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Everyone today is becoming more and more aware of the need to be healthy and fit. The general belief is that you need to exercise and put yourself on a healthy diet to lose weight. Obesity is a significant factor in creating health issues. You may have noticed that obese people have high blood pressure, some even have diabetes. In contrast, others have been victims of heart-related conditions. You may also be one of these people.

So, if you are wondering how you can transform yourself from being obese to healthy, then Lean Body Hacks is your solution. Lean Body Hacks program does not ask you to undergo a rigorous workout regime. Neither does it expect that you put yourself on a strict diet. Yet, it helps lose weight and stay fit naturally and healthily. This method is research-driven and has proved to be extremely fruitful for the ones who have tried it.

Lean Body Hacks Review

What Is Lean Body Hacks?

Lean Body Hacks is an all herbal solution that boosts the fat burning elements in your body. Thus, it helps you to lose weight within days. It helps burn excess body fat, making you healthier and younger-looking. The program has proven to reduce heart-related diseases by 33%. It can even cure you of illnesses such as high blood pressure, joint pain due to extra weight, hypertension, diabetes, and so on.

This herbal program is based on a system used by Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. The fighters use a mixture of herbs and spices to lose up to 8 pounds in a week to maintain the eligibility weight for a fight. This solution was then adapted by US ex-marine Randy Smith with the help of a scientist named Mike Zhang and created Lean Body Hacks.

How Does Lean Body Hacks Work?

Every human body has four essential fat-burning elements- bile, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, and gut flora.

  • Bile is produced by the liver and is stored in the gall bladder. Bile burns fat and naturally detoxes your body. It protects you from foodborne illnesses and helps prevent bloating. Bile also helps in cleansing LDL cholesterol.
  • Stomach acids stimulate the release of fat-burning hormones. It also assists in breaking down the fats and proteins in the food and prevent bloating and constipation.
  • Digestive enzymes, as the name suggests, support the digestion process. They break down food and provide energy to your body. These enzymes absorb all the required nutrients and vitamins from the food and help in burning away the unnecessary fat.
  • Microbiomes are perhaps the most crucial element in burning fat. They are healthy bacteria found in your gut flora. They are primarily responsible for enhancing the metabolism in your body.

Lean Body Hacks gives a boost to these fat-burning elements making you lose weight at a quicker rate. This solution uses a distinctive ratio of herbs and spices, which have been scientifically proven to help you burn fat. This all-natural mixture enhances the production of gut flora, bile, stomach acid, and digestive enzymes. Due to this boost of fat burning elements, your body tends to burn more fat than it regularly does. Thus, helping you lose all that extra weight in a few weeks.

Lean Body Hacks Reviews

What Are The Ingredients Used In This Program?

Some of the ingredients used in the Lean Body Hacks are as mentioned below. However, other components and the golden ratio in which these need to be used is a secret you can only unlock once you have purchased the program.

  • Capsicum: Capsicum produces heat in the body, which in turn helps in burning fat.
  • Turmeric: This natural spice motivates your stomach to produce more acidic bile to help burn fat at a faster rate.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is an excellent ingredient that provides fiber and gives you a feeling of being full.
  • Ginseng: This is an ancient Asian herb that can create heat in the body, which can amount to a full workout in the gym. It also stimulates the digestive system to produce more gut flora.

What Are The Benefits of Lean Body Hacks?

Lean Body Hacks is a natural and effective method of losing weight. This solution uses herbs and spices that are readily available in the market. Lean Body Hacks increases the production of the four essential fat burning elements in your body, which are bile, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, and microbiomes. Thus, it helps your body burn more fat.

If you have no time to fit in workouts or if you are one of those foodies who simply cannot diet, then this program is perfect for you. Lean Body Hacks does not require you to move a muscle to lose weight. This is an easy and convenient method of shedding those extra pounds. It is especially helpful if you are above forty years of age and are finding it difficult to lose weight.

Who Is The Creator of The Program?

Lean Body Hacks Mike Zhang

Traditionally, Thai Muay fighters used a mixture of spices and herbs to burn excess fat at a faster rate. This mixture was further researched by a scientist name Mike Zhang. The research was then passed down to an ex-US marine named Randy Smith.

Randy Smith first used the golden ratio of the spices on his mother, who had suffered a stroke due to obesity. Impressed by the quick results, he took early retirement from the Marines, and started the Lean Body Hacks program to spread his knowledge to others. To date, Randy Smith has said to have helped 21,454 people above the age of forty to lose additional pounds successfully.

What Do You Get From The Program?

The Lean Body Hacks program comes with the following benefits.

1. The Lean Body Hacks Blueprint

  • The blueprint has the list of herbs and spices that need to be used in the program.
  • It also reveals the secret of the golden ratio in which these ingredients need to be used.
  • The blueprint also mentions vegetables that you may consume to lose further fat and the ones to avoid.
  • It further tells you simple 10-second tricks that help in boosting metabolism and fat-burning hormones in your body.
  • It also mentions a few breathing exercises for a healthy mindset.

2. Lean Body Hacks Tea

  • This part of the program enables you to use the golden ration of herbs and spice in your tea.
  • It provides you with different recipes to make tea. You can burn stubborn fat by drinking tea infused with these herbs and spices.

3. Lean Body Hacks 21-Day Guide

  • This is a guide for 21 days. It coaches you to lose 7 pounds per week without exercising or dieting.
  • The guide talks about how and at what intervals you should consume the herbs and spices.
  • It also guides you on how best to use all the other hacks mentioned in the Lean Body Hacks Blueprint.

4. One Month Accountability Check-ins

  • The creator of Lean Body Hacks, Randy Smith, is willing to show accountability by keeping a check on you via emails.
  • He will also coach you one-on-one basis for one month.
  • You can address all your doubts and concerns to him regarding the program.

Bonuses You Receive With The Program

There are two bonuses that come free with the Lean Body Hacks program.

1. 60 Seconds Lean Body Hacks

This program reveals secrets that fighters and US marines use to burn fat from their belly area. The program targets explicitly losing fat from the mid-section and belly region in just 60 seconds.

2. Over 40 Libido Hacks

These are hacks for those who are over 40 but still young at heart. The program gives tips to boost your sexual life using essential everyday foods.

Pricing of Lean Body Hacks Program

The pricing of the entire program initially was $558. The breakdown of this is as follows:

  • Lean Body Hacks Blueprint is for $97
  • Lean Body Hacks Tea is for $97
  • Lean Body Hacks 21-Day Guide is for $67
  • One Month Accountability Check-ins is for $297

However, due to an increase in demand, the discounted rate currently offered for the entire program is $37. You can buy the program online. Since it is digital, you can start with the hacks right away without wasting any more time. The program includes two bonuses, which are $57 each for free.

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Guarantee And Money-Back Policy

The creator of the program offers one-on-one coaching via emails to guarantee satisfaction. However, if you are not satisfied with the program within 60 days of purchase, then you can get a 100 percent refund, no questions asked. You simply have to send Randy Smith an email regarding the same.

Before and After Picture

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Pros and Cons of Lean Body Hacks

Listed below are the pros and cons of using the Lean Body Hacks program.


  • Your weight loss solution is all herbal and has no known side-effects. Natural ingredients are the safest to use. These spices are scientifically researched, and they stimulate the fat burning elements in your body. Thus, helping you shed additional pounds.
  • You do not have to exercise or diet. You may not be finding the time to exercise because of hectic work life or a busy family schedule. You may not even be able to diet. This program does not work you to do either. Just consuming the herbs and spices in the correct ratio is enough to lose weight.
  • The program helps in losing weight at a faster rate than any workout or dieting. The program is targeted towards increasing the fat burning elements in your body. Hence, the heat produced is as good as that of a workout in the gym, causing you to lose weight without exercising.
  • This program is more suitable for people above the age of forty. Post forty years of age, the fat-burning elements slow down. The Lean Body Hacks program gives these elements a boost to speed-up and thus lose more weight and stay fit.
  • Using this program, you can even prevent and, at times, cure yourself of life-threatening diseases. Heart problems, blood pressure issues, diabetes, joint pains, and other obesity-related issues can be controlled using this solution to lose weight.
  • The program comes with a one-month coaching from the creator himself. He can be contacted via email for any concerns regarding the program. The program also has 100 simple exercise videos for your additional benefit.
  • The program comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Randy Smith is very confident about this product he has created and is willing to continue coaching even after you have received your refund.


  • The program expects you to follow the exact ratio in which to use the herbs and spices. Also, it requires you to follow a regular drinking period. Nonetheless, it is still a quicker and convenient method to lose weight.
  • The program is only available online. There is no hard copy of the program. You can, however, download the digital copy on any device and use the program no matter where you are.


You may be aware of the need to be healthy, yet you struggle to lose weight. You, like many others, may not have the time to work out or diet. There is a lot of stress on the fact that obesity is one of the leading causes of health issues. Hence, shedding those added pounds is becoming increasingly necessary. Lean Body Hacks is an excellent way to lose weight by burning the extra layers of fat in your body without avoiding your favorite food or exercising.

This program uses herbs and spices naturally available in nature. Therefore, it is free of any chemical which is otherwise found in weight-loss pills. It is a scientifically researched and safe method of losing weight. You can build your stamina with the excess energy that the spices release by burning fat. Also, you have around two months to try it out or get your money back. Overall this program can be tried by everyone who wants to make a healthy change in their lives.

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