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Sex is very important. The world wouldn’t exist without sex. The impact sex has on human existence is immense. Life without sex is unimaginable. But there comes the catch. There are roadblocks in sex too. Situations, stimuli and a lot of factors play a vital role in one’s sex life. If there is anything wrong or problematic, then it reflects directly in the sex life. And when that too falls apart, it becomes hopeless. The one natural thing that is so pleasurable becomes a nightmare.

It is very hard to maintain an erection if the body and mind are stressed out. There is no use in doing anything. It will be a firm no from the penis. What happens then? What can be done to better the situation? There is a way out of this. There is a way to have mind-blowing sex every single day. The name is InstaHard. This supplement is a mix of 21 naturally occurring substances. These substances are 100% organic in nature.

This is a great discovery by the creator of InstaHard. The discovery of this mixture was a great accident. During research, the creator found out individual components that helped in the treatment of sexual issues like Erectile dysfunction. Then the thought of mixing all these components to make a magic mix was very impromptu. It was a leap of faith. It was something completely out of the blue. But it worked really well. The mixture did work and hence the product InstaHard was created.


About InstaHard

InstaHard is such a supplement that focuses on increasing the vitality and vigor of males. It uses a hundred percent natural and organic compounds to create a special blend. This blend is used to treat issues like Erectile dysfunction and other sexually related issues. It contains naturally vital ingredients that stimulate the production of testosterone. High levels of testosterone in the male body naturally signifies that the will be a greater sex drive and high arousal.

This product was not just made for treating the condition of erectile dysfunction. It can also be used to have long-lasting erections and great orgasms. This product successfully reinstates the vigor and vitality of the male sexual system.

This company was created by men who came together and aimed at solving the issues that arose with sex and vitality. This was a reassurance for the whole male community who suffer from issues like ED and performance anxiety. These are the hardest issues to ever come out of, successfully.

The mix was created to help with male vitality. This movement started off small but quickly gained popularity because of its success. The success came from a lot of research about different components and how much was needed to be put in to create the perfect blend.


InstaHard has a wide variety of ingredients. All of these ingredients are natural and organic. The organic compounds when mixed together create a special blend which is vital in supporting the production of testosterone. The ingredients are given below:

  • Muira Puama – The Muira Puama is a type of leaf that is commonly found in brazil. This leaf is considered to have natural aphrodisiac qualities. The leaf has a compound in it that stimulates the production of testosterone. This production of testosterone happens naturally and has no side effect since it is being instigated by a natural substance. With more testosterone in the human body, there is more strength and vigor.
  • Tribullus Terrestris –This is a natural plant that combines with all the other compounds in the mixture to increase the vitality and sexual performance of the male. It creates a rush of blood into the penis. The Chambers around the penis hold the blood. This results in a hard and erect penis. This level of erection is only possible through the consumption of this plant.
  • Maca Root powder – This plant root is only found in Peru. It has been used by the aboriginals for years to reinstate vitality in them. The consumption of this root is said to have a great change in the male physiology. It is said to give hard erections for a long time. This way sex can be enjoyed for a longer period. This is a key ingredient in this mix.
  • Catuaba bark powder – The Catuaba powder is said to have high aphrodisiac qualities. Even though it is strong, it doesn’t have any bad effects on the human body. It increases the production of testosterone by a high level. This increases sexual strength to a great extent. By consuming this bark powder, the sexual potency increase exponentially.
  • Barrenwort leaves – This product is obtained from a very common leaf that is found in the wilderness of Brazil. It is called as naturally occurring Viagra because of how it influences the sexual organs in a male. It creates a better blood flow in the human body. This leaf has a great effect on the sexual system. It boosts the production of testosterone.
  • Ginseng extract – InstaHard has a mix of Korean ginseng and American ginseng. Ginseng was consumed by people from the olden days to revitalize their system and increase their sexual potency. The mix of two kinds of ginseng is very powerful and plays an integral role in uplifting the male sexual organs.

The other components are Kola nut powder, Eleuthero root, ginger root, pumpkin seed powder, L-Arginine, L-Citruilline, Bovine powder, Boron Citrate, sarsaparilla powder and cayenne powder. These are the other contents of InstaHard.

How does InstaHard work?

InstaHard is a male sexual enhancement supplement. In this supplement, all the components are 100% natural and organic. InstaHard works on multiple levels in the human body. The ingredients in the supplement stimulate the dorsal nerve of the penis and the deep peroneal nerve. When these two nerves get stimulated, the penis regains its vitality. These two nerves are called the brains of the penis. For the penis to become erect, these two nerves have to receive signals from the brain that controls the sexual system.

Along with the stimulation of these two nerves, the compound also increases the production of testosterone in the system. The natural compounds in the mix of InstaHard causes and increased blood flow to the penis. Other compounds help the chambers holding blood inside the penis to hold it for longer. This results in a harder and more erect penis. The compounds also stimulate the penile muscle to relax. This makes it last longer.

How to use the product?

InstaHard comes in tablets. These tablets contain 21 natural components that stimulate the production of sex hormones in the human male system. The normal way to use this supplement is to take 2 pill s a day. It is recommended to visit a physician before the consumption of this product.

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There is no recommended dosage here. It has to be iterated according to the body’s needs and how it reacts to it. The preferred general amount is 2 pills a day. But, the needs of one’s body is not similar to the other one. This course of 2 pills a day should be continued for the duration of 30 days to notice the change. This is the guideline given by the creator.

Is it safe to use the product?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the product. Since there are no chemicals or harmful substances in the supplement, it is perfectly safe to use and is natural. There is no worry about harm done to the body because all the components that are used to create this mix s obtained from organic resources in the wilderness. This is why InstaHard is unique from all other male enhancement products. It is best to consult with a doctor before consuming any supplement. If there is any condition of heart diseases, then medical consultation is a must.

Is the product addictive?

No, the product isn’t addictive. All that it does is enhance the male sexual organs. All the ingredients that are given here are not psychoactive in nature. So there is no danger in using the product. And since there is no presence of psychoactive ingredients, there is no fear of addiction to the product. The creator of the product suggests a medical examination and a consultation with an expert before using the product

Benefits of the product

  • Rock hard erections –The use of this product gives rock hard erections for the penis. The components in the supplement increases the blood circulation in the system. The blood is more effectively supplied to the penis. This results in the chambers of the penis filling up. This causes a rock hard erection.
  • Longer timing – The use of this supplement causes the timing of erection to be elongated. In the supplement relaxes the muscles around the penis. This makes the penis last longer.
  • Increased sexual potency – The consumption off this supplement causes revitalization of the whole human body. When this happens, the sexual drive of the human body is increased. This results in an increase of sexual urges.
  • Morale boost – The morale of the person is boosted because of the ability to perform better sexually. When the production of serotonin and dopamine increases in the system, the body moves into a state of well being. This is a very good aspect of InstaHard.
  • Satisfaction – There is greater sexual satisfaction for both the partners. A rock hard penis is a two-way gift. There is a chance for more intimacy, wherever it is possible!
  • Organic and natural – The product InstaHard is completely chemical-free. It is made up of the best exotic ingredients that are available in the world. This is a very unique achievement by a male sexual enhancement supplement.

Side effects

There are no side effects to this product since it is entirely made of organic materials. Even though that is the case, the creator recommends medical supervision while consuming the supplement.

Purchase and price

One bottle of pills containing 60 numbers costs $69. This is a very nominal price for something which has excellence written all over it. One of the best deals ever!

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Money-back guarantee and Refund

The company offers a 180 day cash-back Guarantee. This is a good service put forward by the company. For further details visit the company website.


Is InstaHard dependable?
Yes, it is dependable. The components used to create this masterpiece is 100% natural and organic. There is a success rate of 99% with this product.

Are there any chemicals used in this product?
No, there are no chemicals used in this product. It is all-natural and organic. They are exotic ingredients that are shipped in from all around the world.


  • InstaHard makes the penis hard and life easy.
  • There are no more issues in bed.
  • Satisfaction for both members.
  • InstaHard is very cost-effective.
  • It poses no health risk because it doesn’t use any chemicals.
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients.
  • Erections are now longer and harder than ever.


  • It is only available on the official site.
  • The stocks run out fast.

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Customer testimonials

Brian ~ I had serious ED issues, to begin with. When I came across InstaHard, I was very skeptic about it. I’ve had some bad experiences with other pills. So, I was a little vary about this product. But my oh my, what an experience I had with this product. It was just amazing. I started to feel better down there within four weeks of use. I had sex with my partner and she was absolutely flabbergasted by what happened. I am a fan of this product for life.

Ryan ~ I am a lawyer by profession and I have a very busy work life. When I come back home i am extremely stressed out by the work that I had throughout the day. I find it hard to perform in bed by the end of the day. It is InstaHard that saved my life. Now I can manage both my work and my relationship with my wife better.


The InstaHard is one of the best male enhancement products in the market

It helps the male body in producing testosterone in the most natural way. The components that are used to produce this product is completely organic and natural. There are no chemicals used in the synthesis of this product.

InstaHard helps the body revitalize by working it from the inside. The exotic products from all around the world are used to make this product. It gives a hard erection for the penis and is completely harmless to the human body.

InstaHard helps to increase the timing of coitus. The components in it relax the penile muscles. It makes the time of ejaculation slow. The product has a low cost of $69. This will not burn through any purse or become a financial burden in the future. The company offers an attractive product with an even more attractive refund policy.

In the end, the product is amazing and worth every penny. The customer satisfaction says the same about it. The product is good and is worthy of use.

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