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We all live in a digital era, don’t you agree on that? Everything we handle in our day-to-day life, everything, literally everything has been digitalized. All the data that we handle in our lifetime are stored in the form of digital data. Even our money is the same. And when it comes to capturing the most beautiful moments of our life, that too has taken a digital turn. We no longer print photographs, do we? We create and share folders in which we’ve uploaded pictures. All this being said and done, as much as handling life the digital way seems to be a blessing for most of us, at the same time it horrifies us. All the files in our computer, all the photos and videos that we see in our phones and tablets, we feel vulnerable that it can be lost.

The only we can store it in is by either storing it in a pen drive or any other hardware storage device. And right when people were becoming comfortable with the whole idea of storing their data on pen drives, the introduction to cloud storage gave way. As much cloud storage seems safe, it isn’t easy to access it as it costs a lot. And in this world, we always look forward storage which are free! The word free is very attractive after all. Plus handling cloud requires you to be at least one small level of tech savvy.

Losing files most of the times aren’t our faults, are they? It happens because of a virus or a bug that has entered the operating system of the device you are using, be it your phone or your laptop. We’re introducing you to a solution that will help you steer clear from all of this. It’s a solution that will help you look after your important data, personal pictures like it were your precious baby. In short, this solution is going to save your computer’s files one click at a time. We are introducing you to InfinitiKloud, a USB backup stick which has the potential of becoming your best friend in just one use. Curious much to know about what this InfinitiKloud is all about? Read on to know more.


About InfinitiKloud

If you don’t fall into the tech savvy category and was always on a lookout for a device that will help you store the data form all your devices in the most safe manner, then InfinitiKloud is the device for you. This USB backup stick helps you to store photos, videos, and other important files from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. What’s the icing on the cake is that it stores only those files that are selected by you. Usually when you transfer data from one device to a storage device, it tends to store everything. But in InfinitiKloud, we can view the statistics of all the data and store and pick the ones we want and throw the ones we no longer require. Now, how cool is that isn’t it? Personal or professional, this device helps you store everything in order.

How Does InfinitiKloud Work?

As mentioned earlier, this InfinitiKloud is a handy USB stick that will help you store all your files, photos, and videos so that it doesn’t get lost ever. When you store your data on the cloud in the other cloud storage providers, there’s always a risk of exposing your personal to other users of the same cloud storage providers. However, the makers of InfinitiKloud have guaranteed that the data stored on InfinitiKloud is a hundred percent secure and no breach whatsoever is even possible to think of. The most unique feature of InfinitiKloud is the very idea on the basis of which it was built — the InfinitiKloud is neither a complete USB nor a complete convetional cloud;in fact, it’s a combination of both!

The problem with a normal USB is that it copies the unwanted data as well, plus, sometimes, the virus from the device enter the storage arena as well. This makes your important data vulnerable to getting lost.

Now, after having said this, we would like to draw your attention to the usual conventional cloud system of storing data. First of all, the data that is stored on the cloud, the cloud storage providers allow you only certain amount of data to be stored for free and they don’t even guarantee that it is safe a hundred percent like InfinitiKloud. Secondly, anything beyond if you want to store, you need to pay them for the extra storage that you are using, and that happens on a monthly or a yearly basis depending on the policies of the cloud storage providers.

What InfinitiKloud does is that it helps you select and store the data you want. Whatever backup you take, only you can access it and manage it. The makers of InfinitiKloud give that guarantee to you. If you think we are kidding you can check their official website page for more information and become assured.

Advantages of Using InfinitiKloud

Following is a detailed listing of all the things that this magical device does for you:

  • Auto detection
  • Detailed description of every single file and its statistics
  • Backing up files to the USB
  • Backing up files with more than one version
  • Helps to delete unwanted files that have been backed up
  • Helps to browse through the backup files
  • Provides ultra-high speed
  • Supports many languages: English, Portugese, German, French being few
  • It helps to backup files with customized file extensions
  • It also helps to restore the files that you’ve backed up on your USB back to your computer or any other computer and it does so at the specified location.


Navigation Using InfinitiKloud

Easy navigation is the word while using InfinitiKloud. Have you ever tried to use backup program for backing up files on your computer, phone or any other device? It takes ages, doesn’t it? And if you aren’t well versed with using these devices, you’ll definitely need the help of an IT specialist person who will help you in the installation of such programs and softwares. And this installation process can take anywhere from just a few hours to a few days as well. Now, that sound like a pain isn’t it?

But the case with InfinitiKloud isn’t a pain. It is designed in a way to satisfy its users to the maximum. All that you need to do while using the InfinitiKloud USB stick is to just connect it to your device and follow all the prompts that pop up on the screen one by one. And we guarantee you that it’s going to take only a couple of minutes, and not hours or days.

Using this InfinitiKloud on your mobile phones is also very easy. All you need to do is insert the USB device connector to the charging port of your mobile phones and then download the app immediately. While doing so, you need to follow the steps that appear on your mobile screen.

Storage Options

You get three different storage options with InfinitiKloud: 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb respectively. See, we weren’t kidding when we said that InfinitiKloud has kept in mind the service of being user-friendly on a serious note. These three available storage options enable us to choose and pay for how much storage we think we might need. If we’re talking about photos, then, 32gb can store 25,00+ photos, 64gb can store 50,000+ photos, and 128gb can store 100,000+ photos. And in this world where people get attracted to more options when compared no variations, this InfinitiKloud is the best thing to invest in for storing your data the right way.

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With the wide range of devices that are being used in today’s world. Plus, the various operating systems that are being made, it is very important for us to purchase back up devices that are compatible with all kinds od devices. Now, suppose you are using an iPhone but you’re using a Windows OS laptop, they are two different operating systems, right? Therefore, you’ll need a USB storage stick that is compatible with both these operating systems, therefore, make your choices right with InfinitiKloud as it’s compatible with the following devices:

  • Android phones
  • Notebooks
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Acer
  • Surface
  • MS
  • Asus

Price And Purchase, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

It is best advised to purchase this product from their official website as you’ll save yourself from falling prey to any third copy products of InfinitiKloud which some imitation brands sell. And not just that, purchasing InfinitiKloud from the official website will give you the benefits of discounts on the price of InfinitiKloud, where 40 percent is considered to be the minimum. The pricing of InfinitiKloud is as follows:

For 32gb InfinitiKloud:

  • 3 InfinitiKloud SD 32GB at $78.73
  • 1 InfinitiKloud SD 32GB at $34.99
  • 2 InfinitiKloud SD 32GB at $69.98

For 64gb InfinitiKloud:

  • 3 InfinitiKloud SD 64GB at $112.48
  • 1 InfinitiKloud SD 64GB at $49.99
  • 2 InfinitiKloud SD 64GB at $99.98

For 128gb InfinitiKloud:

  • 3 InfinitiKloud SD 128GB at $157.48
  • 1 InfinitiKloud SD 128GB at $69.99
  • 2 InfinitiKloud SD 128GB at $139.98

These prices are subjective to changes.

If you wish to return the product, you can do so within 30 days from the day of purchase. The product however needs to be returned in its original packaging and in unused state. For more terms and conditions, you can visit their official website.

Pros of Using InfinitiKloud

  • Very easy to use
  • Finds files to restore on its own
  • Can select and unselect the files that you want to backup
  • Speed of transfers form one device to another with this USB stick is amazing
  • Storage options to match your amount of data that you want to store
  • Easy to install software as they are mostly pre-installed
  • Excellent compatibility
  • 100 percent secure
  • Uses USB 3.0 technology

Cons of Using InfinitiKloud

  • The model of InfinitiKloud is little clumsy because of its sliding cover

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Customer Reviews

infinitikloud review

Jane: I love clicking pictures and my phone always shows storage full every now and then. And it’s a pain to transfer all the images onto a storage device and then sit and delete the repeated pictures and unwanted picture from the storage device. But this InfinitiKloud is nothing less than a miracle device for me. I can transfer and least be assured by its safety by a 100 percent, can you beat that? My pictures are safe and secure and I can always transfer the images on the go.

Jake: I have a lot of important documents and storing them on cloud too I was very skeptical about it. Plus cloud storage is also expensive for the amount of data I need to upload and store. And it cannot be done on the go also. Just when I was battling the storage and transfers of my important documents, my friend introduced me to InfinitiKloud and I was so thrilled to give it a try. I’m so happy and I even bought one for my spouse to handle her data in the most efficient manner.

Conclusion — The Final Thought

Who gives assures a hundred percent safety of all the documents and personal data like photos and videos when stored on a USB stick? InfinitiKloud does and that’s one good enough reason for you all to try it out. What more? Well, this USB stick is easy to use and navigate through. Its compatibility features as well are excellent. And the fact that it comes in three available storage options makes it even more efficient. Choose the pack depending on how much of data you use or store in your everyday life. And with the majority of positivity reviews that is flooding on review websites and its very own official website, its enough evidence to convince you to give this storage device a try. Manage your data smartly along with smart storage device. What are you waiting for? Go order your InfinitiKloud now!

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