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You can attain anything in this world or achieve your dreams through hypnosis. Many people have completely changed their lives or witnessed a turnaround for good with hypnosis. Proper hypnosis can solve your brain issues. It decreases stress, anxiety, tension, and depression. It also supports the brain to develop positive energy patterns and relaxes the brain. But getting the advantage of hypnosis has always been very expensive and difficult till Hypnosis Live introduced its 200 plus self-hypnosis downloadable mp3 audios.


About the Hypnosis Live

The mp3 audio sessions offered by Hypnosis Live can be downloaded on your MP3 players or any of your gadgets or devices including the iPhone. A session lasts for 30-40 minutes and is very simple to follow. The instructions have been recorded by a highly qualified hypnotherapist and practitioner. These sessions use a mixture of NLP and hypnosis, for the most powerful and helpful impact. It supports appropriate self-hypnotic exercises to help you reprogram your state of mind.

Hypnosis Live

There are over 200 self-hypnosis audio downloads offered by Hypnosis Live in 9 different categories which cover nearly all the problems faced by you.

Mental Skills

The sessions offered under this category induces your brain for sharper thinking, photographic memory power, speed reading skill, total focus, etc.


The sessions available under this category help you change your mindset like your attitude of gratitude, achieve your goals, get motivated and end procrastination, install self-discipline, etc.


The sessions available under this category help you express feelings more, control your emotions, dissolve anger, stop being insecure, forgive for good, and more.

Fear, Worry, Anxiety

The various sessions available under this category can be used by you to overcome the fears of rejection, flying, failure, driving, death, going to hospital, and more.


The sessions offered under this category induces your brain to stop nail-biting, reduce alcohol abuse, deal with baldness, lower your blood pressure, fight cancer, improved vision and many more to improve your health.


These sessions induce your self-growth like feel happy now, positive thinking, find your life purpose, etc.

Personal Development

These sessions support personal development like wealth attraction, think big, dating success, etc.

Body Improvement

These sessions induce body improvement like drink more water, exercise motivator, etc.


These sessions improve sexuality like male sexual performance enhancer, attract men, attract women, perfect pickup artist, and more.

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How Does Product Work?

Hypnosis is an apparatus for developing your life. The audios from Hypnosis Live for self-hypnosis installs empowering, positive beliefs and patterns of thought into your mind, modifying how you feel and act about yourself. It supports you by taking you primarily to a relaxing, deep state. It uses a mixture of visualization, affirmations and special NLP exercises. It also supports the mind to reprogram in the most advantageous way possible.

How to use the Sessions?

First, you have to select the session you want. Then sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Put on your headphones for the best results and play the audio. Relax and listen to the voice of your hypnotist.

How Many Sessions can be Used?

You can listen to a session any number of times according to your need and till you get a positive result. The more you listen, the better and faster results you get. Also, you can download and listen to multiple sessions to address different problems in life.

Is it safe to use these Sessions?

Yes, the sessions have been created by an expert hypnotist and are very safe for your use. Thousands of satisfied users also vouch for these sessions. But please don’t listen to these sessions while you are driving or engaged in some other activity. These sessions require that you are completely relaxed. Also, if you have any psychiatric condition or epilepsy you are advised to consult your doctor before listening to these audio sessions.

Are these Session Addictive?

No these sessions are not addictive. These are conceived and conducted by a specialist and well-known hypnotist. Also, thousands of users are using these sessions and getting positive results without any complaints.

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Benefits of the Hypnosis Live

  • The Hypnosis Live hypnosis sessions are easily downloadable and refreshes your mind.
  • These sessions induce a state of hypnosis whereby you can train your mind by developing your willpower and achieve your goals in life.
  • These easy to download audio sessions restores the positivity of your brain.
  • It increases your focus, attention, clarity of thought and cognitive abilities.
  • It increases your memory power.
  • It helps you to be confident, motivated and achieve any goal in life.
  • It has more than 200 mp3 audios which are specifically created to solve any problem you face in life.

Side Effects of using these Hypnosis Live audio sessions

There are no side effects of Hypnosis audio. But it is recommended not to drive or operate any machines while listening to these sessions. You must be in a completely relaxed state when you are into these sessions for the best results. It is assured that self-hypnosis induced while listening to these sessions just clears and refreshes your state of mind. It does not control or hypnotize you.

Purchase & Price

Ordering Hypnosis Live right now puts you in an advantageous position as a buyer. If you buy one audio session, it costs you $ 22.95. As you purchase more sessions, the discount offered by the company keeps on increasing. The company also offers several bundle packs like law of attraction hypnosis bundle, sharp mind hypnosis bundle, the multi-millionaire hypnosis bundle, etc. for a discounted price of $ 32.95 instead of its regular price of $ 91.80.

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Money-Back Guarantee and refund policy

Your audio purchase from Hypnosis Live is covered by the company’s 14 days’ money-back guarantee. And for audio CD purchases, you can claim a refund within one-month time. To avoid exploitation of its refund policy, the company allows only five-album refunds per customer per twelve-month period.


How do these audios help?
These audios from Hypnosis Live can support you modify any and almost every area of your life. It supports you to gain your confidence, helps you to quit smoking, helps you to battle all the fears and phobias and also helps you to have improved business. It is your secret apparatus to achieve success.

Will these Hypnosis Live audios work?
Yes, these audios work on your mind and body. Listening to these audio downloads supports hypnotherapy and hypnosis which are accurately proven processes of change of self and are used by many successful people across the world.

Who is the hypnotist behind the hypnosis live?
The Hypnosis Live sessions were constituted and reported by famous hypnotist Julie Ann Amos, a Master in NLP hypnotherapist and practitioner. She was taught by John LaValle, John Altfield and Dr. Joseph Riggio. She practiced in conversational hypnosis and is a fruitful author on many topics of self-help.

How are your Hypnosis sessions different from others?
The Hypnosis Live sessions are exceptionally powerful and helpful. They use a mixture of NLP and hypnosis, for the most powerful and helpful impact. It supports appropriate exercises to help certainly reprogram your state of mind. It is reported by the highly qualified hypnotherapists and practitioner, who mixes the most fruitful and powerful techniques to have a great experience.

Can these sessions make you tranced?
No, these sessions will not make get stuck in a trance. You will not be hypnotized into wrongdoing. It does not make you unconscious or control you. Self-hypnosis is an apparatus to support you to concentrate and reprogram your state of mind, using your inner peace and capability. The hypnosis session just supports you to reach that place.

Is the transaction safe?
The transactions on the online website are ultra-secure. It uses 256-bit encryption and your credit card details are not stored. The purchasing website is PCI compliant and certified by Trust Guard.


  • It can approach the site from any of the devices and easy to download.
  • It is adaptable with all dais, including the iPhone
  • The program continues for only 30-40 minutes and it is very simple to follow.
  • After you have finalized your order, you can simply download the Hypnosis MP3 sessions to your gadget and listen to it.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can get a refund within 14 days.
  • It supports to smoothly convey patterns of thoughts and you are not controlled or hypnotized.
  • They can leave the session reflective, refreshed and clear.


  • Hypnosis Live is only accessible online. You cannot approach it if you do not have an internet connection.
  • It needs more consistency and dedication to see quick and striking results.
  • You get the Hypnosis live only on the official website of the manufacturer.

Customer Testimonials

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I am an avid smoker for the last 20 years. I know the harmful effects of smoking and my wife dislikes it. I had tried to quit smoking several times but without success. My wife asked me to join a session of Stop Smoking hypnosis. After I listened to the Mp3 session, I found the determination and strength to say no to smoking. I could feel the positive vibes that helped me to break the habit of smoking. To my surprise, there were no withdrawal symptoms also. I no longer feel the craving to smoke even if I see people around me smoking, Stop Smoking hypnosis has changed my life forever. Anthony Clark, 52, Houston, Texas.

After my mother turned 60, I could see that she had problems remembering things. She could not find the keys to the wardrobe or remember where she has kept important documents. She was forgetting to pay the bills on time as well. I asked her to try Photographic Memory Power hypnosis session. It was simple to use and could be listened via headphones after downloading. After attending a session, she could feel the difference. She was able to concentrate and focus more. She started to remember things with clarity and bring to mind what was required and the right time. Betty Taylor, 30, San Diego, California.

From my childhood days, I had this fever of visiting hospitals. Leave alone for my treatment, I avoided going to the hospital even to visit an ailing friend or relative. When my wife was expecting our first child, I felt that it is time that I try to break this fear of visiting the hospital. I took the help of The Fear of Going into Hospitals hypnosis session to ward off my hospital phobia. After I listened to this powerful hypnosis, I understood that hospitals are not scary places. I understood the good work that they do to keep us healthy and happy. After this, I could attend the delivery of my first child at the hospital without any fear. Mathew Martinez, 35, New York.

When I got a job as a reporter in a women’s magazine I was not sure as to how equipped I am to join as I was not confident about my writing skills. I was trying my best to give quality articles, but I could not match up to the standards expected by my senior at work. My senior advised me to try to Be a Better Writer from Hypnosis Live. Listening to this audio unlocked my writing potential. It programmed my brain so that the thoughts could flow freely as I wrote. The articles I submitted thereafter grabbed the attention of readers and I got applauded at my workplace. Barbara Miller, 28, Seattle, Washington.


Using the sessions of Hypnosis Live will help you achieve your goals in life. you will surely be able to relax your mind and get inner peace and focus so that you can live your desires. These mp3 audio clips guide you to self-hypnosis sessions. It revives and rejuvenates your conscious and subconscious mind and ensures the elimination of all obstacles faced by you. These audios have also given positive benefits to thousands of successful users. You can also purchase and download the self-hypnosis audios from Hypnosis Live now as exciting discount offers are going on.

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