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Sex is a beautiful thing. It’s the one activity between a couple that solidifies their bond and unites them. With it, you can keep your partner solely focused on you. You can get them eating from your hand while you are also at their mercy. And that bond keeps you together despite all odds. Now this beautiful act can have a few challenges thrown the way that can make it less pleasurable than it should be.

One of the most significant challenges is age. Men tend to be less cavalier as they grow old. They lose their strength with every passing day, after 40 years. They are not able to perform as well as they used to in physical activities like sports and even sex. The reduced production of the hormone, testosterone, is to blame for this. If you have crossed that age, then you relate to this.

Your penis seems to have lost all its stamina and virility. You are struggling to keep it functioning after just a few minutes, assuming it will go up in the first place. Another evil that pervades men of all ages is the micro penis syndrome. This syndrome will assail you at whatever age and ensure you do not grow to the size that you were meant to be. These two troubles may break relationships and even marriages. And that is the reason Grow Extra Inches was formulated.

Grow Extra Inches Supplement Review

About Grow Extra Inches

Grow Extra Inches is a supplement that was brought into the world of male sexual health through the trying times of a man called Mark Morris. He had been through a rough patch in his marriage when he realized he had never quite measured up to his wife’s sexual needs. While it nearly dented him and put him in a state of depression, he decided to use that as positive pressure to find a solution to his problems.

He stumbled on a cure to his small penis by accident while pouring over a ton of clinical literature in the library. The research he had been reading brought him to the conclusion that testosterone was responsible for the size of your penis. He also found out that most of the supposed supplements being sold in the world are made using substandard ingredients or placebo pills.

His discovery of a cure was in a misplaced journal that had a clinical trial, including 423 men. Four hundred twenty-two of these men successfully finished the program with astounding results of penis growth ranging from 2 to 4 inches of increase in length. The secret lay in the testosterone and a secret hormone that increased the size of the penile tissue so that it could retain more blood. This breakthrough was through the combination of modern and alternative medicine.


Grow Extra Inches is a supplement that has utilized the power of natural foods and herbs to bring together 14 powerful ingredients. These ingredients have been thoroughly tested across over 12 independent labs to ascertain their functionality. The supplement was tested on a human population of more than 1,400 men who volunteered for this cause. These are the ingredients contained in the product:

Grow Extra Inches Supplement Ingredients

  • Vitamin E and B3: These nutrients were found in the Western part of Africa, specifically the countries of Ghana and Congo. They are derived from herbs like Entego and Mkongoraa. These are the main ingredients of the product as they encourage the expansion and growth of the penile tissue causing an enlargement to take place. This expansion is in the way of three to four inches more from what you were.

These ingredients have the added benefit of providing protection for the penis cartilage as well as limpness prevention so that you get rock hard erections for a longer time.

  • Damiana Aphrodisiaca: This herb, which is native to Colombia and Venezuela, has been in use for more than two millennia to treat erectile dysfunction. The herb treats ED by oxygenating the penile chambers so that you can get and maintain stiff erections.
  • Muira Puama: Known as the Viagra of the Amazon, this ingredient is found native to the Amazon. It is used to stimulate the brain to send essential hormones to your members that act as a libido enhancer. This stimulation ensures you get and maintain stiff ones as long as you want.

Not only that, but it also repairs testicular damage encouraging testosterone production, which in turn promotes proper muscle and bone development. Muira Puama also works to prevent the onset of andropause, the male equivalent of menopause. This prevention enables you to produce sperm at a normal rate, even when you are older.

How Do Grow Extra Inches work?

Grow Extra Inches gets to perform its work using the specially selected natural ingredients to restore your sexual health. It has been created to make your penis stronger, giving it the ability to last longer, as well as making it bigger. It has utilized all 14 ingredients to achieve this purpose. You can get erections on-demand with the oxygenated blood that gets quickly pumped to your penis. You get to have your penile tissues increasing in size as the penis is encouraged to grow.

You are also in greater control of your erections with the erection hormones having faster communication between the brain and penis. All these been put together to get you to have your penis health restored to a raving beast in bed.

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How to Use Grow Extra Inches

It is recommended that you take the supplement for at least two consecutive months to reap the maximum benefits out of the nutrients. The reason you are advised to take it for 60 days is so that it can help heal and restore your penile tissue, and cause it to grow from where it had naturally stopped.

If you take the supplement for a shorter duration of time, you will still be guaranteed to see results, though how long they last are another issue altogether. It’s a guarantee from the manufacturer that you will have your length and girth after 30 days. To have a rock hard erection on demand that can last the full game is what will require you take the supplement for at least 60 days. Of course, you are encouraged to take it for at least 120 days to make the changes completely foolproof.


It is recommended for you to take two pills a day for not less than one month to see the benefits of this supplement. One bottle sufficiently covers one month as it comes with 60 pills. It is always advised to take supplements down with water. You are also advised to stay within the recommended dosage as it has been formulated with the recommended daily amounts in mind. Increasing the number of pills you take may not quicken the time it takes to gain benefits, but it may bring about side effects.

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Is Grow Extra Inches Safe to Use?

Grow Extra Inches has been formulated over a long duration of time following strict manufacturing standards. It has been tested by more than 12 independent third-party labs to ascertain that it is safe to use and that it works as it says it does. You can rest assured that you are getting a supplement that will restore you to your strong, sexually charged self.

Benefits of Grow Extra Inches

Rest assured that you will enjoy a list of enhanced sexual benefits when you start to use this supplement. These are some of the benefits that will hit you straight off the bat:

  • Increase in Penis Size: You are guaranteed an increase in the size of your penis both in length and girth after 30 days. This is the main change that you will experience as it is the one most men are looking for. And indeed, size does matter.
  • Elimination of Erectile Dysfunction: One of the troubles that assail men after 40 years is their inability to get erections. While there are various factors that will influence why you can’t get a firm erection, you will get to have restored erections when your penile tissues are taken through a process of healing.
  • Controlled Ejaculations: You will have greater control of your ejaculations as your penis will have more blood pumped to it. This blood increases the control you have over your member. It increases the sensitivity of the penis but also gives more control as you are able to have more power over your member.
  • Erections on Demand: You can summon your little man on demand whenever you need him to rise to the occasion. How is that possible? Your body will have the hormones that control how you erect so that whenever you even have a tiny thought of being in the mood, your penis reacts to this need by rising.
  • Rock Hard Erections: The amount of blood that is being pumped to your now bigger penis will be increased. This ensures your penis gets engorged to the brim, making it rock hard and firm.

Purchase & Price

You will be able to get this product on the official manufacturer’s website, which lets you access different discounts as well as packages. You will get the package seven days after you make the order. There are three package deals: the basic package, the standard package, and the premium package.

The basic package has one bottle that will last you a month. This bottle goes for $69 and comes with free shipping. The standard package has two bottles that will last you two months. When you get this package, you are able to save $10 per bottle, as each bottle costs $59. The total comes to $118, including free shipping. The premium package has four bottles that will last you four months for as low as $49, getting to a total of $196 only. This package comes with free shipping as well.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

You are promised a 60-day money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t change anything about your erectile dysfunction or performance. You actually get a refund within 24 hours after you request it. You don’t have to do anything apart from checking a box that you want the money-back guarantee enforced on your account, and without emailing customer support or sending back the product, you get your money back, hassle-free.


How long will I have to wait to get my package?
It takes seven days for you to get your product after you have ordered it.

How long does it take to see remarkable results?

You should expect results 30 days or a month after you have begun taking the supplement. This time may vary slightly from individual to another but generally takes the same time. You are advised to take the supplement for no less than 60 days so that you can get long-lasting results that will aid in the healing and restoration of your penis health.

Should I expect any side effects like so many other ED medications?

This supplement uses natural ingredients that have been tested across many age groups over a long time. It is safe and free from any side effects.

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  • It has fast and long-lasting effects.
  • It uses natural ingredients.
  • It is safe.
  • It has a money-back guarantee.
  • It is affordable.


  • It has a limited production capacity.

Customer Testimonials

“I had never imagined I could face such trying times in my marriage because of my sexual health. I had to take quick action to save my marriage, and I’m glad I stumbled on Grow Extra Inches as it took me to a better place than I’d ever been. My wife is elated at my performance and can never have enough of me.” ~ Richard Broman.

My inability to function in bed really had me disturbed as I was never able to sustain a relationship. A friend of mine finally approached me upon seeing my struggle over the years. He gently suggested I try out something he had used before that restored his strength. I didn’t think it was anything that could help me since it was just a harmless supplement. My life changed when I started taking it. I am now in a steady relationship that I know will go places. Thank you so much.” ~ Mark Morris.


Erectile dysfunction is the most uncomfortable issue that men quietly face and suffer. Your life does not have to be one of suffering and misery. All you have to do is take a chance and purchase Grow Extra Inches risk-free. See your life-changing in just a month.

Grow Extra Inches Supplement

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