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As we know that winter is approaching, nights are getting colder day by day. As every day, we feel that every day and night is getting chills, we get to know that winter is not far. We all know that winter is something where we need to wear warm clothes, keep yourself and your surroundings warm to protect yourself. It is essential to protect our bodies during winters as it may lead to health issues also. So definitely we need a heater, no doubt every house as an internal heater, but what happens if we need to plan an outing and take children out for a picnic. It cannot happen that as soon as the winters arrive, we have to sit at home only. We all want to move out, plan a party, or a picnic, but again the question comes, how to keep ourselves warm and cozy when we are in the garage or bathroom. Sometimes it takes much time to clean our cars or do other stuff in the garage, and keeping yourself cozy is another big task. In such a case, we are introducing the best and fantastic device that is best for winters, and not only will you keep your surroundings warm. It is known as a heat buddy.

heat buddy

What is heat buddy?

Heat buddy is a great portable heater that you can easily use anywhere you want to; no matter whether you are in your office or garage, or basement, a heat buddy will be your perfect choice to keep your surroundings warm and cozy. Undoubtedly, a heat buddy, as the name says, will be your best friend during winters. It is a compact and small device that you can carry anywhere, sometimes it is hard to install an inbuilt heater in an office as that is an expensive option, so why not take this portable heat buddy that will work for 250 square feet. It works amazingly and heats the area of 250 square feet efficiently.

Many heaters in the market require gas, kerosene, and other harmful chemicals to work. We fail to understand that these chemicals could be dangerous for us, especially for our children, if we use them in our house. So always avoid such heaters and get heaters that work on electricity; heat buddy is a heater that operates on electricity. You only have to plug in any socket, and as soon as it is on, it starts working and starts heating the area. All you need is access to power, and then you can use a heat buddy anywhere. It is your trustworthy companion of winters, as it will work for 12 hours continuously without any halt. The device comes with an LCD panel, making it easy to change the temperature as per your need; it has a temperature range between 60 to 90 degrees. The LCD on the unit comes with a mark control button to set temperature. Another beauty about the device is, it also comes with the benefit of fan speed, where if you want to change the fan speed, you can do as per your convenience. Unlike other heaters, you don’t have to get up from your cozy bed to turn it off; it comes with a timer. You can set a time between 1 to 12 hours and sleep peacefully without worrying about switching it off. It is a great invention that will protect you from chilly weather during winters. And indeed, you don’t need any alcohol or gas to make it work.

How does Heat buddy work?

Heat buddy works on electricity; you have to make sure you have access to electricity if you want to see Heat buddy’s fantastic work. It is a perfect heater for a closed area; you need to check your windows and doors and close them if you want to heat your room to the maximum with the help of a heat buddy. Heat buddy is a smart device that requires only a small space of the area; you can place it anywhere, like in any corner or on top of a table. It works perfectly and is capable of heating the area to 250 sqft. You can make your life comfortable during winters with the help of a heat buddy.

heat buddy review

Benefits of heat buddy

There are many benefits of a heat buddy, so it is one of the best and unique devices that everyone must have for winters. The following are the benefits of Heat buddy: 

Easy to use

Heat buddy is convenient and easy to use. There is no installation required to start up the heat buddy; you only have to plug in any socket that can be readily available at any indoor place. It instantly heats the area, no matter it is your office or a bedroom.

Digital temperature display

The heat buddy also comes with a digital display, where it shows the temperature that ranges between 60 to 90 degrees, which makes it easy for you to set the temperature according to your need. The heat buddy also displays a timer, from where you can set the time between 1 to 12 hours.

Compact design

It is an excellent handy heater, which is small in size to carry it anywhere and relax. If you are moving to a new place, then you can easily take this heat buddy always.

Cool to touch

There is no hot touch present in this heat buddy. You don’t have to worry about touching it and getting yourself burned because it is cool to handle the device.

Energy saver

The device comes with 400 Watt energy power, no matter whether you are using it for small or big areas.

How to use a heat buddy portable heater?

Before you start using a heat buddy, make sure you follow the below steps. The steps ensure you will use the device correctly and entirely. To reap maximum usage of the device, it is essential to use it step by step:

  • The first step you need to do is, plug your heat buddy portable heater into a socket with a power of 200-240 volt. You can also use plug rotation so that you can place it on any wall according to your convenience.
  • You will get a switch of ON/Off to turn the tool. You must press ON on the device’s side.
  • Now, in the display unit, you can set the temperature. To lower the weather, you must press the plus sign and set the temperature between 15-32 degrees celsius.
  • The next step is setting your fan speed. The device offers two fan speeds, low and high, so set according to your need. If you want high speed, set your fan speed as high.
  • Next, you can set a timer. That is your wish; if you feel like putting an active timer, you can select between 1 to 12 hours.
  • When there is no need for a heater, you must press the OFF button and unplug the socket device.

Where to buy

If you are also looking for a perfect platform from where you can buy heat buddy, then you must visit its official website to purchase the device. The site offers you a high-quality machine and original device at the best price. All you need to do is, fill a form with your details like name, address, contact number, and payment details to place an order. It is not available at any retail store, and if you buy from any other site, you will not get any discount on the purchase of heat buddy. It is a right and wise decision to purchase a heat buddy from its site.

Price of heat buddy

While purchasing heat buddy, you must look at the following offers:

  • If you buy one heat buddy, you have to pay $89.99, whereas the device’s regular price is $161.98. Here you will save $71.99
  • Now comes the best popular package, when you purchase two heat buddies, at the price of $161.98 instead of its regular price, that is, $359.96. In this package, you can save $197.98
  • The best value pack comes with the purchase of three heat buddies. On purchase of 3 devices, be ready to pay $215.98. The regular price of the three devices is $539.94. In the package, you will save $324.94.

You can choose the package according to your requirement.

Apart from these packages, you can also choose to add one-year protection where you need to pay extra for extra protection and the device’s lifetime warranty at the price of $13.98. It is an extended warranty, which means you will get insurance for a tool for life.

heat buddy personal heater

Money-back guarantee and refund policy

The device comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the device, you must return the package within 30 days of purchase and get your full money back. You must send the package back, unopened, and unused to get a full refund.

Customer reviews

By Natalie

Till last winter, I was using an electric blanket, and still, I used to get shivery and cold. I was disappointed with the blanket, but then I bought this fantastic heat buddy. It is like a god has sent me this as my friend for winters. It is a beautiful device that keeps me and my bedroom warm even when it is chilly or snowy. I love the machine. Earlier I was worried that I would get a heater at higher costs, but when I bought this heat buddy.

By Jeff

I love Heat buddy. My husband was worried about me, as, in my office, I am having a centralized heater, which does not warm my desk. Then he bought this heat buddy for my desk. I place it under my desk, and it keeps me warm and cozy in my chilly office. No, I am no longer frozen in my office, because I can set up the temperature according to my requirement.

By Tony

Heat buddy, well. All I want to say is, it is a lovely product that fits everywhere. I used to feel cold on my upper floor of the house, and I tried many heaters, but somehow, I was not happy with anyone. Then I ordered Heat buddy, which works as an excellent product for me as it keeps my small room warm as I always wanted.

By Roger

As we know, during winters, we all look for the perfect way to keep ourselves warm, but when it comes to my office, it is quite chilly always and somehow makes it hard to keep myself hot always. The centralized heater of my office is set to such a temperature level, where I still feel cold. Then I found this heat buddy, and now I am happy as I don’t feel cold anymore.


Is the device safe for children?

Yes, heat buddy is safe for children due to its cold touch, and it does not require any harmful chemicals to start. Unlike other heaters, it does not have a hot body, which is completely safe for children.

Can we use Heat buddy in the kitchen?

Yes, you can use a heat buddy anywhere. You only need access to electricity.

Where can we use Heat Buddy?

You can use Heat buddy anywhere, where you have access to electricity to plug the device. You can easily use it in any room of your house or an office.

What is the maximum coverage area of Heat buddy?

It works amazingly in less than and equal to 250 square feet area.


Heat buddy is a great and powerful portable heater that fits everywhere. All it needs is an electric socket, where we can easily plug in the heater. It starts working as soon as we press the On button of the device. The heater has a great display LCD unit that displays temperature setting, fan speed, and timer setting. Now you can get rid of high electricity bills because a heat buddy is an energy saver product.

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