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Are you worried about the future? Are things not going properly in your life? Do you apprehend that things will not work the way you want them to be? Are you facing trouble related to your education, career, relationship, marriage or children? Are you worried about money? Are you depressed about how things are evolving in your life? How would it be if you know what is there in store for you? How would it be if you can accordingly prepare yourself? How would it be if you can shape your future the way you want it to be? How would it be if you can make the most of the forth coming good times or you can avoid the worst effects of the bad times ahead?


About Kasamba

If you are facing any of the above problems or are going through difficult times, then Kasamba is the answer for you. Kasamba offers a wide variety of services like psychic readings, tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis and astrology readings. Apart from this, career forecast and advice for love and relationships are also provided with by Kasamba. Out of all the services Kasamba provides, astrology is the most popular service among customers.

What is astrology?

Astrology studies the effects of stars and planets on human life. An astrologer prepares a natal chart or birth chart of an individual based on his/her date, place and time of birth. This birth chart or natal chart shows the positions of the Moon, Sun and other planets at the time of birth. It also shows their relationships with one another. The effect of the planets on the individual is gathered by intense study of the planets.

Another important aspect of astrology is the transit of planets. The movement of planets from during a period of time effects the birth chart of an individual in different ways. Transits affect different people differently depending upon the placement of planets in their birth chart. The events happening or about to happen in our lives depend largely on the transits of the planets.

Astrology Services Provided By Kasamba

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Chinese Astrology

Where does Kasamba come in?

In order to alleviate our life from the trying times we need to know what is in store for us in the coming future. The analysis of birth chart, the effects of current and future transit on the birth chart of an individual involves complex calculations and interpretations. The accurate prediction of future requires specialized knowledge of the planets, their aspects, transits and effects of the same. It also requires requisite knowledge and experience. This is where Kasamba steps in. With its team of expert astrologers, Kasamba offers specialized services and consultations to analyse problems and provide appropriate remedies.

Brief description of different astrological services of Kasamba

At Kasamba, experts in the fields of Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology offer their services.

Vedic astrology originated in ancient India hundreds of years ago. It studies the placement of the Moon, Sun and other planets at the time of birth of an individual. These planetary positions, along-with the transit of planets from time to time and their effects on the life of an individual can only be studied by an expert. The astrologers can see the past, present and future events in the life of an individual and guide the person to take appropriate decisions. The informed decisions taken by an individual helps him or her to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

The Chinese zodiac is based on a cycle of 12 years where each year is represented by an animal and its attributes.

What do the astrological advisors in Kasamba do?

  • The astrological advisors of Kasamba are experts in their field. They prepare and study the birth charts. From giving detailed reading for the year, to accurate prediction of future events and providing solutions to the problems, the astrologers in the Kasamba team do it all. They gain a deep insight into the problem in order to identify the exact problem and devise a solution accordingly.
  • In cases where a person does not know the exact time of birth, the astrologer with his specialized knowledge, asks specific questions in order to derive the exact time of birth. After gathering these information, the astrologer prepares the birth chart and an accurate reading is prepared.
  • The astrologers of Kasamba also adjust the birth chart for daylight savings, depending upon the region and season of birth. They also share this information with the customer.

kasamba review

How Is The Mix of Astrologers In Kasamba?

Astrologers from different countries with their varied expertise and experience are associated with Kasamba. The prospective customers have lot of choices as to whom to pick for astrological consultation. Moreover, Kasamba believes that the astrology is a global subject for those who believe in and practice astrology. It is not restricted to any particular country.

What is the success rate of Kasamba?

The astrologers in Kasamba are goal oriented. Their readings and remedies are to the point and precise. They often come with a defined timeline. Most of the astrologers in Kasamba team have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Their services are provided by keeping in mind the well-being of the customers.

What are the fields in which Astrology Services are offered in Kasamba?

The astrology services in Kasamba are offered in the fields of love, life, money, business and career related, educational field etc. Any or all the problems faced by an individual is taken care of in Kasamba.

How can the astrological services of Kasamba be availed?

Astrological advice at Kasamba is available over chat and mail.

How do I know which advisor at Kasamba is suitable for me?

The astrological advisors at Kasamba have a brief description of the nature of specialization and experience. They also have a ‘star’ rating given on the basis of customer satisfaction and clients handled. Customer reviews are also given against each advisor. It is recommended to check the profiles of the astrologers online and read their ratings, reviews and expertise areas. After this the astrologer whose profile resonates to the customer most may be picked as per instinct. Thus it is easy to choose which advisor will be suitable for addressing a particular problem. Further, if in the first 3 minutes a customer feels that his needs are not being addressed by the advisor properly then he can always call up other advisors and take his pick. He can use the first 3 free minutes to choose the correct astrologer depending upon his requirements.

What does Kasamba believe in?

Kasamba believes that a client is more than a mere customer for the astrologer. The astrologer is a friend, guide and healer for the customer. This enables the customer to contact the astrologer not only for a one time reading but for time to time advice as and when required. Support and help at hand is readily available with the specialized advisory services of Kasamba.


As per policy of Kasamba, the first 3 minutes of the call made to any advisor is free. After that fee per minute is charged. The fee per minute in $ is provided in the official and authentic website of Kasamba and varies depending upon the expertise of the astrologer, accuracy of the readings, the popularity etc.


At Kasamba customer data is strictly confidential and is not compromised under any circumstances. It is recommended that the chat option is chosen for full anonymity.



How do I know if the particular advisor is right for me?
Kasamba offers you three free minutes with the advisor you choose, so that you can make sure that advisor is right for you.

Can I change my advisor after the three minutes?
Yes, you can call other advisors if you think your requirements are not being fulfilled by the advisors.

Can I get relationship advice on Kasamba?
You definitely can ask for relationship advice on Kasamba from one of our trusted experts on relationships.

Are my chats with my advisor confidential?
Yes, your chats are completely confidential with us and we don’t compromise with it a single bit.

What is the pricing policy of Kasamba?
Kasamba offers complete freedom of choice to set their own prices that they will charge per minute, depending upon their experience and customer ratings.

Will I be charged before I select any astrologer?
No, you will only be charged after you have hired an advisor/astrologer of your choice.

What happens if I don’t have knowledge about my exact time of birth?
It is no issue if you do not know your exact time of birth. Advisors at Kasamba ask you specific questions and find your exact time of birth, which is important for an accurate reading.

Customer Testimonials

I was going through a difficult time in my life. At the age of 23 years, it looked like it was all over for me. My father abandoned me and my mother when I was 15 years. My stepfather beat till I ran away at 18. I ran from pillar to post in the search of petty jobs. Sometimes paying rent became difficult and I would have to sleep in any park. That’s when one of my colleagues recommended Kasamba to me. The service that appealed to me most was the Vedic astrology services. I told the advisor my problem and then he asked me some specific questions to get to the root of the problem. He predicted timelines as to when my times would change for the better. He suggested remedies which should be done to effectively address my issues. I diligently followed the remedies suggested by him. I could see the improvement in my life and in the circumstances around me within a month as I cleared my interview for community college. I get to start my life again! Lucas, 23, L.A, California.

I was going through a rough time with my husband. It was almost certain that we were going to have a divorce. That’s when I landed at Kasamba. The solutions suggested to me by the advisor I hired worked so well that within a month, we both decided to hold the decision to separate for now. And I can only see things going upwards from here. I recommend it to all who feel they have hit rock bottom. Gloria, 46, Albuquerque.

I was terminated from my job suddenly. That time, my wife was pregnant with our second child. Also we had to pay a hefty EMI for our new house. I was out of wits. Then my wife’s best friend suggested Kasamba Astrology. After taking the services of a hired advisor and following the remedies she advised me, I got a better job within six months. Thanks to Kasamba, I got a new lease of life. Mark Symonds, 30, New South Wales, Australia.


You can avail the services of Kasamba at the official website of the company. It’s perfect for you if you are facing problems in your personal life and professional life and want to desperately know what your future has in store for you, so that you can plan accordingly. Kasamba provides a range of experts in the subject of astrology for you to hire. Customer ratings for every expert further help you make your decision on advisor to hire. All advisors on Kasamba are registered astrologers and have in-depth knowledge of the subject, which reflects in the testimonials submitted to us by the customers who used their services.

The rates charged by all experts are quite reasonable and rates tend to increase as you hire someone more experienced. As you know, a more experienced advisor is likely to provide you with a more accurate reading. So it is time to avail the services of KASAMBA right now, if you are not in the best of times in your life right now and plan your life for the future accordingly.

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