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The environment gives us all the pleasure we want and helps us live a better life. We humans never care about the resources that nature provides us. Whether it be river water, air, forest, or any other thing that develops the meaning of living, we are destroying it. The worst condition among all the resources is of the air that we breathe in. The quality of air decreases day by day, and this has a direct impact on the lungs of the upcoming generation. The air we breathe in mixes up with blood and is useful for doing various processes in the body. When we breathe in toxic air, it becomes difficult for the body to recover, and we come across lots of problems. We will never get to know how we have come across the problem and in which form it is affecting us. It is better to take prevention because once we come across any infection or disease of lungs, then it won’t be curable.

There is no medicine worldwide that could cure Asthma, infection and other problems due to pollution. It is the right time to save yourself and your family from pollution from vehicles, industries, and various other mediums. Nowadays the air purifiers are getting famous, and the reason is the smartness that people are showing towards their health. There are several purifiers present in the market, but none is convenient to use, so people settle on something available. There is one company that is thinking about the convenience of the individuals, and that is Glacier Portable AC. This company provides air purifiers and a cooler that means the dual function in a single box. There is full conviction in using this Glacier Portable AC, and at this price range, there will be no other coolers there. You can buy this Glacier Portable AC online from its official website. is getting popular, and the reason that everyone should go for this Glacier Portable AC is present in the review.

glacier portable ac

What is Glacier Portable AC?

Glacier Portable AC is internet access from wherein you should buy the incomparable great Glacier Portable AC as a minimum luxurious expense. The Glacier Portable AC works with the aid of using chilling off the room temperature via the not unusual place process of water dissipation. It occupies life with new and saturated air. Thus the temperature of the room chills off at the degree of water the air ingests. You may also confront problems withinside the occasion which you hold this cooler in wet territories. It’s better to centralize water debris as a gift major all around. There is uplifting information for all of the consumers that those styles of coolers consume much less degree of energy while contrasted with traditional styles of coolers. It desires one hundred twenty volts to work.

Additionally, you may even join them and introduce them to any of your outlets. Probably the exceptional issue of those coolers is they may not baffle you with their administrations. Also, you may carry those coolers anywhere consistent with your benefit. The enterprise is outstanding for giving its Exclusive Offer 1/2 off Discount. The remarkable little bit of leeway of using those coolers is that it runs for an extra drawn-out period. Like when you price them, at that factor, they’ll move for a ceaseless 12 hours and not use a stoppage. Its version and length are extraordinarily decreased and smooth, which means you may carry them on the spot together along with your sheer comfort.

glacier portable ac review

How does Glacier Portable AC Work?

In reality, this machine works productively through a method that entails mugginess severe final results that could invigorate sticky air. It is there in which the air isn’t always sufficiently damp, say, in a room, this is dry and warm in the situation. Roughly eight liters of water admission is vital for the machine to be operational. It siphons out the bloodless and dense air to make the out of doors situation cooler. When you consist of the water thru the shop gave alongside the machine. Without a doubt, you want to show at the pressure seize to allow it to begin its valid usefulness. Fans’ gifts within the cooler will start to siphon out the reviving cool air. Additionally, the custom settings may be overseen with the aid of using your choice thru the selections amongst mild and quick. According to one’s yearning and necessity, the temperature may be settled down from least to maximum severe.

Cost of Glacier Portable AC

There are three options available for you. You can choose any option and can make the purchase. There are no shipping charges that you have to pay for any of the UV Coolers.

1. Glacier Portable AC

The cost of 1 UV Cooler would be $89.95. The amount that you are saving on this price is $89.99. It means that if you purchase it right away, then you will get a 50 percent discount, which is good.

2. Glacier Portable AC

The cost of 2 UV Coolers is $159.95 and the amount you are saving in this massive. The best time to make the purchase is right now. In this pack, the per-unit price would be $79.98, which is less than the single cooler cost.

3. Glacier Portable AC

The cost of three Glacier Portable AC is $199.95, where the price for each unit would be $66.65. The savings on this pack are huge, which is the most popular deal as it is cost-efficient.

There are some addons which can help you to be extra secure with any problem you might face in the future.

One year extra warranty

In $5.95, you will get a one-year extra warranty, which means that you will ensure the performance of the cooler for the next year at a cheap cost.  Purchase any pack, and you can add this addon in your purchase.

Two-year Extra warranty

In $9.95, you will get a huge discount on your purchase because you ensure the performance for the next two years. It is a great thing because even if you are gifting it to your near and dear ones, it’s also a good gift.

glacier portable ac reviews

UV Filters

Depending upon your need you can choose UV filters.

One UV Filter

The cost of one UV Filter would be $15, which is helpful if you add in addon because you will be available with it whenever you need it.

Two UV filters

The cost of two UV filters would be $25, where the cost of each Glacier Portable AC would be $12.50. It is a better deal than one UV filter.

Three UV Filter

The cost of three UV filters would be $29, where the cost of each UV filter would be $9.67. It is the best deal because the per-unit cost is less than the other two packs.

Does Glacier Portable AC offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, within 14 days of delivery, you can raise the request to return the product. You will never come across any such situation, nor would it be safe to keep your family in pollution. The product that you will use would not be available for return, but the one which you will not use can come under a claim of return. Within a few weeks, you will notice the change in the air that you breathe outside and inside your home.


Is it worth it to buy this Glacier Portable AC?

To purchase a cooler and a purifier, you would spend a huge amount of money. Buying a Glacier Portable AC that facilitates both the ways would be a beneficial deal. There will be no such product present in the market, which is this much convenient and multipurpose like this Glacier Portable AC.

In how much area this purifier works well?

A room having a normal size will work perfectly fine with this Glacier Portable AC. It will take all the pollen from the room, remove pollution, and will give cool air. The build quality is good enough that you will not face any difficulty in the long run. It is a one-time investment, and the outcome is fresh and cool air.

In case I do not see any benefit from this Glacier Portable AC?

There is no such case until now because everyone needs air purifiers due to the toxic present outside. Moreover, we do use coolers in summers, so that would also work fine in that case. In some rare scenarios, an individual feels like returning the product; there will be 14 days to return. The entire money will come back to your account.

In how much time will I get the Glacier Portable AC at my place?

No matter wherever you stay, it won’t take more than 30 days to deliver the Glacier Portable AC. There are no shipping charges that you need to pay for this. You can choose from any of the three packs to get the cost-effective price for the Glacier Portable AC.


By Marion

The air is bad outside, and I feel like my kids are at a growing stage of what will happen to their lungs. A few weeks back, I came across this convenient Glacier Portable AC, which is easy to use. It feels like we do a deep sleep during the night because the air stays fresh and cool. It is solving both the purpose and I am happy to save lots of electricity. I would recommend it to all the people because it is cheap and the best product present in the market. You can buy 3Glacier Portable AC because the per cooler price would be much less in that case.

By Steven

It feels so hot during the night, and I was unable to sleep properly. My friend came to my place, and we came across this Glacier Portable AC, which I think is the product. It is one of the best coolers, and this is the reason I sleep with full comfort. I have three such coolers, so it protects my kids from pollution, and they are happy not to deal with heat anymore. I would recommend this product to everyone.

By Ian

It is difficult to tell how important this product is for me. I have been using it for two years, and in summers, we get cool air from it and purifies the air too. It feels that I was inhaling good air earlier, and at least for the time being, when I am sleeping, it helps in better sleep. It is cheap, and I usually give it to all the people whom I know. I would say that this is the best deal, and everyone should purchase this Glacier Portable AC. It would easily be available on the official website, and there is no such great product present in the market.

By Rhea

This cooler is amazing because, for the first time, I was not ready to trust this cooler. The reason being is that how can a cooler works like an air purifier and a cooler at the same time. It was when my friend was using it, and she came across multiple benefits from this cooler. I have been using it for two months, and the results are good. I would say that each family should have this Glacier Portable AC because the pollution is on heights, which will protect us. It is cheap, too, and makes sure that you switch it on before sleep.


This Glacier Portable AC gives you cool air, and at the same time, it purifies the air to make the air healthy for breathing. It is an all-rounder Glacier Portable AC which is available at a good price. You can go ahead with three Glacier Portable AC, where the price for each cooler would be less. You can claim the return request within fourteen days of purchase. There are no shipping charges, and this is the right time to make the purchase.

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