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One is never too far away from cold or Flu. It can attack any minute and stay in your system for a week or more, and cause all the irritation required, and sometimes make you bedridden too. To resist such attacks, you need an excellent immune system. In case, the offense still takes place, the recovery should be immediate. Immune Defence does that precisely and does it entirely. There are no hard methods in this but to chew a few tablets, which cures you completely, and build resistance so that the attack does not happen again. It is made up of natural ingredients and has no side effects if one goes by the guidelines strictly. It also aids in calming down a person of stress levels and maintains the sugar level in the blood. 

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What is the Immune Defence Diet?

Immune Defence increases the dose of zinc and vitamins A, C, and E per day to help the system. Such aniseed, calming flavour lozenges dissolve quickly on your tongue and bathe Zinc ions in your back. If you fight a cold, experience tension, and want to keep your immune systems in action, Immune Protection helps to provide a vital nutrient for your body.

Ingredients in Immune Defence Diet

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  1. Anise seeds – Anise seed is a robust and nutrient-rich plant with a wide range of health benefits. It is used to prevent fungal growth, antibacterial, and used to reduce inflammation. It can prevent stomach ulcers, keep blood sugar levels in control, and reduce depression and menopause symptoms. Here are some of the benefits:
  2. Rich in Nutrients – While the requirement of anise seed is relatively small, this packs a good number of essential micronutrients into each serving. Anise seed is low calorie but has many essential minerals, including iron, manganese, and calcium.
  3. May aid in curing depression – Studies in humans and animals show that anise seed can help to relieve depressive symptoms, being as effective as other major antidepressants.
  4. Halts growth of bacteria and fungi – Studies of the test tube show that anise seed and its compounds have strong Antimicrobial properties that avoid infections and inhibit the growth of the fungi and bacteria.
  5. Cures Inflammation – In some instances, the immune system considers inflammation a natural response to protect against injury and infection. High rates of prolonged- inflammation are, therefore, associated with medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  6. Rosehip Powder – Rose is a fruit growing on the flower of the wild rose known as the Rose canine. This rose is mainly rising in Europe and Africa and Asia. Vitamin C, E, and B and other antioxidants and minerals are in the package along with rose vipers. They also contain an inflammatory material. Powder from rosehip can help reduce osteoarthritis pain.
  7. Zinc Gluconate – It’s a mineral that occurs in a natural manner. It is essential for your health, body tissue development. Zinc gluconate can treat a deficiency of zinc and avoid it. Zinc is a crucial micronutrient critical to practically every aspect of your safety. It’s only second to iron as the body’s most concentrated trace mineral. Zinc gluconate is one of the most common types of zinc over-the-counter and aids in cold remedies, such as tablets and nasal sprays
  8. Vitamin A – Vitamin A is involved in the production and control of the immune system and adaptive Immunity. It can improve immune function and provide enhanced protection against multiple infectious diseases. Vitamin A is an essential micronutrient for preserving vision, promoting growth and development. It protects the integrity of the epithelium and mucus in the body. It has shown therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of different infectious diseases.
  9. Vitamin E – Vitamin E is said to improve immune responses in animal and human models and to provide defence against many infectious diseases. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant capable of shielding the membrane from oxidation by polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Thus it controls the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) and modulating signal transduction.
  10. Vitamin C – Vitamin C strengthens your immune system, decreases the severity of allergic reactions, and helps prevent infections. Daily supplements studies have shown that vitamin C decreases the length of colds. A 5-year randomized controlled study shows that supplementation with vitamin C substantially reduces the incidence of cold or Flu.
  11. Acerola – Acerola is a kind of a tree. It is high in vitamin C and has vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin as well.

Acerola aids the diagnosis or prevention of scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency disorder. Acerola can also be used to avoid a heart attack, “hardening of the arteries,” blood clots, and cancer.

How does Immune Defence work?

The calming, aniseed flavour lozenges are natural to dissolve on the tongue and bathe Zinc ions and vitamin C in the back of the throat. Immune protection can help to relieve the length and effects of the cold until you sense the onset of a cold. Taken every day, Immune Dedication ensures that you provide the required amount of vitamin C and zinc that is essential to health and will strengthen the immune system.

immune defence review

Benefits of Immune Defence

  1. Immune Defence has natural ingredients that support Immunity.

Immune protection also includes rosehip, a source of vitamins C, A, and E and Acerola, which aids the immunization and is the primary source of vitamins C and A.

  1. During cold and flu season defenses

Support the resistance of your body to highly infectious viruses of Cold and Flu. You have a higher chance of stagnating from seasonal disease by making sure your body has enough zinc and vitamins.

  1. Shortening of Ailment period

Studies indicate that the duration of cold symptoms can be shortened by up to 50 percent with zinc lozenges. Using Immune Response zinc lozenges to heal quicker at the first sign of cold and spend more time with your loved ones.

  1. Harnesses Immune system

The burden on the immune system weakens. You will have reduced the ability of your immune system to combat pathogens when you feel stressed, tired, and run down. Zinc lozenges for resistant protection may assist in taking care of the immune system during periods of stress.

  1. The mandatory immune system for all in the family

Kids are particularly prone to frustration and influenza. The older people, particularly those with zinc deficiencies, are at higher risk for their immune systems. Immune defence zinc lozenges are suitable for adults and children aged 12 years and older to protect the whole family’s health and well-being.

  1. Transport of Immune Defence easy

Taking care of your immune system can be challenging if you’re a busy commuter or frequent flyer. Fortunately, zinc lozenges are chewable in the house, workplace, or easily transported with you when trafficking.

How much does Immune Defence cost?

The company sells Immune Defence through its official website. They have three offers on this product now.

  • Buy one container worth $54.95 and pay only $44.95 (Save $10.00) — No Shipping charges.
  • Buy three containers and pay only $114.85 (save $50.00) — No Shipping charges.
  • Buy five containers, and pay only $174.75 (save $100.00.) —No Shipping charges.

It is noteworthy to mention that Immune Defence does not burden the customer with additional shipping charges, irrespective of the quantity one buys. The cost per day also declines if you buy larger quantities. 

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Immune Defence Money back guarantee 

If dissatisfied with the product, please do return it to us, since we have a policy of full money-back guarantee. The amount refunded would be the purchase price reduced by the amount of ship handling charges.

Contact our support team at [email protected] for full return instructions.

This guarantee is only for the customers who have purchased more than one month of supply from us only.

You are entitled to cancel your order before, but no later than the end of the 14th day from purchase.

The fastest way to cancel items purchased from us is by sending us an email at [email protected] with written notice of termination.

In case you receive the goods before you decide to cancel your order. It is your primary responsibility to reach the products back to us in their original condition. There should not be any undue delay or damages. Also, in any case, no later than 14 days after the day on which you informed us that you intend to cancel your purchase order.

In case you wish to cancel an order, you will have to bear the delivery costs. It is for sending the goods to us (unless the products are defective or not as stated or we were unable to produce the goods as requested and replaced substitute goods).

Immune Defence Side effects

All-natural products have gotten used in healthy quantities. No side effects emerge from zinc tablets as prescribed. The maximum dosage is four per day.

Exceeding the advisable dose will cause the absorption of coppers in lozenges at levels exceeding the recommended dose, such as abdominal, nausea, lethargy, anaemia, and copper deficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I protect myself from CoronaVirus, by taking Immune Defence?

There is no evidence to say you become immune from being affected by coronavirus by taking Immune Defence. But the essential vitamins and minerals found in Immune Defence have been shown to benefit the immune response in studies.

When can we start expecting results from Immune Defence?

Continuous immune help is there for routine use of Immune Protection. Following the first symptoms of a cold within 24 hours, Immune Defence will reduce the duration and severity of the cold.

Who can all consume Immune Defence?

Immune Defence zinc lozenges for adults and children over the age of 12 are allowed. Whether you’re battling a cold, going through a hard period, or just trying to keep your immune system working, Immune defence helps. It provides vital immune-boosting resources to keep you safe and help increase the resilience of your body to colds and diseases.

In case I am on a medication for a particular issue now, can I start using Immune defence?

When you take antibiotics or medications like Tetracyclines, you should not take Immune Defence.

Customer Reviews

By Sullivan Frank

“I catch a cold faster than anyone else in this world. That’s how immune I was from a young age, and it will stay on me for the next seven days, as I sneeze and cough all around the place. Now I am past forty, and I came across this product called Immune Defence, and I purchased it. After all, it was one of the hundred products I have purchased to cure my cold, which none did. But to my surprise, I was all right in two days.”

By Roger Atkins

“I am a teacher in a school, and often embarrass myself by continuously sneezing when I am teaching the students. Due to that, my form gets broken, and the students themselves giggle away. It is very embarrassing. Even since I saw what Immune Defence is capable of doing, I have been using it, and my sneezing has gone down considerably. “

By James Sheldon

“I am an ageing person, and I felt my Immunity towards a lot of allergies was going down, as I used to be bedridden at least once in a month. Not a single Doctor could trace the problem, till I decided I would take the plunge with Immune Defence. Its been two months now, and I feel my good old days are coming back, and the Immunity has risen in me.”

By Victor Nero

“I was never good with food from childhood days, but I believed in eating a lot of junk food, and this led to a complete breakdown of my immune system by the time I reached twenty-five years of age. I became a chronic patient, and all kinds of bacteria and viruses took a toll on me. My friend advised me to take Immune Defence, and now I have improved a lot in my eating habits too.”

The final verdict

Failing Immunity is the root cause of all ailments and attacks by Flu etc. Nasty tasting syrups, or difficult to swallow tablets, are the order of the day, and results have not been that great at all. Immune Defence has natural and vital ingredients. It helps you recover from this, by not only treating you fast enough, but also strengthen the Immunity in our system, and with no side effects at all.

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