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Busy life, daily chores, increased pressure at your workplace can not only cause you stress and anxiety, but it can also take away all the fun and excitement from your lives. Increased anxiety and stress are known to result in many life-threatening diseases like heart attacks, strokes, lungs disorder, irregular breathing patterns, etc.

To add to this, there are certain impurities in your food. The air you breathe, and everything surrounding you is polluted This makes you cranky and spoils your mood.

In fact, the water quality you use is also compromised. The hard water in your shower ruins your hair, reduces the quality of your skin and de-energizes you. Your hair becomes frizzy, your skin dull and hair-fall becomes very common. To overcome this, here is a revolutionary product, called the Ionic Spa Shower, which improves the quality of water and helps you have smooth and glowing skin and hair.

ionic spa shower review

About Ionic Spa Shower

Ionic Spa Shower is a showerhead that can easily be attached to your shower. It has a unique technology using bio-active stones, which improves the quality of water by reducing its hardness. It is designed to give you healthy skin and frizz-free hair. It is also developed with the idea of delivering a spa-like experience. As a result, it not only massages your skin while taking a shower but gently rejuvenates and energizes you.

How Does Ionic Spa Shower Work

Ionic Spa Shower works through its unique negative ion technology. It contains bio-active stones that maintain the pH balance of the water. As a result, the hardness of water is gone. Negative ion technology has also been known to improve mental state, elevate mood and decrease blood pressure along with anxiety, thus, making you feel energized every time you take a shower.

Ionic Spa Shower also works by filtering the water and reducing its chlorine content. Chlorine is the biggest reason for unhealthy hair, hair-fall and damaged skin. This shower also removes bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides from your water. It has unique shower modes that give you a relaxed and spa-like bath each time, depending on your day.

Modes of the Shower

The Ionic Spa Shower comes with three unique modes that you can choose from, by pressing the switch provided along its side for the convenience of the user.

  1. Massage Mode- The first mode that you can choose is the massage mode, in which the device focuses on your anxiety and stress and sprays the water from the center holes. This mode is ideal if you are having a stressful day and want to have a spa-like experience at home.
  2. Rainfall Mode- In this mode, the water is sprayed from the showerhead with an average speed that gives you the feeling of standing in the rain, as the name suggests. It elevates your mood and helps you feel relaxed.
  3. Jet Mode- This mode is meant to cleanse your skin. It generates a jet of water that is powerful enough to clean your skin and hair, thus making you feel fresh.

ionic spa shower works

How to Use Ionic Spa Shower

The Ionic Spa Shower is to be used as a regular showerhead and can installed in your bathroom. It does not need any particular installation.

Depending upon how your day was, choose the mode and stand under the shower. It will make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. You will feel the difference from the very first use.

Is Ionic Spa Shower Safe to Use

As the product is completely devoid of harmful chemicals and contains only naturally occurring, bio-active stones, it is completely safe to use the product without any worry of it damaging your skin or damaging your hair.

ionic spa shower reviews

Why Choose Ionic Spa Shower

  • Is the water in your shower hard?
  • Do you have chlorinated water running through your taps and shower?
  • Are you suffering from hair fall due to hard water?
  • Do you feel stressed out at the end of the day?
  • Is your skin damaged because of the unfiltered water?
  • Do you want a spa-like relaxation after each shower?
  • Are you tired of spending heaps of money on spas that lasts for just a few hours?

Then, all you need is Ionic Spa Shower, which not only relaxes you like a spa but also helps you achieve healthy and glowing skin and hair.

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Benefits of Ionic Spa Shower

  1. Filtered Water

The water that generally runs through your showers and taps is very often chlorinated and contains heavy metal precipitates, bacteria, toxins, and pesticides. It sometimes also contains rust from the showerhead. This product filters the water and provides fresh, pure and soft water that gives you healthy skin and hair.

  1. Varied Modes

The Ionic Spa Shower comes with three unique modes from which you can choose, depending on your mood and how the day was. With the massage, rainfall and jet modes, you can have your shower the way you want.

  1. Negative Ion Technology

The product has a unique negative ion technology that makes the water soft. It contains bio-active stones that restore the pH level of water and reduces the dryness of the skin gradually. Negative Ion Technology is also known to improve your mood and lower the blood pressure by decreasing your anxiety.

  1. Relaxation 

This shower is ideal for giving you a perfect relaxation, just like a spa. With the massage mode that gently soothes your skin and scalp, it helps you relax and reduces your stress and anxiety of the day.

  1. Improved Hair 

Hard water often causes frizzy hair and causes it to break. Hair fall becomes very common, and your hair looks dull and unhealthy. The Ionic Spa Shower, with its negative ion technology, removes the hardness from the water. It filters out the chlorine, thus making it softer on your scalp. It gently massages your scalp and cleanses the hair follicles, which improves hair growth.

  1. Easy to Use

Ionic Spa Shower is easy to use. You don’t need a plumber or an installation manual to set it up. It can be easily attached to most of the regular showers and used accordingly by pressing the switch on its side to choose the shower mode that you want.

Price and Purchase of Ionic Spa Shower

To purchase the product, please visit their official website and click on the buy now option, which will take you to the payment gateway.

Given below is the pricing of the product: –

1 Ionic Spa Shower is priced at 79$

2 Ionic Spa Shower will cost 137$ + 1 additional product free

3 Ionic Spa Shower will cost 197$+ 2 additional product free

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Ionic Spa Shower comes with a warranty of 3 years against manufactural defects and malfunctions. All you need to avail to it is pay just 14$ extra on the price.


Does Ionic Spa Shower need a separate installation?
No, Ionic Spa Shower is very easy to install and attach to the regular showers and needs no additional installation.

Is Ionic Spa Shower expensive?
When compared to regular heads that cause rusts and decrease the quality of the water, Ionic Spa Shower is inexpensive.

How useful is Ionic Spa Shower?
This shower not only improves water quality, but it also makes sure you have a healthy and glowing hair and skin. It further relaxes you and gives a spa-like feeling.

Does Ionic Spa Shower contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients?
Ionic Spa Shower contains nothing except the goodness of bio-active stones that are very efficient in improving the ph of the water and filtering it.

Can I use this Ionic Spa Shower safely?
This product is safe for everyone.

For how long does Ionic Spa Shower work?
Ionic Spay Shower is made from stainless steel and is environment-friendly. As a result, it does not rust and is ultra-durable.

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  • Durable

The Ionic Spa Shower manufactured with stainless steel that gives it enough durability to last years. This stainless body also prevents the formation of rust.

  • Natural

With the negative ion technology and the presence of bio-active stones, the components of Ionic Spa Shower are completely safe and natural and thus cause no irritation.

  • Reduces Hair Fall

Ionic Spa Shower reduces hair fall by reducing the hardness of the water, which is the main enemy of hair.

  • Nourishes Skin

The soft water and the bio-active stones make your skin soft and nourish it, preventing the damage of skin cells, thus making it healthy and glowing.

  • Relaxes

Ionic Spa Shower is uniquely designed to spray water that massages your skin and scalp, ensuring that you are relaxed after a stressful day.

  • Nourishes Hair

Ionic Spa Shower nourishes your hair by opening up the follicles and thus making your hair healthy and shiny. It also makes sure you have frizz-free hair.

  • Convenient

The product is user-friendly. It can be easily attached to most of the common showers and the easy to use switch makes it convenient to use.

  • Budget-friendly

The product is very inexpensive when compared to the benefits it provides as well as with other similar products. It is affordable and pocket friendly and affordable.


  • Availability

The product is available for purchase only online.

  • Limited Stock

The Ionic Spa Shower has limited stock, and due to its unique features, it is in high demand. So, purchase your shower today before it goes out of stock!

Customer Testimonials

“I have lately changed my job and recently have been facing a lot of work pressure. I come back from the office feeling stressed and full of anxiety. I hated my life as it was becoming hell. I found myself longing for a spa or massage more often. Not only it was becoming expensive, but it was also time-consuming. One day I saw an advertisement for Ionic Spa Shower and thought of giving it a try. It was a rejuvenating feeling for me. It not only gave my body the soothing ness it longed for but also massages my body to feel relaxed. “- Sarah, 37, USA.

“I have been dealing with hair fall since we moved into our new house. The water is very hard here and chlorinated. Not only did my hair start to fall off, but my skin also became dry and chapped. I tried using body oils and creams but none worked. Then, my husband heard about this product and bought this for our bathroom. It worked wonders and my hair started becoming healthy. I love this product.” – Suzaine, 42.

“ My hair has always been beautiful and I boasted about it. After I got married my hair started getting thinner and soon became frizzy. I started feeling ashamed of myself. I understood the problem was the water but found no way to make it right. Then one day my mother told me about Ionic Spa and I purchased it. After using it for a few weeks the change was noticeable. I will always be grateful for it.”- Mary, 35, New York.


Ionic Spa Shower is a unique product whose primary aim is to improve your water quality. It makes sure you have healthy water in your shower and taps. Apart from improving the water quality, it gently massages your skin and scalp and removes the dead cells debris from the surface.

With the three different modes, you can choose according to your needs and have a spa-like experience at home after every shower.

It is designed with the modern LUV technology, which ensures that the water pressure is increased up to 200 %. And, with the spray through miniature holes, there is a 35% saving of water.

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