6 Top Herbs To Help Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not a new problem in men. This issue has been there since ages and people have resorted to various means for dealing with this issue. Not getting proper erections during sexual activity is quite frustrating and irritating and affects the self-esteem of a man considerably. Infact it creates great rifts in a relationship leading to breakups and even separation and divorce. Today various kinds of medications are available for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction in men, but they come with adverse side effects and should be avoided if possible. Instead of taking medicines, it is better to resort to natural means for combating this issue. And various kinds of herbs have played an important role in the same.

Use of herbs for erectile dysfunction issue

Herbs are absolutely natural sources for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. They have been used since ancient times in various ways for solving this problem. Infact if you check the various natural supplements which help in boosting sexual drive in men, you will find mention of various kinds of herbs in the same. These are also effective for treating erectile dysfunction issue. Generally extracts of herbs are used for the same.

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6 top herbs for helping in problem of erectile dysfunction

Mentioned below are top 6 herbs, which have shown to have great results for combating the problem of erectile dysfunction in men effectively:

1. Horny Goat Weed

If you thought that the word ‘horny’ in the herb name has anything to do with sexuality, you are mistaken. The name of the herb is like that. This is actually a Chinese herb, which has been extensively used for reducing the causes which are associated with sexual dysfunction in men. It also includes the problem of erectile dysfunction. In women too, this natural herb has shown to have results for treating loss of libido and events of painful intercourse. Horny goat weed alters levels of certain hormones in the male body, which helps in improving sexual performances brilliantly. Blood flow in the body and to the penile chamber is increased with this natural herb and thus helps in dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction successfully (1).

2. Maca Root Powder

maca root powder

Maca root powder and pine pollen are two natural herbs, which have shown great results for dealing with erectile dysfunction problems (2). Though both the ingredients work individually too, they provide a powerful punch in combined state. Maca root powder can be easily added to smoothies and shakes and consumed. Sexual energy rush is felt within a short span of time with this excellent natural herb. It boosts libido and sexual urge and makes one like a beast. With increased blood flow to the penis and penile area, erections become easy to attain and maintain, guaranteeing successful sexual experiences.

3. Ginkgo Biloba

You must have read about Ginkgo Biloba when you have read about various sex enhancement supplements for men. Majority of these supplements contain Gingko Biloba for sure. The specialty of this herb is that it has been used since centuries for treating various kinds of health problems and conditions. Some of the problems in which this ingredient is used include anxiety, dementia, poor blood flow to brain and other body parts etc (3). Many people take Gingko Biloba for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction as this ingredient helps in dilating blood vessels in the body for promoting heavy blood flow to the various organs in the body along with the sexual organs. However, people who take blood thinning medications should refrain from using this natural ingredient for treating erectile dysfunction problems.

4. Yohimbine


Among the many natural herbs, which help in dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction, yohimbine needs special mention. This ingredient is actually made from a particular bark of a tree, which is native to Africa. Before prescribing and recommending Viagra, many doctors often ask to try Yohimbine for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. This ingredient plays an important role in triggering various receptors in the body, which help in releasing hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones help in blocking effects of various other compounds which might lead to constricting of blood vessels in the penis and penile area. It enhances sexual motivation and libido considerably in men (4). However, side effects include the likes of rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and anxiety.

5. L-Arginine

Though not an herb exactly, L-Arginine is an amino acid, which is integrated with various male enhancement supplements. As a result, men are able to have strong and firm erections. This ingredient helps in stimulating blood vessels for becoming larger (5). Blood flow is improved throughout the body, particularly to the penis and penile area and penile chamber leading to excellent erection. This ingredient is used in combination with yohimbine hydrochloride and glutamate for obtaining desirable results and treatment for ED. Some minor side effects can be seen but none of them are serious for consideration.

6. Red ginseng

Red ginseng

Red ginseng is a very prominent herb, which shows excellent results for combating problem of erectile dysfunction in men. This herb has been promoted since a long time by Korean herbal practitioners for dealing with sexual issues in men including erectile dysfunction. Red ginseng is also known as Panax Ginseng in many places. How red ginseng functions in the male body for inducing arousal is not known clearly. But there is clear evidence of the fact that this ingredient influences various hormones, which help in getting proper erections in the male body (6). It also increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body, thus boosting blood flow to the penis and penile region leading to strong and long-lasting erections. Insomnia is a prominent side effect of this herb, but when taken on short-term basis, it works without any problems.

Though major side effects are not seen from any of the herbs used for treating erectile dysfunction, it is always recommended to seek medical advice before starting any of the herbs.

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