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The days where earphones had cords are now gone. The new trend in the market is a new item. Earphones having Bluetooth connectivity, this was first launched by the tech giant known as Apple. Sound quality, playback time, built quality, all were fine. The only issue was that it wasn’t affordable to a large audience. This created a huge demand. That is where a company out of the United States came out and started producing a similar product. It is called as the iHeadphones.

These earphones are created for the crowds that need the exact similar features at a much lower cost. When the product hit the market, it was welcomed with open arms. Created with utmost care and high quality, the iHeadphones is a force to be reckoned with. The perfect mate while having coffee in a park. Clear, loud and good quality music for any instance is what the iHeadphones have to offer.

The iHeadphones offer a brilliant experience acoustically. All that has to be done is to connect with the phone Bluetooth, plug into the ears and listen to the favorite music. The earphones have a lot of qualities. There is no more messing around with the cords to get the ends separate. This is very anxious in nature. Open the case and directly enjoy, that is all that needs to be done.

The iHeadphones are very attractive. The company has made everything about the iHeadphones futuristic. It has a very good battery back-up. The case of the iHeadphones is very compact and cute. It is very easy to carry around. The product is a visual treat. The company offers the gadget in a variety of bright and dark colors to suit the mood and situation.


About iHeadphones

The iHeadphones are one league ahead of all the other brands available in the market. There are a lot of other brands that look the same as the iHeadphones. But it sure doesn’t have the quality that this company offers. This product is amazing with all its latest attributes. The latest technology is used to create this masterpiece. Now, there are no more cord tangles that need to be fixed before enjoying music.

There is a dedicated case in which the iHeadphones can be kept. This is the same case that is used to charge the product. The case of the iHeadphones has the same color as the earphones in them. This makes it look even better. All the other products in the market have a substandard built quality, isn’t good looking or have a very high price. The iHeadphones has every aspect combined in the best of ratios.

The brand uses a super-fast Bluetooth connection to connect to the mobile device. What this means is, the music played on the phone will have no disturbance at all. The iHeadphones are highly consumer-friendly and very much safe to use. This product has all-together changed the whole ball-game when it comes to Bluetooth earphones.

How Does The iHeadphones Work?

The iHeadphones are a great innovation in the area of Bluetooth earphones. They provide the best in class sound clarity and life. Many other cheaper brands are available. But this one is different from all other brands that are available. To use the iHeadphones , all that needs to be done is to connect it to the Bluetooth on the mobile device and then enjoy the brilliant sound. Now calls can be enjoyed in high-clarity sound that is offered.

These earphones are of great value. When the earphones are plugged into the ears, the sound from outside cannot enter into the ears. It causes the experience to be clear and well defined. This unparalleled level of quality is only available with this product. Since the case is easy to carry around, it can be taken to any place. To listen to music at work, or while taking a stroll on the beach or even while traversing through crowds, this is the best option that is available in the market now.

The bass of these earphones are amazing. When the music is turned on, it is almost similar to witnessing a live concert. The clarity and the sound is that crisp. There are no unwanted sounds that will intrude on the acoustic delight that is being experienced. The earphone is a great addition to any gadget collector. These earphones are really easy to use. They have an incredibly well-structured appearance.

iHeadphones Review

Features of iHeadphones

This technological marvel is loaded with an amazing set of functions. These functions are unique and sets this product apart from the wide array of other brands that are available on the market. The company combines these functions with a mind-blowing price to make this an incredible experience. These are the futuristic specifications of the iHeadphones:

  • Sound quality: The iHeadphones have incredible sound quality. The crispness of the sound is so good. This product delivers a theatre quality experience. The earphones give a varied feel from all the other products that are available on the market. This is a feature that makes the iHeadphones distinguishable in its service.
  • Active Noise Cancelling: The product has an active noise cancellation system.4 . It provides a world where there is no other interference in terms of sound. This is the best product that helps to zone out and relax with personalized music.
  • Compatibility: The iHeadphones are compatible with any device. It supports Android and Apple products. So, enjoying music from any device is not going to be an issue anymore. It works without any glitches. The streaming of music is seamless and unparalleled.
  • Compact: The product is very compact. The earphones do not have cords. So, every time it is taken out for use, there is no need to untangle the cords. No melee with the cords anymore. This product allows a fun experience with music, no strings attached. Why ever get an earphone that would give anxiety to plug it in?
  • Hands-free Calls: This product gives a high-quality hands-free calling experience. This creates comfort to take calls in crowded places. There is no need to put hands in the pocket to take the phone out. There is no need to go through the purse at the shopping mall while in a queue. This product makes it convenient to answer calls while in an engaging situation.
  • Bluetooth 4.2: The product uses an advanced-stage Bluetooth version. Bluetooth 4.2. This version of Bluetooth is the latest in the market now. It helps the device to connect to the mobile device, whichever brand it may be. It ensures a seamless experience. There is no interference while listening to music or while conversing on the phone. This advanced version of Bluetooth guarantees a great user experience.
  • Battery: The product has an amazing battery life. A product like this should have a good battery life. There are other products in the market which are very flashy and promise a lot of features but do not deliver them. But with iHeadphones, the matter is completely different. The company promises a continuous playback time of 8 hours. This is a great feature. It provides an uninterrupted play of music. It has a very good battery life.
  • Twin mode: The product offers a very different function. It offers a twin mode. This mode helps to connect to another device of the same brand. What this twin mode performs is, it plays the same song on both pairs of earphones. This enables the sharing of music with another device. After all, sharing is caring.
  • Charging On The Go: The iHeadphones provides a very critical feature. Here, the company has provided a solution for the issue which is provided along with the product. The case of the product holds charge. So, whenever the earphones are not in use it can be kept in the case which charges it. The case is very small in size and it is compact. So, it is easy to carry around.
  • Color Options: The product comes in a lot of colors. So, it is easy to choose a color of interest. It comes in Pearl White, Yellow, Pink, Sky Blue, Jade Green, and Black. These color options are only available with iHeadphones.

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Benefits of iHeadphones

The iHeadphones has a lot of benefits. There are vast amounts of plus-points for this gadget. The benefits of this device are given below:

  • Easy to use – The device is easy to use. it has to be taken out of the case, connected to the phone via Bluetooth and then play music.
  • Latest technology – The device uses the latest version of Bluetooth to connect to the device. It is the Bluetooth version 4.2. this version ensures that the connection between the phone and the device is not hampered or interrupted in anyway.
  • Crystal clear sound – The best part about the product is its crystal clear sound. This makes the experience amazing. This gadget was produced for the audience wanting a different sound sense.
  • Small in size: The gadget is small and compact in size so it easy and convenient to carry it around. The case of the product carries a pair of earphones and easily fits the pocket or the purse.
  • Price – The price of the product is very competitive. The price of the product is only a fraction of the other giant brands that are available in the market. The price is low and it has all the features of the premium brand.
  • Battery back-up – The device puts out 8 hours of non-stop music. Looking at other devices, this is a wonderful feat. There is no need to run behind other expensive brands to have a bigger battery life. This is the best in class.
  • Modern design – The product has a great design. It is better than the design of the most premium brands available in the market. It is very fashionable and futuristic.
  • Compatibility – It is compatible with all major brands.
  • Case – The device has a chargeable case which is compact and can be carried anywhere. There is no fear of running out of charge. The music will never stop.

Purchase and Price

The company has provided a very interesting way of pricing the product. There are combo prices which carry huge discounts. The company has slashed the price by 50%.

The prices are given below:

Refund Policy and Cash Back

The company provides a 14-day return policy. If the product does not function properly it can be returned to the company within 14 days of delivery. The cash will be returned minus the cost of shipping.

The product has 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. It is applicable if the product is damaged on delivery, the product has a factory defect or if it has an error in the system.

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When will the product be delivered?
The product has a 21 day delivery period. You can collect the product at your doorstep.

Does the product have a warranty?
Yes. The product has a one year warranty. It covers factory defects, transportation damage, and system error.


  • iHeadphones have an amazing battery life.
  • It has a chargeable case.
  • It has the latest Bluetooth connection.
  • It has a futuristic design.
  • The price is only a fraction of the premium brands.
  • It is compatible with all the popular devices.
  • It has an 8-hour battery life.


  • The product is only available on the official site.
  • It has no other cons.

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Customer Testimonials

Larry ~ The iHeadphone is my favorite gadget. At the office or home, I can use this to listen to music or to answer calls. The sound clarity is at par with all the other highly-priced earphones in the market. The best part about this is that I don’t have to fiddle around with the cords. I can pop open the case, plug them in and enjoy the glory of my favorite music.

Jenny ~ I was searching for a Bluetooth ear set that performs well and also has a good battery life. This is how I came across the iHeadphone. I looked at the price and immediately got one for myself. That is one of the best decisions I have taken, as far as gadgets go. I have to travel long distances for work. So I use this to listen to music. The best part is that even if I sleep off on the flight while listening to music, the earphone won’t fall off.

Pearson ~ These are the best in range earphones ever. That is how I would address it. I absolutely like its design. The main point about the gadget is that it is of a very low price. All these amazing features are available for an amazing price.


To have an affordable product which has all the features and design of the premium brands is awesome. That is exactly where iHeadphones excel. It provides the best kind of features for a fraction of the price. The iHeadphones provides with one of the best sound clarity ever. The quality of the product is so high that there is a demand for it online. Stocks run out fast

The iHeadphone is a futuristic product. It has a chargeable case. This ensures that the earphones do not run out of charge. It also has an amazing battery life. It can play music continuously up to 8 hours without discharging completely.

The company provides with an amazing offer on the pricings. After 50% off on the products, there is an additional discount if there is a combo purchase of two or three pairs of earphones. Over-all the product is amazing and gives great value for money. The company also provides a 1-year warranty which covers the handling, factory, and system defects.

The iHeadphone is a really good investment. It is in demand among gadget lovers. So, do go ahead and purchase one before the stocks run out.

iHeadphones reviews

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