How to Use Distance Running to Lose Weight

There are a lot of ways through which one can lose weight like cycling, swimming, joining a gym, and many more however when you are in search of a way that is affordable as well as sustainable, running can be the most prominent way. All you need is a pair of sports shoes to burn some calories. Running is a great cardio exercise as it not only helps you in burning calories but also boosts your cardiovascular health. Running can help you shed weight when combined with the proper technique and right diet. The span of a distance run is said to be more than 1500m and to be considered as a distance runner one needs to run around 1500m. No matter what their pace is as it is decided by the distance you cover and not the speed at which you are running. Below given are the tips which can help you to lose weight through distance running.

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  • Develop consistency in your running routine

Although getting started is a vital step to make a running routine, however, consistency is the key. Being consistent about your routine helps you in making running a habit. Once you can commit to your running routine you can notice the benefits it will bring to your life. There are various ways through which one can bring consistency: try to find a friend to run with, once you know that someone is counting on you to show up to the running spot it makes you more punctual and regular. And for people who enjoy social interactions, it’s always fun to have company around. This can help you to avoid lazy days and will help you to lose weight faster.

  • Motivate yourself but don’t over push yourself

Motivation is necessary for the smooth completion of any task. It enhances your performance and also brings satisfaction. A motivated person is said to perform better in an efficient manner. It is necessary to set a target before running however don’t set unrealistic targets as they will be difficult to achieve and can cause injury as well. There is no need to tire yourself to an extent where it becomes difficult for you to recover. It is necessary to maintain and manage your pace while running as running at a faster pace does not always mean burning more calories. It is the combination of distance, pace, and time that determines how many calories you burned. Taking short breaks in between the running session is also necessary to run for a longer time. Short breaks enable you to run longer and faster as they help you to prevent injuries and aids in fast recovery.

  • Maintain flexibility in your running technique

Each body reacts differently to different running techniques hence it is necessary to be flexible with your ways to find out what works best for you. People with a fast metabolism can be benefitted from a standard run however, others might need to run for a longer time with a short period of intervals. So it becomes necessary to keep on trying new ways of running to determine which way helps you to lose weight easily. It is also to be noted that carrying out the same workout for a long period can make your body used to that amount of exertion. Mixing different types of runs can enable you to burn more calories and also help in preventing muscle loss. In some cases, it can also help in muscle building. One can include different types of run in their routine like a tempo run, progression run, and fartlek.

  • Do not ignore your diet

Diet plays a vital role in weight loss. Planning and maintaining a healthy diet is essential to achieve weight loss. Running for around 3-4kms helps you in burning 250-300 calories. This means that craving for carbs and other foods after a run can intensify significantly. It is advised to eat a protein-rich and balanced diet. Maintaining a healthy diet can enable you to fight those cravings easily and also provides the energy for a heavy workout. Intake of whole foods like grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables can help you improve your performance as they act as fuel for the body. It is also necessary to manage the quantity of food that you consume as consumption of healthy foods in excess quantity will increase the calorie intake which will then hinder the weight loss process. It was seen that many people who take up running for weight loss tend to overanalyze their results. Due to this, they are unable to reach the required calorie deficit as they end up eating more than they should, to maintain the deficit. Since running requires a significant amount of energy it is recommended to go for a run right before your meal. This will help you in avoiding loading up on extra calories with low nutritional value. You can reduce 500 calories from your normal calorie intake to lose weight in a healthy manner. Reducing more than 500 calories cannot be considered a healthy weight loss and will also affect your running sessions.

  • Include strength training

Strength training enables you to perform better by improving the strength of the muscles. It also reduces the chances of injury by improving the endurance of the muscles. This helps you to run for a longer time without the risk of injury. Strength training is a great way to activate muscles. Carrying out various strength exercises for different parts of the body can also help you to lose weight faster as it boosts the metabolism. Plank is the most popular exercise among runners as it targets various body parts at the same time. It can help in strengthening the core muscles, arms, shoulders, and also glutes. It is also necessary to strengthen your legs for an effective running session. Various exercises like forward and backward lunges, wall sits, and leg lifts can be carried to strengthen the legs.

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