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In any diet, the thing that most people find it hardest to give up is bread. We are so used to consuming it over the years that it feels impossible to give up. From sandwiches and burgers to pizzas and bagels, all the foods that make life worth living are made of bread. So can you really give it up?

Maybe it is time to change the questions we are asking of ourselves. Instead of wondering if you can give up bread, ask yourself: do I need to give up bread just because I’m giving up carbs? You might think that the answer to this question would be obvious. Of course, bread contains carbs, so it’s only natural to give it up. Here’s some good news – good, carb-free bread exists!

About Keto Breads

Kelley Herring is the founder of Healing Gourmet, a company that has become a world leader in science-based recipes and meal plans to promote good health. She is also the author of Better Breads and nutritional biochemist by profession. A decade ago, she developed a health condition that made consuming gluten and carbs fatal to her body. She had to go on a very restrictive diet so she could get better. Of course, bread was the first food to go. But the diet was sucking all the joy out of her life.

So, armed with her knowledge of nutritional biochemistry, she dove into research and tried developing recipes for bread that wouldn’t harm her body. Her recipes took 10 years of painstaking research and trials to create. She then published these recipes in a book called Better Breads. After the resounding success of her book, she still wasn’t satisfied. She kept experimenting with her recipes and finally developed Keto Breads, a book with recipes exclusively for those on the keto diet.

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What Does Keto Breads Talk About?

This book basically ushers you into a whole new reality. A reality in which bread is the good, healthy and safe place you knew it to be. The book contains 35 exclusive recipes for keto-friendly bread that have carbs of 5g or less! All the recipes in this book pass the keto-friendly test – they are low carbs, high fat, no grain. And they taste just as good! These bread can be used for anything from dinner rolls to sandwiches and they are completely gluten-free.

You could be craving anything from biscuits, burgers, pizzas or just a plain toast, you’ll find recipes for everything in this, backed by 10 years of research. The recipes are made using ingredients known to power foods – that burn fat instead of storing it!

Keto Breads contains recipes for –

  • Dinner rolls with a crunchy crust
  • Sandwich bread that is fluffy and filling
  • Flatbreads that are crispy
  • Flavourful loaves that are fresh
  • Breakfast muffins and sturdy buns for your evening burgers
  • Warm and chewy pizza crusts

Think about biting into a juicy burger without the stress of cheating your keto diet. Or imagine treating yourself to a cheesy keto pizza that tastes just like the real thing. How about crisp keto bagels or a keto banana bread with your evening tea? This is just a sneak peek of the goodness you can find in this book.

keto breads review

keto breads reviews

How Do Keto Breads Work?

These recipes are created using a combination of the paleo and keto diets. Basically, in this ratio – rich in fats, moderate in protein and extremely low carbs. Kelley believes in avoiding anything that our ancestors avoided consuming – which was grains. This helped them avoid the side effects that come with eating grains – weight gain, digestive problems, fatigue, and fat.

Even if you don’t follow a particular diet but just want to improve your diet to make it healthier, this book will guide you through it. Traditional bread has gluteomorphins, a compound that engages your brain’s opioid receptors creating a sense of euphoria just like drugs heroin and morphine create. The blood sugar high from carbs also increases dopamine in your brain, so you get addicted to that high. Cardiologists and nutrition experts have called it the perfect poison. This book will tell you how to break free from the cycle of carb addiction.

Are Keto Breads Safe?

At the end of the day, Keto Breads are just an alternative to traditional bread. If you suffer from a gluten allergy or want to go on a diet, trying out these recipes will only serve to usher you on a better path. If you’re just trying these recipes for fun, you can hardly go wrong – especially since most breads are plant-based!

Harmful Effects of Traditional Bread

  • Excessive Blood Sugar – Fluctuating levels of sugar and insulin in the blood are not just bad for patients of diabetes. They also trigger inflammation and oxidation in your body, making you vulnerable to diseases like cancer, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and age you faster. Not just white bread, but even brown bread can spike your blood sugar levels more than a can of soda.
  • Digestive Troubles – Traditional bread harms your gut. Celiac disease is a condition that makes grains with gluten life-threatening to you. Consuming grains can also lead to digestive pains, Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel syndrome, which leads to embarrassing symptoms like cramping and bloating.
  • Weight Gain – Nutritionists are often the first to ask you to give up bread when on a new diet. This is because bread spikes the levels of insulin in your body, which increases the storage of fats as well as stops fat burning. It also disrupts the function of a hormone called leptin which regulates weight and appetite in your body.
  • Gut Inflammation – Lectins found in bread damage the lining of your gut. They cause inflammation and prevent the repair process in your gut. If your gut is not healthy, bacteria, virus, undigested food and allergens, and other harmful stuff can quickly enter your bloodstream and cause diseases within your body. This is what’s known as leaky gut and can cause achy joints, fatigue, mood disorders, brain fog, skin issues.
  • Weakens Immune System – When a leaky gut causes harmful substances to leak into your body, your immune system launches attacks to prevent diseases. But because this is not a once time occurrence, days of doing this overstimulates our immune system. It permanently goes into attack mode and begins attack on your organs and tissues. This is what leads to conditions like fatigue, joint pains, headaches, digestive and skin problems.

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Benefits of Keto Breads

Fool-proof Recipes

The reason Keto breads are not big in the food industry, yet despite the health benefits is that no one has invested time in perfecting the recipes. Well, until the author of this book. She’s spent over 10 years perfecting the recipes in this book. She has also provided clear instructions with each recipe so that you can recreate it easily in the comfort of your home. The precise measurements mentioned in this book can help even the most inexperienced baker produce good results.

Heavenly Taste

With 10 years of research and practice, it’s not difficult to believe that the recipes in this book also come with a guarantee of taste. Not only does this book guarantee that your bread will look nice and be fluffy, but it will also taste amazing. Your family is bound to love these creations that look exactly like the food you grew up eating and taste the same. In some cases, even better.

Easy To Make

Most recipes in this book do not call for fancy ingredients that you will have to go out or spend extra to buy. They are also time-efficient, meaning that you don’t need to dedicate a whole weekend to meal planning. A majority of recipes can be made in 15-minutes or less because all they need is mixing, popping your dough in the oven and waiting.

Offers Substitutes

If you are sensitive to introducing new food in your diet or have a family member with health conditions, do not worry. You won’t have to worry about going on the internet to check for substitutes of a particular ingredient. This book comes with a dedicated section that mentions substitutes for eggs, nuts, dairy and more.

Nutritional Info

The ketogenic diet often involves strict tracking of calories and nutritional values of everything you are consuming. Well, you are in luck with this book because also has detailed nutritional information on every ingredient, macronutrient ratios as well as total carbs in every recipe. You can feast on your favorite while staying firmly in the keto zone.

More Than Just Recipes

This book comes with every lesson its author has learned on her 10-year journey of baking. It’s not just a list of recipes but also gives you several additional tips if you are interested in baking. Imagine one book containing the most brilliant keto bread recipes and also explaining how you can make your bread rise, how to achieve a chewy versus crispy crust, tips on storing bread, etc. This book is like a baking guru.

Purchase And Price of Keto Breads

Now that you’ve decided that you want bread back in your life, all that is left is to purchase this amazing book. It comes in two versions –

  • Digital version – This version costs just $17. After you buy this, it will be instantly available for download on whatever device you use – android, iPhone, Kindle or iPad. No need to wait several days for the book to be shipped to you. Start baking instantly!
  • Physical version – This version also costs just $17, and comes with the digital version free! You’ll need to pay a shipping fee of $5.95 for the physical book to be shipped to your house. This is perfect for those who belong to the old school and prefer having a recipe book open on their kitchen table.

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MoneyBack Guarantee And Refund Policy Of Keto Breads

The author of this book understands that her concepts and claims might be too surprising for you to trust immediately. And you might want to try her ideas without investing a lot of money in one go. This is why to help you make your decision easier, she is asking you to go ahead and try her recipes. If within 60 days, for whatever reason, you are not convinced of either the taste or the health benefits she claims, you will be given your money back.


What Is Keto Breads?
Keto Breads is a digital and physical book by nutrition expert Kelley Herring. It contains 35 recipes for keto breads that contain no grains or carbs.

How Is Keto Breads Different?
Keto Breads is not just a book that has recipes. It has several other beneficial things for you – baking tips, nutritional information, information substitutes, and a detailed analysis of health benefits.

Where Can I Buy Keto Breads?
Keto Breads can be bought from the official website of the author. It comes in two versions – digital and physical.

Can I Return Keto Breads?
Yes, the author offers a no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with her recipes.

Try Keto Breads™ Today – Risk Free!

Customer Testimonials

Melanie – I started keto diets for about five months. And I’m already on my 6th attempt. Despite following all the rules and taking supplements, I wasn’t able to do it. The cravings would be really bad and I would just give up. But then I found this book by Kelley and realized that I didn’t have to give up what I was craving. I just had to try alternatives. Today I’m proud to say that I’ve been on the keto diet for 2 months now. Through the recipes in this book, I defeated cravings and fatigue to lose weight while on keto. I’ve never felt better and I can only thank Kelley!

Gwen – When I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy I wasn’t worried. What can’t you find in a store these days? Gluten-free is all the rage. But I was in for a rude awakening. After being on a gluten-free diet for a month I developed diabetes. I was told that not all gluten-free food is healthy – it causes blood sugar to spike. I was devastated and out of options. So I did the only thing I could – I went on the internet. When I saw this book it seemed like Kelley had written it for me. I’m two weeks into trying recipes and I already feel a lot better.

Kevin – My wife made the switch to these breads without asking me. She noticed me slagging at work and home and just having less energy than usual. And she decided to do something. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even notice how the bread of my morning toast had changed. I just thought my wife switched brands! It was that good. In about two weeks, I started feeling lighter on my feet and alert. That’s when I asked my wife if she changed something in our diet and she brought out this book. It’s the modern-day Bible!


We’ve all had to give up several foods because of health or weight or some allergy. But just imagine, what if you could enjoy those foods again without stress? Imagine biting into a delicious sandwich or a freshly out of the oven focaccia or a really cheesy pizza. Sounds too good to be true, right? But with Keto Breads, this can be your new reality without all the stress and ill-effects that come with eating traditional bread.

Keto Breads is the easiest, most risk-free to try an alternative lifestyle. No enrolling yourself for expensive yoga retreats, investing in celebrity trainers or nutritionists, or traveling the world to experience the benefits of a fat-free diet. You can get everything you’ve been dreaming of in a neat digital package while sitting in the comfort of your bread. With one click, you can purchase this book full of goodness. It will bring back the goodness of bread into your life.

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