Is Spinach Extract A Great Weight Loss Supplement?

A hobby can be described as something that gives pleasure in one’s leisure time. Most hobbies that people have, give rise to a positive and productive outcome like reading, writing, singing, etc. However, a particular class of people suffers, in ways more than one, from the very hobby that they dedicate time and effort to and that is eating! You read that right! Not everyone eats 3 regular meals a day to stay healthy and fit. A lot of people eat because they simply enjoy doing so. Binge eating, snacking, munching, foraging are all common words found in the vocabulary of such people and before long a lot of them end up being overweight or obese. But fear not for we may have just the right thing that can help put an end to this endless craving – spinach extract! Read on to learn more about this weight loss supplement and how it helps in weight loss.

What Is Spinach Extract

People have tried various supplements to get rid of the stubborn kilos that sometimes refuse to leave their bodies despite several and various attempts. However, a recent food supplement that seems to have created quite a stir is the spinach extract. Spinach extract, just as the name suggests, is a weight loss supplement that is extracted from the leaves of the spinach plant. This greenish supplement is rich in proteins, chlorophyll and antioxidants as well as some amount of fat, and is derived from thylakoids – which are nothing but structures found inside the cells of green plants which can be viewed only under the microscope. These thylakoids are responsible for photosynthesis through which the plants get the energy to generate the carbs they need.

Spinach extract comes in the form of a powder, capsules as well as snacking bars. The powder form can be sprinkled upon your favorite salad, added to smoothies, or simply mixed with plain water, so long as you make sure it enters your digestive system.

Do Spinach Extracts Work

Spinach extract is known to help suppress hunger pangs, reduce cravings as well as help to temporarily delay fat digestion. However, the latter activity by this weight loss supplement only delays the process and does not completely inhibit it. These pro-weight-loss feats are achieved by the supplement’s ability to reduce the hunger hormone called ghrelin as well considerably increase GLP-1 which is otherwise known as the craving-inhibiting hormone. Studies conducted on animals have garnered positive results. With regards to adults, studies have shown that the addition of this supplement to people’s food did result in long hours of reduced appetite. In overweight women, a 3-months long consumption of this supplement showed that most of them lost considerable weight during this period.

For best results, this supplement needs to be consumed for several months. It is good to know that, unlike its counterparts, common side effects like tummy cramps and fatty stools have not been reported by those who resort to this weight loss supplement. Various studies are still underway to prove how effective this weight loss supplement is and for how long people need to consume it to achieve sustainable weight loss results.


Experts recommend adding up to 5 gms of spinach extract with each meal. And to garner the best results it needs to be consumed in this manner for a good few months. Since spinach extract delays fat digestion, if it is being consumed in the capsule form then it is best ingested before eating a meal that contains fat in any form. Also, make salads an integral part of your diet plan and a large portion of your meal, regardless of what weight loss plan you choose to adhere to. Adding onto your green leafy intake will only help quicken the process of weight loss, improve your overall health, bring the glow back onto your face, hair, and skin as well as induce a general feeling of well-being. Also, alongside the same, do not skip on routine exercising.

How Does It Work

It has been observed that thylakoids in spinach extracts signal the brain to reduce the one major factor that leads to weight gain – cravings. Our stomach constantly triggers our brain to feel the urge to grab a bite of anything and everything that would suppress hunger pangs, especially in those people who are used to eating for all the wrong reasons. Oftentimes one is not even hungry when such signal transmission occurs. The more that people give in to these uncalled-for cravings, the more havoc it creates in their weight loss journey. And in this scenario spinach extracts have worked as a boon to those who suffered from such appetite problems. Most people who took spinach extracts reported a decline in their cravings towards sweet treats which are the main culprit that leads to unhealthy weight gain. Another study found that cravings for processed food also saw a considerable decline, both of which can garner excellent results in one’s weight loss journey.

Some Pointers To Bear In Mind

When someone embarks on a weight loss journey, certain pointers need to be born in mind to get the best out of the time and effort one puts into it. Listed below are some of those:

  • Remember that there is no short-cut method to weight loss. It is a continuous process that calls for time, persistence, and dedication.
  • Supplements like spinach extracts sure can enhance your weight loss journey and even cut short the time taken to reach your goal weight, but make sure you are doing it right. Read the dosage instructions mentioned on the leaflet thoroughly and make sure you are following the rules to the T.
  • Make regular exercising a part of your daily routine. Consider it as essential as the oxygen you breathe!
  • Eat healthy meals as much as possible throughout the day and cut down on fatty, processed food as well as get rid of over-indulgence of sweet treats.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid juices and beverages as much as possible.
  • Give your body the rest and sleep it needs. Both the aforementioned are integral parts of a person’s weight loss journey.
  • Avoid resorting to food for comfort. Instead try to find new ways that can bring you peace of mind like go for a hike, practicing yoga, befriend nature, etc.
  • Continuously educate yourself on what foods to eat when. Remember, feeding your brain with good knowledge is as important as feeding your stomach with healthy food.


Because spinach extracts pose very few side effects as compared to most other weight loss supplements and diet pills, so far it looks like consuming it for weight loss is not a problem and does not pose any major health risk. Although some people have reported a spike in blood sugar levels, the effect seems to be temporary. But as in the case of any and all health supplements, before consuming spinach extracts it would be wise to have a word with your doctor. Several studies are still underway to prove how sustainable are the results attained from this weight loss supplement. If in case you notice any major changes in your health a few weeks into consuming this supplement then discontinue its usage and seek expert advice, if not one can consume these supplements, make necessary lifestyle changes, and smile happily seeing their reduced body weight and benefits garnered thus.

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