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The world has become sensitized to proper hygiene in this season. You see the messages to keep clean hands across all online platforms. You should keep sanitized hands and maintain a high level of cleanliness at all times. The reason for this is because of the Coronavirus outbreak. You may feel the need to have some sanitizers around you to help you stay safe by killing any possible germs you may have picked up on your hands.

You may also need to keep yourself secure by having emergency medical supplies that ensure you can take care of yourself and your family. You may not be able to move around freely in this age of quarantine measures. It is then best to take precautions by keeping an emergency kit that you can easily access during emergencies that are bound to happen when you have people in one place.

Most first aid kits have a limited number of items to cater for emergencies. It is essential to have equipment that will sort you out in times of different kinds of trouble. You don’t have to get rid of your current kit if you already have one. You need to get a kit that will add on to the items of your current emergency collection. It should be able to cover most of the emergency medical scenarios.

Beyond medical usage, you also need to consider other factors while buying a first aid kid fit for your use. Ideally, you should think of the following two things:

  •  Location– If you live in or travel to areas that are not remote, you will only need a basic kit with band-aids, gauze, and some painkillers. If you plan to visit remote places and experiment with street food, your package needs to have digestive and anti-nausea meds. Those who like camping or hiking should get outdoor kits with splint kits and burn treatments. If you are going to a place where it rains, make sure to get a waterproof product.
  •  Size and Weight– Most people want a convenient travel-sized first aid kit that they can quickly put in their bags. If you travel by air a lot, you should look for a product that can be packed in your luggage without spilling anything inside it. If you don’t have space constraints, get a bigger kit that has more essentials to cover broader needs.

LifeProtectX MedicKit

About LifeProtectX MedicKit

LifeProtectX is an HSA-compliant emergency medical kit with 80 essential items for everyday emergencies. The items in the kit are precisely made to cover you in times of dire medical need. LifeProtectX MedicKit is not only a first aid kit, but also a smart aid kit because it is organized in a way that it does not contain anything extra, but doesn’t miss anything important too. It helps you be fully prepared for emergencies while also being compact and portable. This particular product is a refill pack for supplies and does not come with a carry case.

What Is Inside LifeProtectX MedicKit

  • 20 packs of cleansing wipes
  • Two crepe bandages
  • Ten pairs of vinyl gloves
  • One guide book for doing first aid
  • Two eye pad dressings
  • Two medium dressings
  • Six large dressings
  • Three extra-large dressings
  • 20 assorted plasters
  • Six safety pins
  • One resuscitation aid kit
  • One tuff cut scissors
  • Six triangular bandages


How to Use LifeProtectX MedicKit

The kit carries a broad range of products to be used in different situations. While some of the items have obvious uses that you know of, some of them may not be familiar to you, or you may not know how to use them properly. That is why the manufacturer includes a guide that tells you exactly how to use each item in the kit. The guide also helps you know how to treat specific emergencies with the provisions you have in the kit.

Because of the nature of a first aid kit, it is recommended that you keep it away from children. It is advisable to keep it away from prying hands too. Also, ensure that the kit is always at moderate room temperature and not in a hot environment.

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Is Life ProtectX MedicKit Safe to Use?

LifeProtectX MedicKit brings together items that have been manufactured using medical grade material. These items use materials that are safe for human use. They are made specifically to help you in times of emergency. You also get items that will help you keep a sterile environment. These items are all known to be safe for use for the betterment of your health.

LifeProtectX MedicKit review

Benefits of LifeProtectX MedicKit

Helps You Be Prepared

This first aid kit contains everything you could need in a time of emergency. The makers of this kit realize that you might not know how to use every item in the kit, or during an emergency, you might simply be too nervous to remember. So they include a lengthy first aid guide in the kit with detailed instructions. The kit also contains 80 essential survival items to help you be prepared for anything and everything.

Lightweight and Portable

This kit is both very light and small in size, which means you can take it with you anywhere. It will fit in bags, in your luggage, in your car glove box, closet, under the sink, in your office desk, and backpacks. You can be ready to take it out and use it at a moment’s notice.

Stocked With Essentials

This first aid kid is not just helpful but also smart. It contains 80 items essential for ordinary, everyday emergencies, as well as for disasters. It has been intelligently put together to carry everything you could require when you are injured or stuck. But it does not contain extra stuff that you do not need.

Purchase & Price of LifeProtectX MedicKit

You can buy LifeProtectX MedicKit from the official website of the manufacturer. Make sure to avoid buying from third-party sellers as they offer no guarantee as to the quality of the product. And since you are purchasing a medical kit, it is crucial to exercise as much caution as possible.

LifeProtectX MedicKit is currently being sold at a 50% discount. It can be purchased in three packages:

  •  1 MedicKit for $49.99
  •  2 MedicKits+ 1 free for $99.99
  •  3 MedicKits+ 2 free for $149.99

All three packages come with free shipping. The website accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as online wallets like PayPal. All you need to do is choose your package of choice, make the payment, and wait for your order to be delivered.

Order LifeProtectX MedicKit

Refund Policy of LifeProtectX MedicKit

The kit comes with a 30-day refund policy to safeguard your purchase. You will get the product and try it out. You then have the option of returning it if you find it defective or ineffective in what you expected it to do for you. You can then contact customer care and request for a refund. You will get a refund number, which you attach to the product as you send it back. The refund will then reflect in your account within 4-5 working days. Just ensure you do this before 30 days have elapsed.

Video of LifeProtectX Medikit – Premium Emergency Kit in action:

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Pros of LifeProtectX MedicKit

  • It contains 80 essential emergency supplies in one kit.
  • It weighs very little and can fit anywhere.
  • It comes with a first aid guide.
  • It has an easy refund policy.
  • It comes with free shipping.

Cons of LifeProtectX MedicKit

  • It can only be bought from the official website of the manufacturer.
  • It only has the refill pack.
  • It does not come with a carry case.

Customer Testimonials

Lucie – I’m a mom to two wild toddlers, and this was one of the first things I bought after they began walking. It contains everything I might need in an emergency, and I feel at peace, knowing that I am prepared. They get into so many trips, scraps, and hurts. I find myself always getting an item here and there at least once a day. They seem to know I have them covered, so they go tripping every so often. But that’s the beauty of growing up.

Jason – I used to be one of those people who didn’t believe in carrying first aid kits around. And I love going on hikes and road trips. My girlfriend is the careful type, so without telling me, she bought MedicKit and put it in my car. I had an accident on one of my trips, and this kit came super handy.

Marie: I’m a neat freak and a little germ-phobic. I have always had a weakness for getting everything nicely clean. I have gone on overdrive with the outbreak of Coronavirus. I now disinfect every one of my surfaces and the devices I have. But I also make sure I have a first aid kit for emergency response. I have found MedicKit a sure companion as it has everything I need to restock my resident first aid kit.


Most people don’t think they will need first aid kits and hence don’t buy one for their house. But remember, a medical emergency can happen to you at any time. What matters is that you be prepared to handle it when it happens. In today’s world full of virus outbreaks, you need to ensure you stay as safe and prepared as you can be. Take up LifeProtectX MedicKit and stock for that time you will have that emergency and everyday living. You will be much better with a first aid kit.

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