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Do you regularly suffer from pain in the body?

Are you tired of having painkillers every day?

Do the painkillers show side effects?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this product is for you. Painkillers and other invasive treatments have many side effects. It is not suitable for many, especially for those who suffer from other diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It can also be dangerous for pregnant women. For this reason, we need a non-invasive treatment for pain relief – A treatment that is 100% risk-free!

Kailo provides an alternative to this problem. The manufacturers of the product use innovative and advanced technology to create it. Most importantly, the treatment is safe, risk-free, and gives quick results. Buy your supply today.

Kailo Nanotech Patch

About Kailo

Kailo is a non-invasive, risk-free pain relief treatment that makes use of the body’s electrical field to work. The manufacturers use licensed technology to make the pain-relief patches. Some of the applications of this technology are in antennas and bio-transmission. There are billions of small capacitors embedded into each patch, which help in reducing your pain by interacting with the pain signals. They turn the pain signals off to provide relief. The patch eases the pain in a few minutes.

How Does Kailo Work?

  • Kailo is the future of pain relief. The manufacturers have used a patent mechanism to make the Kailo pain relief patches.  
  • This technology has gone through extensive research. High-tech and advanced applications like antennas, signal transmission, energy storage, and bio-transmission make use of this technology.
  • Each patch has millions of small capacitors embedded in it. These capacitors will boost the natural electrical signals of your body.
  • The capacitors interact with your body’s electrical system and switch off the pain signals.
  • When the patches switch the pain signals off, you feel better and relieved from any kind of pain.
  • Kailo is a non-invasive pain-relief treatment. It is safe and easy to use. 

How to Use Kailo?

Kailo is very easy to use. You have to adhere to the following instructions for an effortless experience –

  • You have to identify the exact location of the pain.
  • Take the pain-relief patch and move it around your pain -the exact location will be between the painful area and the brain.
  • Now, slowly move the patch from the site of pain towards your brain. Follow the pathway of the nervous system.
  • You will find an area between the brain and the painful site that will start tingling or warm-up as you move the patch around it. This spot is where you have to place the patch for effective results.
  • To attach the patch over your skin, you have to paste an adhesive strip on the patch. The Kailo kit comes with silicone adhesive strips.
  • Take the printed side of the adhesive strip, place it over the backside of the patch.
  • Remove the two-half adhesive backings. The adhesive will stick to the patch surface now.
  • There’s a clear adhesive backing on the surface of the patch. Peel this off and attach the patch over the area of pain. You can attach it on your skin or over your clothing.
  • Since the adhesives are reusable, you can store the adhesive backings and paste it over the strip for future use. It will increase the durability of Kailo. 

Kailo review

Is it Safe to use Kailo?

Yes, it is safe to use Kailo. It is a risk-free, non-invasive pain-relief treatment. So, there’s no chance of any chemical imbalance in your body. It uses the electrical system of your body to work.  

Buy 3 Kailo Patches & Get 2 FREE

Benefits of Kailo

  • It works anywhere on the body. Kailo has many applications and benefits. It turns off pain signals in your body to provide lasting relief.
  • It eases the pain in 60 seconds. You have to find the location of pain, place the Kailo pain patch over it, and the pain vanishes.
  • Kailo is a non-invasive treatment. It is 100% free of drugs and has no side effects. The Kailo pain patch is non-transdermal. So, no medicines or chemicals enter your body.
  • The patches are durable. You can use it more than once without the patch losing its functionality. You have to replace the adhesive after 3-7 days of using it.
  • The strength of your body’s electrical field helps Kailo to work. You can place it over the clothing or your skin. Kailo doesn’t need to touch your skin to work.
  • The product is versatile and waterproof. The manufacturers use a di-electric coating to produce every patch. The patch is formed on a waterproof polyester substrate and is tested rigorously for full submersion and water resistance.

Side Effects of Kailo

There are no side effects of the pain-relief patch. It is a risk-free and non-invasive pain-relief remedy. So, this won’t change chemical balances in your body as regular painkillers do. It will help in treating all kinds of pain. 

Purchase & Price

The company offers 3 packages of the Kailo pain relief patch. For the best deals, buy from the official website of the company.

  • One unit of the Kailo kit is available for $99 on the company’s website. It includes one reusable pain relief patch, three units of adhesives, and one case to carry them around. You save $21 on this deal.
  • You can buy three units of the Kailo kit for $198, i.e., $66 per kit. This package includes 3 reusable patches, 9 adhesives, and 3 carrying cases. You get a discount of $162.
  • The 3+2 deal contains 5 Kailo kits. You can buy it for $297, i.e., $59.40 per kit. It includes 5 pain-relief patches, 15 adhesives, and 5 holders. You save $303 on the deal.
  • All packages include free shipping and money-back guarantee. 

Kailo Pain Patch Reviews

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Manufacturers have created these pain relief patches after extensive research. Over 90% of Kailo users have found relief from all kinds of pain after using the product. This instantaneous effect is what makes Kailo the best pain-relief treatment. The company is confident that you will benefit from Kailo. That’s why it allows you to try the product risk-free for 30 days.

If, after 30-days, you’re dissatisfied with the product, contact the company’s customer care, and return the patches to the company. You get a refund, once the package gets delivered. The company doesn’t support return shipping charges.




Does Kailo pain patches run on battery? 

No, Kailo does not run on battery. It has tiny capacitors that interact with the electrical charges in your body. It enhances and propagates the body’s natural communication signals.

Do the Kailo pain patches wear out? 

Kailo pain patches are very durable and don’t need constant replacements. It gives you relief from all kinds of pains.

Can you wear Kailo pain patches for the whole day? 

Yes, you can wear the Kailo pain-relief patches for the entire day if you need to.

Is the Kailo pain patches waterproof? 

Yes, Kailo is 100% waterproof. The manufacturers make use of a di-electric coating to cover the product. The product is formed on a waterproof polyester substrate and has undergone rigorous testing for full-submersion and water resistance. Pat the patch with a clean, dry towel, and let it air-dry after you use it under water.

Which side of the Kailo pain patches goes towards the skin? 

You can wear the Kailo pain patches from both sides. But, the company recommends you to attach the adhesive strips on the smooth side to ensure that the smooth side gets attached on your skin.

How can you clean Kailo pain patches? 

You can clean the Kailo pain patches by using warm water and soap. You can also use the Goo Gone cleaner and wash the surface gently with a damp towel. Do not rubbing alcohol or caustic cleaners. They can deteriorate the effect of Kailo over time.

Can you wear more than one Kailo pain patch?

Yes, you can wear more than one Kailo patch. Kailo pain patch focuses on a particular area at a time. It is hyper-local. But, if you wear more than two Kailo pain patches at a time, it may minimize the effect of Kailo.

Can a pregnant woman wear the Kailo pain patch? 

Yes, a pregnant woman can use the Kailo pain patch. Kailo enhances the natural signals of the body. It supports the brain to communicate with disrupted areas effectively. If a pregnant woman uses the Kailo pain patch, you should consult a doctor before using it.

Does Kailo pain patches help during menstrual cramps? 

Yes, Kailo pain patches can help during menstrual cramps. Several women have menstrual cramps at some time of their life, and the pain is unbearable. The painful periods are capable of disrupting your life, forcing you to lose sleep, and reject opportunities to have fun with family, friends. Kailo pain patches are very useful and are open to help during pains.

Buy 3 Kailo Patches & Get 2 FREE


  • It is a non-invasive and safe treatment.
  • The patch will ease all kinds of pain.
  • Kailo is durable. Each patch functions efficiently for a year.
  • The product is waterproof.
  • You can wear more than one patch at one time.
  • You can easily clean and reuse the product.
  • It gives instant results.
  • Kailo is affordable.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Due to high demand, the company has a limited supply of the product. So, hurry up before the stock finishes. 

Customer Testimonials

My mother was suffering from chronic knee pain from the age of 40. She had lost mobility. As she was having several other health issues, taking pain killers was not an option for her. Last year, her doctor suggested Kailo. I was reluctant about the side effects, but he said this patch has a unique transdermal technology. It has all pros and no cons. From the first use, my mother got relief. She is using Kailo. Now she is so active in life. I am very thankful to the makers for such an excellent patch. Amy Davis, 32, Beverly Hills, California.

My ten-year-old son is a sprinter. He practices rigorously under his coach. One day he came home with an injury in his right leg. He was crying as inter-school championships were in a month. As a young kid, he could not take medicines. I was using Kailo for myself and getting satisfactory results. I tried one on my son. I put the patch on his right leg. In two days his pain reduced considerably. After a week, he topped the selections for inter-school events. Good that I had ordered the 3-Kailo combo, I always have extra for such emergencies. Julianne Hammond, 44, Brooklyn, New York.

I work as a bank teller. It’s a busy branch and I am always attending to customers. From the middle of the day, my neck and back start paining badly. I take lots of over-the-counter painkillers. They give relief for a small time. After some time, I had severe stomach pain. After doing some tests, the doctor said I had gastric ulcers. He explained that it was an effect of taking so many painkillers. He gave me medicines for my ulcers and suggested that I use Kailo for my pain. Before leaving for the office I stuck one Kailo on my back. It is not visible from outside. Now I have no pain. I am more active at home also. Travis Smith, 52, Atlantic City, New Jersey.


People just pop in painkillers without a second thought, thinking that painkillers will provide instant results. But, it is not the complete truth. These painkillers have several side effects. They may cause chemical imbalances in the body, leading to fatal diseases.

Pain patches are an effective alternative to painkiller tablets and some innovative developers have come up with Kailo. This product provides instant relief from pain. It is safe and risk-free. Pain-relief has never been so easy and safe. The prices offered by the company are very affordable. Buy your Kailo now!

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