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You might have, at times, misplaced precious items like your phone, keys, wallet, and more. You have wished you had a tracker in them to make it easier to find them. But what if that misplaced item was your car?

Imagine a scenario where you’ve driven your car to the mall. You have found a parking space on one of the endless floors of the parking zones. You finish your shopping, but now you have forgotten on which level you parked your car. How do you find it? The solution is simple. Get an iTrack GPS for your vehicle.

Even though you may have insured your car against theft, it is still stress when it gets stolen. Especially if you are someone who rents cars for a living. With iTrack GPS Car Tracker, you can now be assured of finding your vehicle no matter where it has traveled to. You can save yourself some efforts to secure your car against unwanted tracing scenarios.

itrack gps car tracker

About iTrack GPS Car Tracker

As the name suggests, iTrack is a tracker that you can install in your car to ensure its safety. It is a magnetic tracking system that has features that guarantee the security of your car all day long. The tracker sends out accurate location alerts whenever you require them. iTrack is one of the few tracking devices that does not require a monthly subscription. You only have to pay a one-time purchase fee and install it in the car.

The tracker works on stealth mode and can be used in most cars, regardless of brand or size, manufactured post-1996. Not only does iTrack trace your vehicle, but it also records your GPS history, monitors the speed of the car, and much more. It also alerts you if your car has been driven outside your designated area. iTrack is a practical device that can help you monitor your own route or track the course of the vehicle when someone else is driving. With this device and its multiple features, you can be assured of your car’s security.

Features of iTrack

  • It tracks your car in real-time. Whether your vehicle is still or in motion, iTrack GPS Car Tracker will monitor it wherever your car goes. You no longer have to waste time searching for where you parked the car; you can simply track it with this device.
  • If you have lent your car to someone else, with iTrack, you can supervise the speed at which your vehicle is being driven. Speed monitoring is another essential feature that iTrack provides for the safe handling of your car.
  • iTrack is a highly advanced GPS tracking system. It sends you text alerts with accurate coordinates with latitude and longitude. It also notifies you regarding the date and time when your car was last moved.
  • Another feature of this device is its ability to record the history of your car’s journey. This feature enables you to know if your vehicle was used by anybody and where the person traveled to. If your car is stolen, you can retrace all the locations where the car went before you found it again.
  • iTrack is enabled with a geofencing system. If you have a young adult driving your vehicle, then the track will send you an alert the minute he/she is out of the designated area. Now, you don’t have to worry about your car boundaries being misused.

itrack gps car tracker works

How Does The Device Work?

iTrack is an innovative onboard diagnostic tracker which you can plugin easily with your car’s diagnostic port. This device will then start tracking the movements of your vehicle. Whenever the car is in motion, without your authorization, the device will send you a text alert. The tracker can monitor your car 24×7 as long as the device’s battery is charged. The tracker sends out a warning even when the battery is low so that you can recharge it. The device is compatible with all cars manufactured after 1996, and is easy to use by all.

iTrack was designed by experts in the field, who have a thorough knowledge of GPS tracking. The device uses both GPS and GSM technology. GPS helps track the car, whereas GSM sends out alerts about its location, time, date, and so on. iTrack can monitor your drive history and suggest routes for the next time, it can help you find the exact space where you parked your car, and it can monitor the speed of your, especially when you have a teenager driving it. The various features of the tracker only make it convenient for you to ensure the safety of your car.

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How To Use iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

iTrack GPS Car Tracker is very easy to use and can be smoothly operated by anyone with the help of their smartphones. As mentioned before, iTrack is a device that needs to be plugged in with your car’s diagnostic port. You will first have to locate this port in your vehicle, as the position of the port differs from one car to the other. The iTrack device comes with a SIM card that needs to be inserted in the device before plugging it in. Once you have plugged in the iTrack GPS Car Tracker, it is effortless to use.

You have to download the free app on your mobile phone, setup your account, and connect your phone with the tracker. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. With the app, you can then track the movement of your car, its accurate, current location, the speed at which your car is being driven, and much more. With a variety of features, this affordable tracking device is the best security you can get for your vehicle.

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Benefits of iTrack GPS Car Tracker

  • The most significant benefit of iTrack GPS Car Tracker is that you can find out where your car is at every and any given second with real-time tracking. It is one of the best GPS trackers you can have for the security of your vehicle. Whether someone has borrowed your car or it is stolen, you can be assured that you will always be able to track it no matter the situation.
  • You can track the history of your car’s journey. The iTrack app collects data regarding the routes you have traveled. So, the next time you wish to go to the same destination, it can map out the best course for you. It can navigate you through traffic with ease by avoiding certain congested roads.
  • If your friend has borrowed your car, you can always monitor the speed at which he/she is driving using the iTrack GPS Car Tracker. This helps, especially when you have teenagers wanting to experiment with your car, with or without your permission.
  • iTrack is a small and discrete device that cannot be found readily in the car. Hence, if your vehicle is being stolen, the thieves will not be able to notice the device quickly.
  • The iTrack app allows you to set a geofence for your car. If your vehicle moves outside the set parameters, then the tracker immediately sends you an alert. So, you can sleep well knowing that you will be notified if your car is under threat of being stolen.

Purchase And Price

You can buy iTrack GPS Car Tracker online. It is advised that you buy it directly from their official website as they offer a 50% discount on the purchase. One tracker is worth $99 with a discount. However, you can buy 2 trackers for $64 each and get one additional tracker for free, or you can buy 3 iTrack devices for $57 each and receive two additional trackers for free.

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  1. Can I track my phone if I don’t have a smartphone?

Though a smartphone is more convenient for tracking your car on the app, it is not the only way to use the iTrack GPS Car Tracker. You can simply use Google Earth or Google Maps on your computer to track your car hassle-free. Even if you have a smartphone but don’t have the app, you can still track your car using any GPRS mapping service.

The app, however, will have its own advantages as it provides additional features besides finding the location of your car. Hence, it is highly recommended that you use the app.

  1. Does the iTrack GPS Car Tracker have inbuilt memory?

Yes, the iTrack device has an inbuilt memory which is 1MB in size and can hold up to 16,000 locations. However, you can extend this memory up to 2GB using an external microSD card.

  1. How long the battery of the device last?

The battery life depends on the usage of your device. In standby mode, the battery can last up to 6 days. The iTrack device will send you an alert via SMS whenever the battery is low and needs to be recharged. So, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out while tracking.

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  • You can use this device to track your car in real-time. You can monitor when your vehicle stops and starts moving again. It is one of the best trackers available in the market today.
  • iTrack GPS Car Tracker is very affordable. The device needs only a one-time fee. No other subscription fee is required for you to start using the device.
  • It can be used in all cars manufactured after 1996. You just have to find out your car’s diagnostic port and plug the device into it.
  • You can track more than one car using the app. If you have a fleet of cars, you do not have to download separate apps for each.
  • iTrack is very accurate. It can give you the precise location of your vehicle, the speed of the car, the route it took, and more.


  • You can only purchase this product online. There are no retail stores that are currently selling this device. However, the official website offers a 50% discount for buying online.
  • You cannot use iTrack GPS Car Tracker in your vintage cars, which generally need more protection. This device is compatible only with cars produced from 1996 onwards. 

Customer Testimonials

I bought the tracker a few months back, and it fits perfectly in my car. I have been showing off the features of the iTrack device to my family since then. I call the device to receive updates and track its position. Quiet an impressive gadget to have for the security of the car. – Michael Fin, 35, Washington

I am surprised at how accurately the tracking system of this device works. I thought it was an advertising exaggeration when they said that the tracking is accurate. But it really is to the dot. It showed me the exact location of the car, when it was parked and when it was moving. Amazing device. – Catherine Berg, 30, New York City

So, I added the iTrack device to my car but didn’t inform my daughter about it. She took my car out, saying she was going to the supermarket. So, I very cleverly used the geofencing feature on the iTrack app and locked in the coordinates. I managed to catch my daughter in a lie when I saw the car go near a bar instead. I am so amazed at the features of this device. A must-have for every car. – Liza Baker, 45, Greenville


For a long time, insuring your car against theft was the only way you could get some sort of security for your vehicle. However, with technological developments in the modern world, you now have an excellent device to track your car no matter where it is going. iTrack GPS Car Tracker is an affordable way of ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

With some fantastic features such as speed monitoring and history tracking, iTrack is an advanced, high-quality device to fit in your car. Moreover, the iTrack app is compatible with all smartphones, whether Android or iOS. Now, you no longer have to lose your sleep worrying about the safety of your car. Just buy an iTrack GPS Car Tracker and be at peace.

itrack gps car tracker review

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