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HerSolution Booty Sculpt System






Reduce appearance of stretch marks & cellulite


mprove blemishes, discoloration & acne




If you want a rounded peachy booty, so does every other woman. That is the story of every woman’s life. We all want a rounded tight butt that is nicely sculpted. The good news is that you can now have it. If you weren’t born with it, you can now get it from using creams and lotions that are meant to give you a perfectly sculpted bottom.

The manufacturer rightly compares women to butterflies – pretty to look at but hard to capture. Their product is organic-rich that lifts tightens and softens the buttocks.

HerSolution Booty Sculpt System

About HerSolution Booty Sculpt System

HerSolution Booty Sculpt System is a 3-way system to give you a smoother, firmer and larger, rounded butt. It is especially good for women with stretch marks on their bottom. This formula is an anti-ageing and smoothing formula for women. HerSolution Booty Sculpt System is a natural formula that ensures that you get a firm and rounded bottom safely. It does not harm your skin or health in any way.

This product is designed to give you a completely firm and sculpted butt that you can get when you work out hard in a gym or undergo a skin tightening and sculpting surgery. The only difference is that you get it without having to undergo any painful process. This product has fast become popular among women and you get visible results. It contains ingredients that can give you the result that you long for, quickly and safely. If you aim for quicker results, then combine this product with a well-balanced and healthy diet.

Special Features of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System

The product is: –

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sulphate free
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

How Does HerSolution Booty Sculpt System Work?

HerSolution Booty Sculpt System has natural ingredients that complement each other. Knowing what ingredients have come together to form this miracle formula and how it works helps you in making an informed decision to buy and use it. This 3-way system is comprised of 3 parts as detailed below: –

HerSolution Stimulating Scrub – The first part of this formula is the stimulating scrub. We will talk about the ingredients in the next section. For now, just know that this scrub aims to give you a smoother and tighter bottom. This Stimulating Scrub has anti-oxidant properties that tighten the skin. It also has anti-aging properties to give you a younger-looking bottom.

How to Use HerSolution Stimulating Scrub – Gently massage your buttocks with the scrub when you are in the shower or bath every day. Use circular motions to massage the product into your wet skin.

Collagen Booty Mask – This Mask is the second part of this 3-part formula. It works to give you a smoother butt that is cellulite-free. We all are aware of how the skin looks when cellulite is present. It looks like ‘cottage cheese’ – wobbly and uneven. The Collagen Booty Mask is a serum that helps to target the problem areas like the thighs, hips and buttocks. It helps increase the production of collagen so that you have a smooth and firm bottom.

How to Use Collagen Booty Mask – Clean the skin well and apply a thin layer of the mask on the clean skin. Let it remain for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and wipe it dry. Apply Sculpt Scrub and Smooth Serum on the skin.

Stretch Mark Serum – The last of this System contains only natural ingredients. The Stretch Mark Serum works to remove the stretch marks that give the skin an older appearance. It increases hydration by moisturizing it from within. When the skin is hydrated, the stretch marks diminish, giving the skin a smoother and healthier look.

How to Use Stretch Mark Serum – Pump 2 to 3 dollops on your palm and massage it on the buttocks in gentle circular motions. Use it every day, morning and at bedtime, for a month. This will get you the best results. You can also use this serum on the stretch marks on your abdomen or any other trouble areas like the hips and thighs.


HerSolution Booty Sculpt System contains 5 main ingredients, which are given below: –

Aloe Barbadensis – This ingredient is an extract of Aloe Vera that has numerous skin benefits. It is a very effective medication when used on skin burns, dehydration and acne. It contains antioxidants and enzymes that diminish the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles.

Carica Papaya – It is a good source of antioxidants and vitamins A, E and C. These vitamins protect the skin against excessive heat and dehydration. Carica Papaya has an ingredient called papain that has numerous health benefits, one of which is giving the skin a youthful appearance. It helps in the production of new skin cells.

Seaweed Extract – Seaweed extract contains the maximum quantity of ingredients necessary for skin protection. These are vital nutrients, soothing elements, minerals and vitamins. The extract is known to diminish the skin’s sensitivity and increase hydration. It is so effective that it works from day one.

Caprylyl Glycol – This ingredient contains a skin stabilizing system and preservatives. It addresses the root cause of the problem and eliminates it.

Tocopheryl Acetate – This ingredient is a very good source of Vitamin E and prevents free radicals from accumulating beneath the surface of the skin and prevent the process of recovery. When free radicals accumulate, the skin loses moisture and, thus, its firmness.

The other ingredients in HerSolution Booty Sculpt System are: –


  • Mango
  • Lavender
  • Xanthum Gum
  • Coconut Oil
  • Provitamin B5
  • Lemongrass
  • Vitamin B3


The 3-part HerSolution Booty Sculpt System has the following benefits: –

  • It increases blood circulation and visibly tightens the skin and firms up the butt.
  • It diminishes stretch marks and reduces cellulite.
  • It prevents and eliminates acne, discoloration and blemishes.
  • It visibly softens and smoothens the skin so that it looks younger.
  • The 3-part system works quickly to treat and repair skin problems.
  • It enhances the process of cell generation, thus promotion production of new skin cells.
  • The product is made using natural ingredients and, therefore, is completely safe to use.
  • There are no harmful chemicals used in the formulation of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System.
  • There is a significant reduction in stretch marks when the product is used consistently.

Is it safe to use HerSolution Booty Sculpt System?

HerSolution Booty Sculpt System is a completely natural formula. The ingredients are not just natural, they are potent and effective too. Since the ingredients are natural, they are completely safe to use. The manufacturer has specifically mentioned that the product is not the only natural, using organic ingredients, it is also hypoallergenic, vegan, sulphate, gluten and paraben-free.


HerSolution Booty Sculpt System is a 3- part formula. It contains a Stimulating Scrub, collagen booty mask, and a serum. The scrub is to be used every day in the bath or shower. The Collagen booty mask is to be applied after the scrub is rinsed off. The Serum is to be used in the morning and at bedtime.

Purchase & Price

The product is available on the official website of the manufacturer.

It is available in 3 different bundles as given below: –

  • The Regular Bundle is priced at $97. This is enough for 1 month.
  • The Deluxe Bundle is priced at $247. This bundle is 3 month supply of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System and contains a free gift.
  • The Ultimate Bundle is 6 month supply of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System. It is priced at $427 and contains 3 free gifts.

HerSolution Booty Sculpt

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a 100% 67-day money-back guarantee if the product is purchased from the official website. Use the product for 60-days and if you are dissatisfied with the results, you can return it within the next 7 days and claim the refund. The company does not offer any trial period for the product.

Side Effects of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System

HerSolution Booty Sculpt System is a blend of natural and organic ingredients. In addition, the product is sulphate free, paraben-free, gluten-free and is completely vegan. The product is also cruelty-free. The product has been tested clinically and is certified. Only plant-based ingredients are used. Therefore, there are no side effects after using HerSolution Booty Sculpt System.

Customer Reviews

Sloan ~ After pregnancy and childbirth, my skin wasn’t firm and had stretched out. It had stretch marks. After using HerSolution Booty Sculpt System, my skin is now unbelievably soft and smooth. I would recommend this product to every woman who has had kids. Use the product consistently to get that subtle, firm look. Over time, my stretch marks have reduced so much that they are almost invisible. I need to actually search for them to see the fine lines but they are as good as gone. As a new mom, I don’t feel let down with childbirth. I feel like a sexy woman again.

Amelia ~ Every woman fantasizes having that silky smooth and sexy butt. She wants it to be big, curvy and rounded. With curvy hips, the overall appearance improves. While some women are born with this structure and the curves, others go under the knife to get them. I wasn’t one of the fortunate ones to have been born with a curvy figure. But my skin wasn’t that bad but after giving birth to a baby, my skin was really bad. I had stretch marks, not just on the but and hips but also on the waist and abdomen. I stopped wearing a bikini or going to the beach since I was so embarrassed by the marks. Since I started using HerSolution Booty Sculpt System, my skin glow and the stretch marks have visibly decreased. I wear a bikini without any embarrassment.

Advantages of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System

The following are the advantages of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System: –

  • It contains natural ingredients that moisturize the skin and hydrate it.
  • The product speeds up the process of healing.
  • HerSolution Booty Sculpt System stimulates cell production.
  • It visibly diminishes stretch marks on the skin.
  • It keeps the skin of the hips, butt, abdomen and waist glowing.
  • It has vital vitamins that eliminate the accumulation of free radicals.
  • It is a completely natural product and contains organic plant-based ingredients.
  • It is sulphate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and completely vegan.

Disadvantages of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System

The following are the disadvantages of HerSolution Booty Sculpt System:

  • The company does not offer any trial period where you can use the product and return if you are not satisfied.

HerSolution Booty Sculpt Before and After Pics

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

After researching HerSolution Booty Sculpt System, it can be safely said that this product helps in the reduction of scars and stretch marks. It hydrates the skin and keeps it glowing. It also smoothens and softens the skin of the butt, waist, hips, thighs and abdomen, making it look younger and smoother. The product moisturizes the skin, giving it a visibly younger look. The skin absorbs the moisture and hydrates it. As the skin gets more hydrates, the stretch marks and scars reduce. It becomes tighter, firmer and rounder.

HerSolution Booty Sculpt System has a 3- part formula to repair the skin. With this product, getting a peachy rounded buttock is easier and more comfortable than going to the gym or getting surgery. It is a painless and cost-effective way to improve your appearance. With HerSolution Booty Sculpt System, you can wear a bikini or show off your curves.

The company also offers a 67-day money-back guarantee and refund if you are dissatisfied with the product. You can always use it for 60 days and if you feel that the results are not satisfactory, you can always ask for a refund. As of now, this is the best product for a rounded curvy bottom, available in the market. Give it a try for 60 days. You can always get your money back if you are not happy and therefore, you have nothing to lose. If you are happy with the result, you would have gained a curvy, attractive body.

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