Hypnosis For Weight Loss

When it comes to maintaining the right body weight, we all are in a perpetual battle with the bulge! There are very few who can boast of having a healthy body shape for years without putting in much effort. Due to the stay-at-home situation and the dull weather, all your efforts at using dietary herbs and exercising regularly don’t seem to bear fruit either. However, don’t throw in the towel yet. No matter how grim the situation, there is always a way around. Like, have you ever heard that hypnosis could help you lose weight? Yes, you’ve heard that right. Turns out that good old hypnosis has more to it than the hocus-pocus situations we’ve seen in movies. Here’s how:

What Is Hypnosis?

Also known as hypnotherapy, hypnosis is usually conducted by trained, certified hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapists use tools such as verbal repetitions or visual images to put in a trance-like state which help you attain heightened concentration and focus. When you are under hypnosis-induced trance, you are likely to feel far more relaxed and calm. Thus making you open to recommendations and suggestions, especially with regards to emotions, behavior, or certain habits1.

Most health conditions – physical or mental – cause immense stress and anxiety to the person thereby posing a hurdle when it comes to coping with it. In such situations, hypnotherapy is often recommended as it immediately helps to relax anxiety and calm down stress levels. This way a person is more focused in seeking suggestions and acting upon them. Due to its effectiveness, hypnotherapy is usually recommended to people who are scheduled to undergo a major surgery to help ease pre-procedure anxiety.

Hypnosis has also been found to be effective in helping pain control, relieving hot flash symptoms, as well as control behaviour-related issues like smoking, bed-wetting and weight loss.

Weight loss

Hypnosis And Weight Loss

It is believed that hypnosis can prove far more effective in losing weight than just dieting and exercise alone. This is because no matter how well-focused you are, it can be as easy to give in to temptations of overeating or giving up the exercise routines. In the end, all these are habits that are influenced by the mind. This is where hypnosis comes into picture. When it is a part of the comprehensive weight loss program along with dieting and exercise, there is a better likelihood of success than otherwise. Yet, let us also tell you that the jury is still out there when it comes to how far hypnosis might exactly affect your weight loss.

From a research point of you, a controlled trial that studied the effect of hypnosis for weight loss in people with obstructive sleep apnea threw some surprising results. The research compared two specific types of hypnotherapy with simple diet advice for sleep apnea and weight loss. All the 60 participants of the study reported 2 to 3 percent loss of weight of their body weight in 3 months. However, when they turned up for 18th month follow-up, the group that included hypnotherapy reported an additional loss of 8 pounds of body weight, on average. Although this additional weight loss did not seem to be very significant, researchers were still hopeful and recommended that hypnotherapy warranted more research as a treatment for weight loss and obesity2.

This may be an encouraging piece of information with respect to hypnosis for weight loss. Nevertheless, you need to remember there isn’t sufficient research to back hypnosis as a standalone line of treatment for weight loss. Whatever research is available has always been conducted on people who have used hypnosis in combination with diet as well as exercise for weight loss.


Tips To Follow Before A Hypnotherapy Session

If you are a first-timer, it is quite natural for you to feel anxious about the session. While there are no necessary steps to prepare for it, you can follow a few tips to help you be less anxious about it.

  • Wear comfortable, relaxing clothes to the session. Avoid wearing anything revealing or tight outfits as you may not be able to relax completely during the session.
  • Ensure you’ve had a good amount of sleep and rested well before the session. Since hypnosis makes you relax mentally, you might end up dozing.
  • Choose an experienced and certified hypnotherapist before booking an appointment. Check their educational and experience credentials.
  • Don’t miss reading the testimonials if they have been provided on the therapist’s or clinic’s website.
  • Check among friends, colleagues, or even on social media if someone has had a personal experience of visiting the said hypnotherapist. Speak to them. There is nothing as reassuring as someone who has had a live experience before.
  • Lastly, avoid going alone to these sessions. Always take a family member, friend, or a trusted acquaintance with you.

Hypnotherapy Session: What You Need To Know

Before the start of the hypnosis session, your therapist will have a discussion with you. They may ask questions like for how long you’ve been trying to lose weight, family history of obesity, regular lifestyle questions as well as emotional stressors, if any. Thereafter, they might proceed to the weight goal you’d want to achieve. Once all these have been noted, your therapist may guide you toward a more relaxed seating area – like a couch or a sofa. He/she will then start by speaking to you in a soothing, relaxed tone to help establish a feeling of relaxation and safety.

Once you let go of your inhibitions, your mind might go into a trance-like condition and become more receptive. At this point, your therapist will start giving constructive suggestions about your diet, things that you can incorporate in your exercise regimen, and all the stuff you need to avoid. The therapist might use certain keywords repetitively so it can register in your mind. He/she might also guide you to use your visualization skills to help you imagine reaching your set goals already and how that results might look. This often ends up boosting your morale.

At the close of the session, your therapist will gradually talk you out of the trance-like state and bring you back to how you started. Post the session, your therapist might want to ask you about your experience before confirming with you the date and time of your next scheduled visit. You can also take this opportunity to share your experience upfront. If in any way you do not feel satisfied with the results after a few sessions, do not hesitate to share this with your therapist.

It is quite rare for people to start seeing huge changes from the very first hypnotherapy session, yet is also a possibility. Still, refrain from having unfair expectations from the very onset. You’ll need to be patient. The number of sessions you require and the length of each session differ for each individual. They are largely dependent on a person’s weight level at the beginning of the session and their weight loss goals.

Remember, how beneficial hypnosis will be in your weight loss journey differs for every individual’s personal experience. However, it is too premature to consider hypnosis as a standalone line of treatment for weight loss. For now, it can prove beneficial only when combined with your diet and exercise weight loss regimen.

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