How Removable Storage Works?

Computers have become integral parts of our lives now. Along with desktops, laptops and tablets have also gained immense popularity. Whatever be the kind of system you are using, you must have needed removable storage at some point of time or the other. It is very interesting to note that removable storages have been there almost from the time computers came into the market. It is true that the kinds and varieties of removable storage options have changed from time to time, but their function remains the same.

Paper punch cards are probably the earliest form of removable storage option on computers for storing information. After that, removable storage was mainly based on a magnetic tape, similar to that of an audio cassette tape. But these styles of removable storage have become almost obsolete now as new and better options are available, which are technologically more advanced. In the earlier storage devices, storage capacities were also limited. However, in the new devices, one can store gigabytes and terabytes of data! And all this data can be stored on a single cartridge, disk or card.

Some reasons why portable or removable storage are useful

We have seen the widespread use of various kinds of removable storage devices. Mentioned below are the reasons why these devices are so very useful:

  • It helps in taking back up of important and vital information from the computer, laptop or any other device.
  • It is commercial software and hence works on almost all kinds of devices.
  • It helps in storing various kinds of information, data as well as software, which is not needed on a regular basis. When needed, the storage device can be connected to the system (desktop/laptop, etc.) and the data or software can be accessed.
  • It helps in transferring data between two systems easily without much time and effort.
  • If you want to give some data or information to anyone, you can copy the same on the removable storage and give it to them.
  • Removable storages are also safe for keeping confidential information.
  • Most of these storage devices are very small in size and can be easily carried in a pocket or in a purse.

Different categories in which removable storage works

We all know that storage capacities of removable storage devices vary from one another greatly. For instance, a floppy drive was able to store from about 1.44MB of data; while current days’ external hard disk drive has almost 1-2TB storage capacity. There are actually three categories in which removable storage options are available. They are as follows:

  • Magnetic storage
  • Optical storage
  • Solid-state storage

Magnetic storage devices – This is probably the most common and enduring removable storage technology used. Right from floppy disks to diskettes, the devices have been there for 15 years and they are still found. A drive used is also a kind of magnetic storage device. It is an external device, which has to be connected to the computer. Information on the computer can be copied on this disk now without any problem.

When using magnetic disks or cartridges, information can be recorded instantly and it can also be erased and reused again and again. These storages are more or less cheap and readily available as well. Cartridges are among the most popular magnetic storage devices. It is basically a hard disk which contains many platters and is kept in a hard, plastic case. The most common magnetic storage devices, which are very popular today are none other than portable drives. These drives are completely external and they are integrally related to the USB technology. The media and drive mechanism is inside one setup only. You need a USB cable for connecting the drive to the computer or laptop. It shows on the computer as an “external drive or external storage device” and is made available. You can transfer any kind of data from the system to this device via the USB cable. The process of transfer is fast and safe as well.

Optical storage options – Anyone who has used a computer knows of a CD. CD is the compact disc and it is one of the most common and popular optical storage options available and known. The surface of the CD is small and quite an amount of data can be stored in the device. The surface of the CD is like a mirror under which there are billions of tiny and minute bumps which are arranged in tightly wound, long spiral. It is the function of the CD player to read the bumps with laser and interpret the available information in the form of bits of data. It is interesting to know that there are two kinds of CDs available – CD-R and CD-RW, which is CD recordable and CD-rewritable respectively. Along with CD, DVD is also another kind of optical removable storage option available in the market. Generally, the storage capacity of DVDs is more than that of CDs.

Solid-state storage option – This is a very popular kind of removable storage particularly devised for smaller devices like PDAs and digital cameras and is known as Flash memory. This is a kind of solid-state technology, which means that there are no moving parts. There is a small chip that actually stores the data, which can again be transferred to other devices as and when needed. Though these Flash devices are very small, they can store lots of data in them.

Different companies manufacturing removable storage devices

In this highly competitive market, every company is trying to make its mark by providing something unique to customers. This is applicable for companies manufacturing various kinds of electronic devices including removable storage devices. Today the market is flooded with innumerable companies manufacturing various kinds of storage devices for the computer, laptop, and other similar devices.

ThePhotoStick Mobile

photostick mobile

One gadget which needs a special mention when it comes to the modern removable storage device is ThePhotoStick Mobile. With the help of this gadget, it is possible to take the backup of your videos and photos almost instantly. There are no more chances of the photos and videos getting deleted and lost from your computer and mobile. For use on computers, only ThePhotoStick will work. ThePhotoStick Mobile is needed for use on mobiles.

The best thing about ThePhotoStick Mobile is that it resembles an ordinary USB device, which has to be simply connected to the mobile. Once that is done, the device takes backup of all the media files which are present on the phone. And once the backup is taken, the media files are absolutely safe. Infact it has been seen that many long-lost photos have also been restored with the help of this device. Another great thing about this device is that no internet connection is required for its operations. There is no relation to the Cloud, thus making the device safe. Mentioned below are the main features of ThePhotoStick Mobile:

  • Can be connected to iOS as well as Android phones and the data can then be transferred to a computer
  • Stores thousands of images and videos
  • Fast software
  • Supports various kinds of media formats
  • Runs without internet or Wi-Fi
  • Small device hence fits everywhere and can be carried easily
  • No monthly subscription required
  • An extremely secure photo backup solution
  • Not very expensive

Depending on your requirements, choose the removable storage device wisely.

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