How To Cope With the Holiday Blues

In medical terms, holiday blues are feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and depression during holidays, caused by many reasons like loss of family or loved ones or other emotional reasons. During the holidays, many people enjoy their time with family members or loved ones as it’s free time to spend time with them.

But some people don’t have such options, due to reasons like they may have lost their family member or loved one on an accident or other reasons like divorce or living far away from home where they Cannot go back home for holidays longing for their presence beside them. People feel emotionally sad and painful due to their loved ones around them during their free time and feel depressed by reminiscing memories.

Holiday Blues

Holiday seasons are common in everyone’s life like they get vacations during studies or job. Seasonal depression or loneliness become common in people as people suffer from this type of depression because every time they can’t get to spend their time with the people they like. Holiday seasons like Christmas vacations, festivals, and events are challenges for people who suffer from these depressions.

There are some symptoms of holiday blues, such as an increase in depression. When holidays are about to come or during holidays feels like simple daily activities are more complicated than usual such as taking a walk or getting out of bed and doing some home chores—focusing on the thing they are doing becomes difficult during this depression. And feel more tired than usual, and doing simple work feel exhausted. People with holiday blues feel losing interest in things they usually enjoy doing. People feel sad during these days, reminiscing past joyful days.

  • There are many causes for such holiday depressions, like some days may trigger thoughts of loved ones who have died or some who left.
  • Isolation from the outside world during holidays leads to depressions, and people with a lack of opportunities to socialize during the holidays feel lonely.
  • Sometimes financial problems may lead to depression. Some people don’t have enough money to spend on holidays like other people who celebrate holidays the way they like and suffer from financial hardships.
  • People feel estranged during get-togethers or family events, leading to emotional stress due to inner conflicts and other reasons. It is hard to communicate with their family members.
  • Some people may feel stress during shopping and other family planning where you need to attend no matter what and feel overwhelmed and tired. And holidays are the best option for many people to go shopping and stress just thinking about the holiday.

Reasons may be different for different people some people need to attend events during holidays, but they are afraid of the crowd, or some people spend all day in their home alone.

Many measures available for the rescue so that they can avoid such holiday blues. By doing simple things that may distract them from having depression. Many things can contribute to overcoming such blues

  • Sometimes plenty of sleep can solve many mental problems has. Some people suffer due to the lack of sleep, and resting well can improve mood and refresh.
  • When a person suffers from feeling grievance, spending time with family and friends can support such a difficult time. Overcome loss of a loved one with the help of being with someone close.
  • Spending alone at home during holidays may be challenging for some people so by making an opportunity to invite friends or families to spend the holiday with them. Having dinners or spending time with them may help in solving loneliness.
  • Exercising sometimes may help solve mental problems like anxiety and sadness as they make themselves busy doing something and beneficial for body health. Taking a walk a couple of times a day may help boost mood.
  • Some people may not accept the situation they are in and feel lonely and sad but taking such cases is best to make them feel better.
  • Some people feel bad because they couldn’t enjoy the holidays the way they wanted and the reasons for it may be many. It’s better to do things in a new way or a different solution, rather than feeling sad about things not in your control.
  • Sometimes it’s better to plan for holidays and decide what activities to be done during and buy or do things beforehand which are needed to prepare for it.
  • When staying alone, it better to do things which make them feel better and relaxing. Watching new movies, reading novels, and other activities may help handle better rather than stay idle alone. Going out for fresh air and enjoying nature may help overcome loneliness as some people don’t have the opportunity to spend time with their family or friends.
  • Shopping is a common habit for many during the holidays, so make it under the budget. Many people aren’t afraid to buy things, so making plans according to the fund is better and should know happiness doesn’t come from buying gifts.
  • Some people may force others to do what they want them to do better to learn to say no when they don’t want to do that because later, I feel overwhelmed. Emotional breakdown may happen when doing over exhausting things, so avoid it.
  • There are some volunteer works which helps in lifting the mood like doing work with others may help in making feel better. Volunteering to help others who are in need lifts the spirit.
  • If the situation is out of control, then it’s better to go for therapy treatment. There are many therapies available in the medical field, which helps in solving mental problems.
  • Thinking positive gives better results as positive thinking builds up a better environment around them, and positive behavior can help manage holiday blues. Negative thinking leads to feeling sad, and anxiety but positive things have opposite effects on them.
  • Having a better diet and exercising habits help improve the health of the body and mind. Eating healthy food, sleeping on time, and exercising habits are the basic need for a healthy life. Maintaining a better mood is essential to cope up with holiday blues. Many people consume alcohol and eat junk food when they feel depressed, but it only amplifies depression, so eating healthy food is suitable for emotional benefits.

Doing physical activities can solve a problem like holiday depressions. As mentioned above, doing simple, effortless, and pleasant things solving holiday depression; worrying about such issues is unnecessary.


Many things help solve feelings like sadness, guilt, loneliness, and anxiety, and it’s better to prevent it because sometimes health issues may arise due to such reasons.  Doing simple work may help in lifting the mood. Changing the environment around them helps improve mental state. A plan can help to enjoy the holidays rather than feeling depressed. People can do many things in their free time and learn many new things to make them feel better and make many friends during the holidays. Despite these efforts, some people still feel hopeless; at this point, it’s better to consult professionals who help in such situations. There are treatments available that help in emotional stress and depression.

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