are large and cumbersome and difficult to carry, this cleaner is light and portable, allowing you to use it easily on any item you deem unclean. It uses the power of ultraviolet light to destroy every pathogen that is lurking around you, so you are left free of the worry of infection.

Light Sanitizer Description

This product is a light, hand-held device that looks more like a miniature and futuristic metal detector. It comes in white, probably to depict how clean it will leave your surfaces once it is done with them. It has one button that functions as the on and off button. It works in seconds from the time you switch it on and sweep it over whatever you want to clean.

Light Sanitizer makes use of UV light technology to destroy every pathogen on the surfaces in and around your home and workplace, as well as your devices.

This box-like device rapidly deactivates the micro-organisms present on surfaces and your gadgets etc. It lights up the surface with the ultraviolet rays, which ensures that any protozoa, viruses, or bacteria present, do not reproduce, multiply and infect.

Light Sanitizer Review

How Does Light Sanitizer Work?

Ultraviolet light affects the human body in various ways and has also been known to cause skin cancer. You need to know that there are three different kinds of ultraviolet light waves. The one used on this Sanitizer is of the C grade. This C grade light wave is not harmful to human beings as it does not go beyond the first skin layer.

But this same light wave interacts with the DNA of pathogens and interferes with how it works. It causes the DNA to break apart and be ineffective, and by so doing, destroys the pathogens in the process. It is a simple yet highly effective process that kills 99.99% of pathogens.

How to Use Light Sanitizer

Light Sanitizer is a very easy-to-use gadget. All you need to do is charge it first so that you can use it wherever you are. You then turn it on using the single button, which also serves as the ‘off’ button. Once it is on, aim it on the surface or object you want to cleanse and let it stay for about 20 seconds. That is all the time that is required to kill the pathogens that dare get into your space.


You can use this wand sanitizer any time of the day or night as the light does not affect you negatively. This wand also sanitizes any surface or object as it is not harmful; neither does it react with anything like electricity, water, or food. It is, however, made for indoor use and should not be exposed to a wet environment. All you need to do is charge it when it is running low on charge. It has a powerful battery that keeps it running for long durations of time.

Is Light Sanitizer Safe to Use?

Light Sanitizer uses safe ultraviolet light to destroy pathogens around you. It was discovered that there are three grades of UV light – A, B, and C. Researchers found out that the grade C UV light is safe for humans and does not cause any dangerous side effects. This grade C UV light is the one that is being utilized in this Sanitizer so that it is safe for you to use around your children, loved ones, and pets.

Benefits of Light Sanitizer

  • Pathogen Destruction: The very first purpose of this device is to cleanse your environment of germs, viruses, and bacteria of various kinds. It does this job effectively, ensuring you are safe and free from any form of the pathogen that could endanger your health.
  • Safe: The wand uses UVC light that is safe to be used around humans. It is only destructive to the pathogens that could harm your health but can be used safely around humans and other living creatures.
  • Lightweight: The device is light and compact, giving you the freedom to use it as much as you want without tiring.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The product comes with a high-power battery that ensures you can use it for long durations of time without thinking about charging it.

Purchase & Price

The company offering this product has a 50% discount that you can grab. It also provides free shipping with every item that you buy. There are three popular pricing packages.

  • There is the first one, which offers you one Light Sanitizer at $79.
  • The second one provides you two Light Sanitizers at $145, which brings the price down to $72.50 per device.
  • The third pricing package offers you three devices for $185, bringing down the price to $61.67 per device.
  • You can also improve your purchase by buying a two years warranty at $9.95 or a one year warranty at $5.95.

The site has a secure ordering system, ensuring your transactions are secure.

Light Sanitizer

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It also provides an easy return policy where you can return the product within 30 days of purchase. You will need to send photos and a list of the defects to the company’s customer support through their email address. The company will then assess the damage and see if the device is worth a refund and notify you to return it if it is. The company will then give you the option of replacing the product or refunding your money.


How often can I use Light Sanitizer?

You can use the Light Sanitizer as often as you feel it is necessary. All you need to do is to quickly recharge it if it is going low on power and keep using it.

How safe is the Sanitizer?

Light Sanitizer uses UVC light, which is Grade C UV light, to eradicate all forms of pathogens around you. This light is proven to be safe when used around humans, meaning you do not place yourself or your loved ones in any danger when using it.

How fast does the Sanitizer work?

Light Sanitizer works in as little as 20 seconds. All you need to do is sweep over the item or surface you want to clean and hover over it for 20 seconds, and you are done.


  • It is useful in destroying pathogens.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is compact.
  • It works in seconds.
  • It has a long-lasting battery.


Customer Testimonials

“I am secure knowing my world is free of germs and viruses of all kinds. I trust Light Sanitizer to destroy all the pathogens which would threaten my life and the lives of my loved ones.” Mary Rowland.

“I realized using liquid sanitizers was going to take its toll on my pocket what with myself, the kids, and my husband is at home at this time. I got Light Sanitizer to keep all germs at bay, and it is doing its work perfectly. It is almost like wiping down surfaces as it is so light. I use it easily around the house, and it never tires me.” Stacy Oracle.

I have restored my peace of mind since I got Light Sanitizer. It serves me so well, and it is effortless to use at any time. I have kids around the house, and I needed something safe that did not use any chemical agents to destroy germs. This wand gave me all I needed.” Marsha Excellus.  


Pathogens are all around us. Some time back, it would have been easy to ignore them. But in today’s world, you find that they have become dangerous to deal with. They have the potential to take your life. The Coronavirus has made it impossible for you to ignore cleanliness as your life is on the line. It is so easy to be infected with the virus if you are not careful. It is, therefore, vital to give this problem all your attention and attack it by destroying all germs around you.

Use the Light Sanitizer and keep your environment as clean as a whistle.

While science is searching for an antidote to the virus, it is essential that you do your bit and use what is available to prevent the virus from multiplying and spreading.

Whether it is staying at home and not letting the Coronavirus in or keeping your house, the surfaces, your hands, and all your devices clean – you have to take precautions.

This small box containing the latest technology is something that can help you today. Its portable lamp with the ultraviolet rays ensures that you remain safe and creates a small and clean ecosystem within your house that is free of any dangerous micro-organisms.

Your family depends on you to keep them safe. And you cannot let them down. That is why you need the Light Sanitizer – the box with advanced technology to deal with dangerous micro-organisms.

light sanitizer

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